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Consumer Car Ratings Scoreboard
All TOYOTA PRIUS Models for All Years on File - Sorted by Year

This TOYOTA PRIUS Consumer Car Rating Scoreboard shows you the ratings for each year it
has been rated. Before you buy a new or used car, see how other consumers have rated them.
Rating scale: 1.00=Lowest to 5.00=Highest) (21)

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n/a 2013 TOYOTA PRIUS 
4.13 2012 TOYOTA PRIUS 
3.70 2011 TOYOTA PRIUS 
3.98 2010 TOYOTA PRIUS 
4.33 2009 TOYOTA PRIUS 
4.13 2008 TOYOTA PRIUS 
3.99 2007 TOYOTA PRIUS 
4.12 2006 TOYOTA PRIUS 
4.11 2005 TOYOTA PRIUS 
4.18 2004 TOYOTA PRIUS 
3.67 2003 TOYOTA PRIUS 
3.74 2002 TOYOTA PRIUS 
3.44 2001 TOYOTA PRIUS 
n/a 2000 TOYOTA PRIUS 
n/a 1998 TOYOTA PRIUS 
NOTE: Average rating is set to "n/a" when there is not a minimum number of consumer ratings available for Makes, Models or Years.

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