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  FORD EDGE Owner Reviews and Ratings

Below are the car reviews and ratings from other owners of FORD EDGE cars.
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 Reviews found: 107  Average Owner Car Rating: 3.42
Make Model Year Owner Name City State Date Added Car Rating Reviews and Complaints
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ford  edge   2012  Peg . ASHBY, MA  07/24/12  n/a i'm just purchasing this car so have no inputs at this time 
Ford  Edge   2012  Keith G. NICHOLSON, PA  01/16/12  5.00 No problems with anything, Limited model, loaded, including navigation and now have 11k miles on it. 
ford  edge   2011  Kevin C. ARLINGTON, TX  08/18/12  2.00 Having major electrical problems. Battery constantly running down 
ford  edge   2011  David R. SAN JUAN, PR  07/06/12  5.00 Outstanding vehicle and great value. Exceeds expectations - except for Sync electronic display which is disappointing, but sufferable when considering the entire package. Would buy another one in a heartbeat. 
ford  edge   2011  Carolyn  M. KLAMATH FALLS, OR  05/31/12  4.00 We are having problems with the Battery being dead (twice) , and the Sync system is having problems now. We bought our 2011 Ford Edge Limited in Dec 2011. It has 4000 miles on it now. 
ford  edge   2011  Lisa C. SUFFOLK, VA  02/03/12  4.00 Having trouble with my motion sensor being blocked and then cruise control doesn't work. Anyone else have this problem?? 
ford  edge   2011  Joseph M. CHULA VISTA, CA  01/31/12  2.00 Very unhappy with the My Touch system, it's very laggy and only works half the time.. Also the "20 inch premium tires" are just plastic hub caps that are glued onto a cheap allow wheel... Very disappointed first time I clipped a curb. 
ford  edge   2011  Terry L. DANVILLE, CA  12/20/11  4.00 I've owned the 2011 edge for 1 month and the driver seat is not level which makes the ride slightly uncomfortable. I will review with the dealership and would like to know if others have found the same problem. 
ford  edge   2011  John M. NORTHPORT, NY  11/10/11  3.00 1) actual mileage is not living up to manufacturer specs. 2) oil leak on two separate occasions. This car does not yet have 6,500 miles on it yet. 
ford  edge   2011  Lisa S. BLOOMINGDALE, IL  11/05/11  2.00 ongoing electrical and Synch My Ride issues. Repeated need to reprogram modules is extremely frustrating. Each time phone has to be repaired , Synch has to be reset, car has to be back in the shop...Never know what is going to go out next. 
ford  edge   2011  Marcia C. CAPE CORAL, FL  10/24/11  2.00 Love the car. My Touch has not worked since I parked it in the garage after returning home from purchasing it. Has been back to dealer 3X's. Phone says connected but isn't. Ford couldn't even send me via text their monthly check..said I wasn't connected. (No kidding??) Have only 5K on the car and purchased in May. We are afraid to drive it because the dealer told us when the My Touch fails we have to disconnect the battery, wait and reattach. We are short and to reach the battery is difficult and it is not convenient at times. Gas mileage is 18 or less. When we were lucky enough to have the My Touch up, we tried to use the navigtion system. In a horrible..simply does not work. I agree with the buyer who made the comments on the electrical system. ALL are true about our car and Ford should not be proud of this product. I have asked our salesman about the "lemon law" because we spent a lot of money on a piece of junk...that has a nice interior and a fair ride. 
ford  edge   2011  J P. LAKE FOREST, CA  10/20/11  1.00 Extremely poor mileage. Under 15 mpg highway and city. Very disappointed. Dealer makes promises about correcting the problem but has done nothing and blames the type of gas and my driving ability. My 1998 Olds Intrigue gets 17 - 19 mpg! 
ford  edge   2011  Melissa S. LANCASTER, PA  10/18/11  1.00 SYNC System nightmares!!! 
ford  edge   2011  Kathleen G. BETHPAGE, NY  08/09/11  2.00 Driving on the Highway doing 55 in cruise control and all of a sudden the car jerks forward...Look to see if anyone was behind me or in front of me and no one is sight...Very scary I felt like I was hit from behind, took to ford and the can't find a problem. 
Ford  Edge   2011  Joy D. LAKE FOREST, CA  06/03/11  1.00 too many intermittant problems!  
Ford  Edge   2011  Richard B. ,   05/08/11  n/a I have a 2010 Edge Limited Edition. Why no turn signals on mirrors? Why no courticy lights at all 4 doors? I paid for a 5 yr.100,000 mile warranty. Why is this not standard as on other cars?  
Ford  Edge   2011  Kenneth K. BROOKFIELD, WI  01/11/11  4.00 We own a 2011 Ford Edge SEL 2WD with My Ford Touch(MFT) and standard radio. We just hit 10k miles and have had no problems with the vehicle. The ride is solid. Engine and transmission are powerful and smooth. The interior is sleek and comfortable. The touch screen and bluetooth are working perfectly. If this keeps up, I'll change my rating to a 5. 
Ford  Edge   2011  Linda D. PILOT POINT, TX  01/11/11  3.00 The My/Sync system does not work well. I have had the car 2 days when the screen went black. Now they are telling me I have to take it to a dealer to reboot and could be without car for up to 2 days. Not all dealerships have the capabilities to fix this problem, including the one I purchased it from. 
Ford  Edge   2011  Deb W. SPENCER, IA  01/04/11  n/a My new Ford 2011 Edge is already being called in on a TSB for the computer problems. I can't pair the phone any more after it completely lost the phone I had paired, an error message came up stating the side mirror lights were blocked and no one was around me and I'm not getting the gas mileage I had hoped for. Otherwise, I love the ride, comfort and extras.  
Ford  Edge   2011  Bruce K. ,   11/18/10  5.00 Definate improvement over my 2007 .Exhaust note ,AWD mileage equal to 2007 FWD , due to engine breathing.improvements Don't like center screen maint. blacking out without warning . Most impressed with solidity , and resultant safety . 
ford  edge   2010  Lois G. W HARTFORD, CT  05/19/12  2.00 issue w/carbon build up 
ford  edge   2010  Allie S. STAFFORD, VA  03/05/12  4.00 Love everything about this car.... Except for the transmission problem. 
ford  edge   2010  Fe J. BRUCETON MILLS, WV  11/14/11  3.00 Love the gas mileage compared to my 2003 Ford Expedition. Expedition had 217,000 miles. Hope I get the same result from this one. A little hard getting use to the downsize but it is a nice vehicle. 
ford  edge   2010  Richard S. CANTON, MI  11/02/11  3.00 38,000 miles and dealer says I need new CV joints. Says they are under warranty. This seems like low mileage for such a repair. I am skeptical! 
Ford  Edge   2010  Gerald S. MINNEAPOLIS, MN  07/25/11  3.00 I beleive I have a problem with my transmission. When I was accelerating on to the highway it felt like someone had rear-ended me. I have a 2010 Edge with 25000 miles, this happened in the summertime.  
Ford  Edge   2010  Valerie S. SUN CITY, CA  03/23/11  n/a had my car 3 months and here is the list of issues it has 1) side panel by left passengers window is loose 2) bluetooth has intermittnet functionality 3) drivers seat will not hold memory 4) auto winshield wipers come on for no reason. Had to turn off. 5) outside mirrors fog up for no reason 
Ford  Edge   2010  Curtis H. KAPOLEI, HI  02/25/11  3.00 after a year, problems started coming 
Ford  Edge   2010  George  S. PORT DEPOSIT, MD  02/09/11  4.00 Some interior materials soft. 
Ford  Edge   2010  Gee G. TUCSON, AZ  01/13/11  4.00 ...except jury is still out on it's 20" Pirelli Scorpion STR tires (so far, don't have a decent balance with Hunter GSP9700 balancer). 
Ford  Edge   2010  James R  T. ,   11/17/10  3.00 Mileage and acceleration power (seat of the pants) have improved over my 2008. Wind noise (especially into a head wind) and cabin noise (different tires) have increased compared to my 2008 
Ford  Edge   2010  Steve B. ,   09/14/10  1.00 terrible gas mileage and no visibility of speedometer under certain light conditions, transmission is hesitant at times, brakes are set to long and cant be adjusted and Ford can care less, never buy a Ford again 
Ford  Edge   2010  Sheila S. CARTHAGE, NC  07/09/10  1.00 Will not shift out of park all of the time has been in the shop 4 times now 
Ford  Edge   2010  Phillip H. HUNTERSVILLE, NC  04/13/10  5.00 A very fun vehicle to drive! I've driven it 2 years, over 30,000 miles and NO issues at all to this point. 
Ford  Edge   2010  Keith W. ,   10/09/09  3.00 Took late delivery in mid- November, drove to Mexico and back. Has most uncomfortable driver's seat of any I have owned, lack of ability to remove rear center headrest takes away space for long item across floor area, lack of luggage space for extended trips even with rear seats folded. Drives well and some nice "toys" but not sure would recommend for someone who takes extended trips. 
Ford  Edge   2010  Vic M. WOODWAY, TX  09/15/09  5.00 Although the 2010 Edge Limited is still less than 3000 miles, we love this vehicle for ride and comfort. No problems to report, thankfully. 
ford  edge   2009  Wigdely S. POMPANO BEACH, FL  12/05/12  1.00 After three years of owning my Ford Edge the engine blew without Any warning. The service light never came up!!! We serviced the Ford when scheduled and always took great care of it. We can't understand why this happen and of course the Ford dealer wants to charge $7,700 plus for a new engine. I don't think this should of happend to a three year old car that has been serviced and inspected by Ford. I believe Ford should take some responsibility. 
ford  edge   2009  Florence K. ,   06/30/12  4.00 yI am having trouble with the right power mirror.. Seems it does not stay in place but drops. What could be the cause? 
Ford  Edge   2009  Ken C. ,   03/20/11  2.00 GPS to far from driver 
Ford  Edge   2009  William O. ORADELL, NJ  03/13/11  3.00 Having issue with brakes 
Ford  Edge   2009  Randy K. LEAGUE CITY, TX  11/29/10  2.00 timing issue, sunroof issue, front end snapping noise issue; all before 18,000 miles. 2009 Ford Edge. 
Ford  Edge   2009  Cheryl M. ,   06/23/10  4.00 I had a problem with the panoramic view window motor and track - it was completely replaced under warrentee. 
Ford  Edge   2009  Jane B. GOLDEN, CO  05/07/10  4.00 My 2010 has a terrible noise when we roll down the back windows 
Ford  Edge   2009  Marva W. HAZELTON, ND  07/24/09  3.00 Warning lights regarding brake system failure, satellite radio quits, blinkers quit working, tire pressure failure warning lights, bright lights won't turn off, other failure warning lights come on. 
ford  edge   2008  Sue M. PLAINVILLE, MA  11/25/12  4.00 I have had my 2008 Ford Edge SEL since July 2008 and have noy had any problems with it until recently. I am hoping to get it resolved as I love my Edge. :) 
ford  edge   2008  Izabella M. HIGHLAND, CA  09/26/12  3.00 Air conditioning is not good in this model, not for California summers. 
ford  edge   2008  Cherryl J. LEANDER, TX  07/29/12  2.00 Transmission and or computer Issues Still in the shop will know more next week 
ford  edge   2008  WILLIAM O. GROTON, CT  07/21/12  5.00 Bought 2008 Ford Edge Limited. The condition was like 2008 show room condition. 
ford  edge   2008  Malcolm M. ,   06/17/12  4.00 Pleased with except front struts needed bearing replacement at 70000 km 
ford  edge   2008  Pat P. DOUGLASVILLE, GA  04/26/12  2.00 Transmission problems galore 
ford  edge   2008  John E. YORKTOWN, VA  02/21/12  4.00 Overall very satisfied; however, the Edge has a very bad blind spot on both sides. 
ford  edge   2008  Pieter V. ,   02/17/12  4.00 GREAT CAR FOR GREAT VALLUE 
ford  edge   2008  S G. ,   02/13/12  5.00 Le meuilleur vhicule a date Le plus jolie 
ford  edge   2008  Tom T. SALTSBURG, PA  12/12/11  4.00 yThe only drawback is my wife complains that it does no put heat on the floor. 
ford  edge   2008  Jr C. FALL RIVER, MA  11/03/11  4.00 whistle when driving on the highway 2008 sel awd 
ford  edge   2008  Roy V. SPRING, TX  10/25/11  2.00 early brake problems; reported 3 different times; a/c problems 
ford  edge   2008  Roscoe H. SAN ANTONIO, TX  10/18/11  2.00 Brakes not safe 
ford  edge   2008  JamesMrslim01 S. DENVER, CO  10/10/11  2.00 transmissions issues 
ford  edge   2008  Marian K. POUND RIDGE, NY  09/17/11  3.00 There is a loud humming sound that is getting progressively louder in the rear section of the car. It started at about 45,000 miles. 
ford  edge   2008  SPURGEON N. ,   08/25/11  2.00 I liked it fine until the pcm took out a coil, pcm was warenty,the 6 coils whitch ford said I had to replace was at my expence, do not think this was right. 
ford  edge   2008  Tanisha W. PASADENA, CA  08/12/11  5.00 I just purchased a certified 2008 ford edge and so far I absolutely love it. It has taken some time to get use to comint from a honda accord to a truck  
Ford  Edge   2008  Kenneth E. WATERLOO, IL  06/27/11  4.00 Love the Edge. Will tell you if I love Fords service after they fix it.  
Ford  Edge   2008  DAVID B. ELIZABETH CITY, NC  05/03/11  2.00 BRAKES 
Ford  Edge   2008  Karen S. BUTTE, MT  12/17/10  2.00 The transmission seal has been replaced 2 times last year and 1 time so far this winter. Vehicle has many rattles and noises. 
Ford  Edge   2008  Pat A. MURRAY, KY  08/29/10  3.00 loved the car until transmission problems...scary! 
Ford  Edge   2008  Tom P. PHOENIX, AZ  06/29/10  4.00 Love the car with the exception of the AC system. 
Ford  Edge   2008  James R  T. ,   02/19/10  4.00 Heater problems - hopefully fixed. AWD PTO problems - hopefully fixed. High pitched whine when cold. Dealer service and Ford Warranty has been very good. Bit disappointed with mileage but not significantly so. Very comfortable vehicle. Tows my covered trailer and MC very well. Excellent in snow and ice. Wish towing rating was a bit higher like the highlander AWD. Would most likely by another 
Ford  Edge   2008  Tammy C. WEST WARWICK, RI  02/10/10  3.00 Front end noise, squeaking, creaking - driver's side. Brakes replaced at 12,000 miles - making noise again at 18,000 miles 
Ford  Edge   2008  David B. BRIGHTON, MI  02/09/10  5.00 2010 Ford EDGE .... Less than 1000 miles, no problems to report 
Ford  Edge   2008  Joel T. COLUMBUS, OH  10/02/09  1.00 Wheel issue; "Chrome Clad" wheels. both 18 and 20 inch, pitting and peeling of chrome clad. It is not chrome ,but a plastic cover that cannot be removed. Inspection of the wheel itself is not possible due do the cover (hub cap). Damage from contact with curbs or other solid objects can not be inspected. Warranty claims related to cosmetic issues caused by brake dust and road salt which cannot be cleaned in automatic car washes, including those washes at Ford dealers where denied by Ford, Poor owner maintenance sited by Ford. Arbitration through the Better Business Bureau was not successful due limitations Ford had in their BBB contract. 
Ford  Edge   2008  Norman L. ANAHEIM, CA  08/24/09  3.00 Brakes make noise first couple times when car is cold. Afterwards it does not make noise. Dealership says they are unable to fix and it's very frustrating and potentially dangerous since it tends to pull to the right when you brake. 
Ford  Edge   2008  Michael O. GAINESVILLE, GA  06/15/09  2.00 Very good so far. I have 5953 miles on it and all is well except for the gas mileage. One defect in the driver's leather seat where the seat surface has cracked. (update at 12,575 miles) I am lowering my rating because the gas mileage SUCKS! and the nav/ entertainment system software are so out of date. (Updated at 55,500 miles) Lowering again. Sirius radio went out suddenly ($450 antenna mount) and car rolls backwards easily on the slightest incline unless brakes are applied. Gas mileage continues to suck. 
Ford  Edge   2008  Derek P. ,   04/17/09  3.00 We have noticed that while drioving on sunny days you can see a reflection of the dash in the windshield this is very distracting and will become a safety issue mine is a 2008 Ford Edge SEL 20,000 kms 
Ford  Edge   2008  Tracy S. HINSDALE, MA  11/06/08  1.00 My 2008 Edge started to stall 1 1/2 weeks after driving it. It is now in dealership for second time for repair. When I was driving 45 mph it just stalled and nothing came on dash board for any indication of what could be wrong. 
Ford  Edge   2008  Phyllis  S. JENERA, OH  10/28/08  2.00 transmission hunts for gears and occasionally sticks as if in neutral when shifting in the first 3 gears 
Ford  Edge   2008  Terry W. ADA, MI  09/16/08  5.00 Great vehicle. No delivery issues, none since owned. Comfortable, good looking, and gas mileage is better than expected. Ford has a winner with the edge. 
Ford  Edge   2008  Stephanie S. LISLE, IL  08/15/08  3.00 Car is 10 months old and less than 10,000 miles. Power steering went out while driving home (short 10 mile trip). Next morning woke up and red fluid all over my garage. Ford had the vehicle for 2 days and replaced steering geer/assembly. Almost $500 worth of work done with labor - luckily under warranty. 
ford  edge   2007  Gilberto M. LOS FRESNOS, TX  04/02/12  n/a thinking of buying one 
ford  edge   2007  Janice O. PROSPECT, CT  12/09/11  2.00 noise from windows 
ford  edge   2007  Greg S. SPANAWAY, WA  10/01/11  n/a My Edge just turned 80 miles and I am Hearing Lifter noses. When i back up first thing in the morning, it sound like my break make a high pitch noise. also I dont know why the back brakes would need changing before the front, So far this SUV has been a very good car. Oh and for some reason it seem as if the ptu is leaking. 02/20/12 Since the last comments about this SUV I've had to replace the tranfer case and axle, not good time to get rid of it  
ford  edge   2007  Augustus R. FOND DU LAC, WI  09/28/11  3.00 Considering I've got 71,000 miles and just starting to hear the rear bearing noise that many complain of, I'm rating this as good instead of fair. It has actually been my favorite vehicle ever owned. However, the bearings and some wetness on bottom of engine which is said to be transmission fluid does concern me. No drips on driveway yet though. 
Ford  Edge   2007  Laurie M. OMAHA, NE  07/02/11  4.00 for no apparent reason, the casing around the strut came apart and the huge spring pushed up the hood and my windshield began to shatter 
Ford  Edge   2007  Ronald C. DUBLIN, VA  05/26/11  3.00 The rear wheel hubs have been replaced twice and are now being replaced for the 3rd time. 
Ford  Edge   2007  Phil A. TEMPLE, TX  05/13/11  3.00 Lots of road noise, otherwise good. Averaging 21.5 MPG 
Ford  Edge   2007  Barbara  P. WHITMORE LAKE, MI  04/23/11  5.00 love my car--but the tail light keeps burning out -- connection looks burnt and melted 
Ford  Edge   2007  Steve R. KEARNEY, MO  02/20/11  3.00 good car, 
Ford  Edge   2007  Tom M. WILMINGTON, DE  10/12/10  3.00 Problem with dash reflection 
Ford  Edge   2007  John O. SEWELL, NJ  04/26/10  4.00 just prchased 2007 SEL-AWD and so far so this car.. 
Ford  Edge   2007  Bob L. BRISTOL, TN  04/05/10  4.00 Air conditioning is weak through dash vents. 
Ford  Edge   2007  Mike R. ROCKY RIVER, OH  03/23/10  2.00 drive train problems on my Edge with only 12,000 miles. Computer error found and corrected but now the car is having problems when I park on an incline and put it in gear. The transmission does not operate smoothy when put in reverse gear. 
Ford  Edge   2007  Dawn M. COVENTRY, RI  01/19/10  4.00 Love this car but have had multiple issues with a seal on my transmission which has caused liquid to leak 
Ford  Edge   2007  Brandon M. FRANKLIN, NC  11/08/09  1.00 I own a 2007 edge sel awd, and must say that I have been very dissapointed with the build of this vehicle. The ptu has leaked oil and self destructed twice, and even though I told ford of oil leaks and burning smells , it was only repaired after it left me stranded. Now I have a horrible tranny shutter, and a wheel bearing in the rear wheel going bad. A person at a nearby dealership told me corporate has made it very hard for them to do repairs, and that the only time they'll agree is after the car has self-destructed. Cost saving last 2 cars were a caddy cts, and an infiniti g35. If either even hinted at a problem, the dealerships gave exceptional service. Fords famous words are " cannot duplicate problem". After reading websites, I know my issues are not unique, and I'm mad as hell! How dissapointed I feel. Unless these problems are fixed, I'll never own another one, and I'll be sure to tell my friends about the crappy service. Too bad, because I had high hopes for ford and was impressed they were making a comeback in this economy. Now I know who's paying the price! 
Ford  Edge   2007  Mike B. ROCHESTER, NY  07/07/09  3.00 premature front tire wear dealer won't cover the tires 
Ford  Edge   2007  Alan D. ANN ARBOR, MI  07/01/09  4.00 Pretty good car. 
Ford  Edge   2007  Jackie G. PORT SAINT LUCIE, FL  05/04/09  2.00 The modeling that holds the windshield in is coming out. The ac was dripping on brackets and leaving rust stains in drive way. There is a pin hole in the sun visor for sun roof. Just a lot of little complaints 
Ford  Edge   2007  Russ E. NEW BERLIN, WI  03/30/09  2.00 Intermittent exhaust and fuel smell after driving for 20 minutes. Dealer cannot find issue. 
Ford  Edge   2007  L H. KING, NC  02/26/09  4.00 My Ford Edge has been very good. Mileage on long distance trips (more than 100 miles) is over 24 MPG. 
Ford  Edge   2007  Kathy L. OGLESBY, IL  02/21/09  5.00 I love my Edge. Have had no problems. 
Ford  Edge   2007  VALERIE M. NORTH BROOKFIELD, MA  12/23/08  1.00 5 times in for repairs of ptu unit- leaked so bad caused engine fire. Transmission faulty (auto)-rolls backwards in drive when on hills. thud in front tire area. Rear moulding fell off (2 times). Gas Hog...Worst car ever owned 
Ford  Edge   2007  Howard L. STERLING, VA  12/18/08  5.00 own one love it 
Ford  Edge   2007  Brenda P. SALEM, WV  11/05/08  n/a I have been totally satisfied with my 07 Edge until recently. I have a mysterious vibration that is worse when the car is hot and while sitting at a stop light with car in drive. Has been to dealer on 4 different occasions. Has had three parts replaced, but still no solution for the vibration. 
Ford  Edge   2007  Richard W. EXCELSIOR, MN  08/02/08  3.00 Dashboard glare into the winshield is excessive and distracting and under a variety of light conditions, obsuurres forward vision.  This car has an engineering design never seen in any other vehicle 
Ford  Edge   2007  Andy S. ,   06/14/08  5.00
Ford  Edge   2007  Michael M. ,   05/26/08  3.00 winter driving trouble (I have the AWD), hard on gas, does not change gears smoothly 
Ford  Edge   2007  Ryan G. DOUGLASVILLE, GA  05/03/08  2.00 Our complaints with the edge have run now over a year. The brakes when cool make a very loud banging noise. The vehicle has now been in the care of the dealership for over 40 days during 10 visits for this past year. Now the dealership has noted that we will now be charged for their time if they can not correct the problem. The service manager has heard the noise and noted to us "that sounds really bad". The vehicle is fully covered under warrenty. I have purchased many Fords and work for a company that has a large (1000 +) fleet of Ford vehicles, I will never purchase a Ford again and I will use my influences to stop my company from purchasing future Ford vehicles. 
Ford  Edge   2007  Madelyn B. EMERSON, NJ  04/16/08  0.00 having big transmission problem  

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