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Gasoline Prices
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Gas GageSaves Money

 You could save $200 to $1,500 in fuel costs each year by choosing the most fuel-efficient vehicle in a particular class. This can add up to thousands over a vehicle‚€™s lifetime. Fuel-efficient models come in all shapes and sizes, so you need not sacrifice utility or size. Each vehicle listing in the Fuel Economy Guide provides an estimated annual fuel cost. The online guide at features an annual fuel cost calculator that allows you to insert your local gasoline prices and typical driving conditions (city and highway) to achieve the most accurate fuel cost information for your vehicle.

Strengthens National Energy Security

Buying a more fuel efficient vehicle can help strengthen our national energy security by reducing our dependence on foreign oil. More than half of the oil used to produce the gasoline you put in your tank is imported. The United States uses about 20 million barrels of oil per day, two-thirds of which is used for transportation. Petroleum imports cost us about $4.4 billion a week - that‚€™s money that could be used to fuel our own economy.

Protects the Environment

Burning fossil fuels such as gasoline and diesel adds greenhouse gases, mostly carbon dioxide (CO2), to the Earth‚€™s atmosphere. Large-scale increases in greenhouse gases in the Earth's atmosphere can lead to global climate change.

Vehicles with lower fuel economy burn more fuel, creating more CO2. Your vehicle creates about 20 pounds of CO2 (170 cu. ft.) per gallon of gasoline it consumes. Therefore, you can reduce your contribution to global climate change by choosing a vehicle with higher fuel economy.

By choosing a vehicle that achieves 25 miles per gallon rather than 20, you can prevent the release of about 17 tons (260,000 cu. ft.) of greenhouse gases over the lifetime of your vehicle.

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