About Car Reports and CarStats Scoreboards for New and Used Cars

myCarStats offers a variety of free car reports for the consumer to keep them aware of the problems that have been reported on a specific year, make and model car. It is important to note that because the same model car is manufactured at different times of the year and may even be manufactured at different factories, each used car report may or may not pertain to your specific car.

What are Reports for New and Used Cars Good For?
Used Car Reports empower consumers when they go to dealerships to get their car repaired. They are also used to discover secret warranties for problems found after your warranty has expired. Read what other consumers say about how Used Car Reports helped them.

Can Getting an Extended Car Warranty Makes Sense for You?
"Getting an Warranty was a wise choice. Now I don't put off getting my car fixed
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Four Types of Reports and Car Stats for New and Used Cars:

  • Manufacturer Recalls: These are manufacturer defects that have been deemed a safety hazard and the car manufacturer is mandated to fix them, even if you are NOT the original owner. If you have questions as to whether your car has an outstanding recall, contact the Manufacturer Consumer Service Department and tell them your VIN (vehicle identification number)  and ask if it has any outstanding recalls.

  • Technical Service Bulletins: These are car bulletins that the manufacturer sends to each of its dealership service departments notifying them of potential problems.

  • Consumer Complaints: These are car complaints that consumers have officially filed with the United States Department of Transportation concerning problems they have encountered about a year, make model car. Click to find out how to file an official car complaint about your car. Filing a Complaint

  • Investigations: These are investigations carried out by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration concerning a year, make model car that may lead to a manufacturer recall.

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