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  BMW 740IL Owner Reviews and Ratings

Below are the car reviews and ratings from other owners of BMW 740IL cars.
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 Reviews found: 11  Average Owner Car Rating: 3.55
Make Model Year Owner Name City State Date Added Car Rating Reviews and Complaints
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bmw  740il   2001  Doug C. SAINT HELENA, CA  12/11/12  4.00 I loved my 2091 BMW 740 IL Util I had just done a major service that cost 2850.00 and within the week after the service, I was taking my sister to the airport and trying to get her there to catch your flight when the car overheated and my engine blew up. What happened was the reservoir for the pool and have crack in everything leaked out. This is a very disheartened mean as the part should have been replaced or something like the dealer to make a better quality system. To replace the engine the BMW weather in 25 to 30,000. I didn't have the cash to do that. The other option was a aftermarket are you to rebuilt engine which would cost 25 to 3000 to install and it would be guarantee that if the engine was defective then I would have to be taken out with you be another 2500 to 3000. Basically the uncertainty was incredibly frustrating and the car still sick to my driveway un drivable. My auto insurance didn't cover it and I feel like BMW should do something. That pisses me off at an 80,000 dollar car can be brought down by a stupid plastic Part. Anyone else at the same experience let's join forces. 
BMW  740il   2001  Vincent H. NEWBURGH, NY  04/18/09  5.00 I was lucky I found a mint condition 01 740il with 51000 miles on it the previous owner was great. 
BMW  740il   2001  Kevin C. SAVANNAH, GA  06/01/08  4.00 Mass air sensor had some issues; bought the car used and was not aware that it seriously impacted gas mileage 
BMW  740il   2000  John G. CLAYMONT, DE  01/16/11  4.00 Car making clicking noise from under car? Never heard it before? 
BMW  740il   2000  Roland D. ,   06/14/10  3.00 GOOD CAR AFTER I FIXED THE PROBLEMS THAT WOULD HAPPEN AFTER 100000 MILES 
BMW  740il   2000  Mark D. WOODLAND HILLS, CA  12/16/09  5.00 very good car,, 
BMW  740il   2000  Pig S. OMAK, WA  11/27/09  5.00 Very solid car with very minimal non major issues. 
BMW  740il   2000  Todd M. DANVILLE, CA  05/09/09  1.00 2000 740il 5 radiators in the last 2 years- overheating problems, front end prolems 
BMW  740il   1996  Hosea W. GARLAND, TX  04/30/08  4.00 very good car 
BMW  740il   1995  Vincent F. WEST BLOOMFIELD, MI  11/19/10  3.00 Instrument Panel, Seat adjustment, Power steering cable, CD Player and Brake problems. 
BMW  740il   1995  Kelley S. MADISON, WI  08/15/09  5.00

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