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chrysler  town and country   2012  C S. LADY LAKE, FL  08/09/12  1.00 Have had 3 dodge caravans prior to t&c no matter what dealers say there is a transmission problem. Shutters,clunks etc something new everyday ani am not using ecoboost. Sorry I got rid of the dodge. Wish a dealer could come up with the reason why such poor workmanship. Should have bought another dodge caravan PPP on my part 
chrysler  town and country   2011  Person P. MILWAUKEE, WI  06/15/12  2.00 Many brake issues and shuddering 
chrysler  town and country   2011  Cindy W. BLOOMINGTON, IL  04/29/12  2.00 I bought my 3rd Chrysler Town & Country van October 2011. I love the interior because it's spacious, comfortable & easy to use. However, it is the noisiest vehicle I've ever owned. It sounds like the rear of the van is literally going to fall off! It bangs & rattles & when you are on a bumpy stretch of road and the overhead bins vibrate so loudly I can hardly stand it! I can watch the entire back seat vibrate & rattle as I drive. It's very frustrating because I like the van except for this aspect. I've had it looked at by 2 Chrysler dealers and they say it's completely normal. However, it didn't make these noises when I drove it off the dealer lot. I'm very disappointed and frustrated. 
chrysler  town and country   2011  David A. SARASOTA, FL  04/16/12  4.00 Just bought this as a used vehicle with 13,000 miles. Great van so far but I also note the shifting when in Econ mode 
chrysler  town and country   2011  Josh M. AKRON, OH  03/02/12  4.00 SO far so good 
chrysler  town and country   2011  Gene S. TEMPERANCE, MI  02/07/12  4.00 Great van. I am having an issue with the ECON mode though. When in ECON mode it seems to "slam" or "jump" when shifting from 1st to the next gear when starting out slowly from a complete stop. Took it back to the dealer last week. They contacted Chrysler and are waiting to hear back from them with a solution to the problem. 
chrysler  town and country   2011  Zach G. NEW CITY, NY  02/05/12  2.00 test drove and found issues with transmission shifting from 1st to 2nd. also found trani to shift too often up and down. 
chrysler  town and country   2011  Jim T. FOREST, VA  11/04/11  5.00 Very comfortable. This is our 4th Chrysler van.... Best value in the market! 
chrysler  town and country   2011  RONALD E. BAY CITY, MI  10/09/11  n/a in shop for repair right now----cam phaser issues 
chrysler  town and country   2011  J B. , MN  10/01/11  1.00 Touring L and Limited models with chrome around left and right heater ports reflect into side rear view mirrors. Seats do not adjust far enough. Steering is oversensitive and front tires are cupping on outside edge  
chrysler  town and country   2011  Larry  C. HENDERSONVILLE, TN  09/01/11  4.00 no coment at this time as only had car for 2 weeks but love it had a 2006 and it was also a great van as well 
chrysler  town and country   2011  Frank P. EL PASO, TX  08/07/11  5.00 We just bought this mini-van, but we love it! 
Chrysler  Town and Country   2011  Ronald G. VESPER, WI 07/16/11  n/a Carhad wind whisle @ 45+ mph, dealer found loose seal around drivers outside rear viw mirror. Fixed by"caulking" gap. I told them to repair properly or replace car! New mirror on order! 1600 miles.  
Chrysler  Town and Country   2011  Hans L. MASSILLON, OH  07/04/11  5.00 only 2 problems so far. 1) RH sliding door seal sticks outside door when closed 2) when in eco mode the transmission "jumps" occationally at accelaration from stand still 
Chrysler  Town and Country   2011  Suzanne H. DANVILLE, CA  06/24/11  2.00 Since we purchased this vehicle it's always had a strange noise coming from the engine.  
chrysler  town and country   2010  J.W. H. NATCHEZ, MS  02/21/13  5.00 your comments here  
chrysler  town and country   2010  Peg D. TAMPA, FL  12/06/12  4.00 We haven't had a major problem with the 2010 T&C van. I now smell a burning smell once in a while. All gauges are fine, but still the burn smell coming from the engine. I'm taking it in for a checkup and wondered if anyone else had this problem. 
chrysler  town and country   2010  M B. AURORA, OH  09/10/12  3.00 When going from 1 st to 2 nd gear car jerks heavy. 2nd time at the dealers. Hoping they figure it out. 
chrysler  town and country   2010  Eddie C. GLASGOW, VA  07/17/12  1.00 Very bad we bought this brand new for our family . We where driving on the highway the first time it just stopped in the road we were very lucky we were not on the interstate and also no vehicles behind us. This was recalled and was to be fixed . Again this happened and we where stuck with all our children and no way to get home .We are without a vehicle now and it is towed.The problem is the ignitiion switch or within it and it is not being taken care of by the company. They claim every one and every thing is at fault but it is the way they sold them out of the factory with all the problem left for the buyer to deal with. The ignition switch module and all needs to be replaced.We will never deal with chrysler again.Also everyone we speak with will also know this is one company that should close their doors. 
chrysler  town and country   2010  P. F.  T. SIOUX FALLS, SD  06/29/12  3.00 Motor just stops when driving 
chrysler  town and country   2010  Glenn  . PHILADELPHIA, NY  06/26/12  3.00 When I purchased this vehicle I told the sales person that I wanted climate control which I was informed that it has but it didn't, All that your climate control is that it has a heater and air condition. It is operated manual not automatic which I have had for 20 plus years. Not happy with this climate control. 
chrysler  town and country   2010  Julie C. DALTON, GA  06/15/12  1.00 Brakes and rotors have had to be replace three times within 28,000 miles. 
chrysler  town and country   2010  S pat K. SHAWNEE MISSION, KS 06/13/12  3.00 Brakes out at 24000 miles, bad rotors? 
chrysler  town and country   2010  Burr L. SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY  06/04/12  5.00 Good- Comfortable, roomy, fast, 26mpg on highway. Bad- 18mpg city, difficult nab system 
chrysler  town and country   2010  Peggy N. WINTERVILLE, NC  05/29/12  1.00 I have had to replace the light switch twice in the pass five months 2010 Town & Country 
chrysler  town and country   2010  Cary L. STATEN ISLAND, NY 04/22/12  1.00 horrible gas milage,third time dealer is replacing rotors and brakes on all four wheels 
chrysler  town and country   2010  Marcio R. SARASOTA, FL  03/30/12  2.00 I has to get better 
chrysler  town and country   2010  Chuck H. CANONSBURG, PA  02/25/12  1.00 Overall, we are fairly disappointed with our decision to purchase a 2010 Town & Country Chrysler minivan. The day we purchased it, the navigation didn't work. They had to replace the entire radio/media center -- that took a few weeks. Just recently (under 20,000 miles) we've had to replace the REAR rotors and brakes, which seemed odd to me. Our battery has died a minimum of 5 times since we've purchased the vehicle. We'll be ready to go somewhere, go to start it & all we get is click, click, click.... This last time it was totally dead --no lights or anything. Chrysler can't seem to figure out what's wrong with it & our dealership (South Hills Chrysler) takes zero interest in doing anything beyond checking the battery & recharging it. Actually -- the last time (not this most recent time), they did keep it for a few days & ultimately only re-installed the software in hopes that it would correct itself. It didn't, we're still having issues when it sits for a few days. We had a 2001 T&C & were NEVER at the dealership this much over things breaking or not working -- especially not within the first 3 years of owning it -- we're not even at 2 years on this one. Frankly, we're just not happy with our purchase.  
chrysler  town and country   2010  LeAnn C. VALLEY GROVE, WV  02/23/12  1.00 Bought 2010 T & C on 12/5/11. Within 6 wks. car was in shop for auto door closing problem. Within 8 wks. it was in the shop for electrical problem. Three wks. later we were still waiting for a part. Dealer & Chrysler Corp are saying it could be sometime within the next month before the part comes in. 
chrysler  town and country   2010  James G. CHICAGO, IL 01/02/12  1.00 "new" 6spd auto is TERRIBLE, my mini van revs like a nascar. overhead dvds ratlle so loud you want to take them out speedometer works one day and then won't work the next, remote start does the same thing the heater makes an annoying noise and is a distracting click For the price tag and the "luxury" chrsyler iws known to have, this model and year is awful. I can't wait to trade in.  
chrysler  town and country   2010  Yang X. NEWBURY PARK, CA  11/30/11  4.00 back suspension is not good; feel drifting sitting back during turns 

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