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Suzuki Aerio   2006  CINDY M. ,   08/13/10 2.00 Issues with wheel alignment causing excessive tire wear within first 20,000 km. Dealer was unable to solve the problem. Went to independant shop and no problems since. Currently have issue with front wheel bearing but vehicle now has 120,000 km. 
Suzuki Aerio   2006  Dore K. RICHFORD, NY 06/14/10 1.00 The car was fine for the first year. It went to crap after that. Broken CD player fixed under warranty 3 times. Broken clock fixed under warranty twice. Heat and AC only on one side of the vehicle other side blows outside air. Spent $800 at two dealers to be told that it could not be fixed. AC finally went completely. Transmission would not see speed sensor so it would not shift down at a stop. Try pulling out in traffic not knowing when it might happen. Dealer replaced transmission, speed sensor, transmission control module, wires. All on separate trips had the car for months (at least I had a loaner for most of it and the heat worked no AC). I paid a few hundred for that most of it was under warranty. Front wheel bearing went bad. But the best was at 92k miles the engine went and Suzuki refuses to cover it. They say that the broken piston skirt and broken cam chain anti slap bracket are my fault / neglect. 
Suzuki Aerio   2006  Guy G. ,   05/29/09 3.00 good but exhaust rattle  
Suzuki Aerio   2006  Paula S. KENNEBUNKPORT, ME  01/06/09 3.00 other then excessive tire wear i ahve no complaints about this car 
Suzuki Aerio   2006  Chris C. EMMETT, ID 08/04/08 4.00 This is the first car I have ever bought new and I have a high respect for it. The engine and tranny I have had no problems with and my wife has put on over 60000 miles now and they are very sound. The climate control works well. The sterio is good for what it is nothing spectacular but still good. The seats are extremely comfortable and seem to hold up decent but i'm sure they will start wearing after another year or two. Some of the cons I have are the Brakes. I have put pads on roughly every 4-5 months, they seem to wear fairly quickyly about every 15000 miles, they seem to work alright for normal daily driving but when I run it throught the mountains I get quite a bit of brake fade but I do drive it harder than most would. There does seem to be what seems to be a valve tic when I accelerate hard but I read on a suzuki aerio forum that there is not enough grounding to the motor and that causes it to arc or that is what I have attributed it to. Other than that the rear bumper has a piece that clips in on the drivers side and I lost it before the first year of having the car and had to have it replaced, I'm not even sure why it is there it doesn't seem to have a purpose. Generaly I rate this car as very good. I bought it as a throw away car for my wife to drive the wheels off back and forth to work. It has been through 3 accidents and held up very well needing some minor repairs. It does have an awesome look to it though with the wheels I put on it and the exhaust and intake modifications make it hold its own.  
Suzuki Aerio   2006  Wendy  W. BOCA RATON, FL 07/23/08 1.00 This was "HONESTLY" the worst car I ever had in my entire life! I recommend to everyone NOT to buy from Suzuki. The worst costomer service ignoring complaints. Car had endless problems. Tires and brakes needed replaced several times in a single year. Dealership would do nothing. Suzuki Corporation would do nothing. I told them to pick up the piece of junk because I refused to pay another dime on it. It was the worst car experience ever.  
Suzuki Aerio   2006  Troy  P. APOLLO, PA 06/12/08 1.00 Brakes suck in this car constantly chaning them 
Suzuki Aerio   2006  Vicky C. Lehigh Acres, FL 10/18/07 4.00 Has anyone else had problems with flood damage? We had 6.5" of rain in a short period of time yesterday 10/17/2007. I passed by my turn because the street looked so flooded. However, I still had to go through about 11" of water. Other cars were going through. My Aerio just cut out on me. I called my dealer to see if it would dry out okay once I got it home and he immediately told me if the water got sucked up into the air filter, I would have major damage. Some neighbors pushed me home (about 4 houses away) and a friend came out this morning to check it for me. The air filter was full of water and the oil has a lot of water in it. My insurance will cover it with a $500 deductible and I have a rental sitting here now. Just waiting for the insurance adjuster to come and see it before I can have it towed for repair. My dealer asked me if the water got in the car and I said no. He said that was good because there are some computer chips in that area that could be damaged. Why in the world would Suzuki place the air intake and computer chips less than a foot off the ground? I live in Miami, it rains a lot here.  
Suzuki Aerio   2006  Bruce B. DENVER, CO 04/25/06 1.00 Dealer does not stand behind warrenty. 7 year 100,000 miles warrenty sounded good when I bought the car new. But dealer always had an excuse why the problems I had would not be covered. Have not had this problem with the fords I have owned. 
Suzuki Aerio   2005  Richard M. ISLAMORADA, FL  06/10/11 3.00 great bang for the buck 
Suzuki Aerio   2005  Bal  K. ,   06/04/11 4.00 Not any problem since I bought 2005 Suzuki Aerio New. Keep up General maintenance, drive like a baby should last you for a good while. Wheel alignment done about a year ago. Paid $19,200 cash ( may be dealer charged little too much). Very happy with it, can recommend to others Suzuki Cars. 
Suzuki Aerio   2005  Ray B. ,   10/22/08 2.00 STRUTS AND ALL WHEEL DRIVE ISSUES 
Suzuki Aerio   2005  Mark K. PHILIPSBURG, PA  03/03/07 4.00 1) Back tires wear out in less than 15k-20k miles 2) Underside rusts very quickly (damage in < 1yr). 
suzuki  aerio   2004  Alice  C. AUSTIN, TX 07/31/11 n/a thinking of buying a used one and want to check the recalls. 
Suzuki Aerio   2004  BOB T. ,   06/04/09 3.00 GOOD BUT HAVE BEARING PROBLEMS 4TH SET 
Suzuki Aerio   2004  Natalia G. HOPE MILLS, NC 06/05/08 1.00 This car overheats constantly.We've done the water pump ,thermostat,hoses you name it. I'd never buy it again. 
suzuki  aerio   2003  Lisa W. BEVERLY HILLS, CA 11/26/12 n/a Haven't driven it much yet. Just purchased
Suzuki Aerio   2003  Marsha L. NEW SMYRNA BEACH, FL 04/24/11 5.00 My drivers side window shattered for no reason, car was not hot, garage was not hot, plenty of air flow. Should not have accured no reason that I could find? Any ideas? 
Suzuki Aerio   2003  Barbara C. LOUISVILLE, KY 04/02/10 1.00 Have had to replace tires every 2 years or so. Engine locked up on me yesterday out of the blue. Had it towed to dealership.  
Suzuki Aerio   2003  Joe B. FORT MYERS, FL 10/06/09 5.00 great 
Suzuki Aerio   2003  Alfredo M. FORT LAUDERDALE, FL  10/03/09 n/a My car has an axle issue that suzuki doesn't want to warranty.The left axle pops out.took it to the dealer they don't want to fix the because it has close to 100,000 miles.The axles are not from suzuki they are great oe aftermarket pieces. (mind you that suzuki doesn't make their own axle's.)The axle's were changed about 9 month's ago because the left front axle was worn and poping 9 months later the left axle is poping out so I took it to the dealer to see what was wrong.The dealer inspected the car and the inner bearing inside the left side of the transmission is severly worn while the axle is in new condition with no wear or damage.So now they say that the axle that was replaced 9 month's ago damage the bearing but I say wouldn't the axle be damaged.I thought that suzuki was a great company.I was wrong we wanted to get anothor suzuki but we only deal with people who stand by their product. 
Suzuki Aerio   2003  Edward P. NEW ORLEANS, LA  05/16/08 3.00 My Aerio is vibrating when in park. I'm happy with it otherwise. 
Suzuki Aerio   2003  Keith R. APO, AE 05/02/08 4.00 Mirrors and belt noise only problems 
Suzuki Aerio   2003  Kathy O. PORTLAND, OR  02/10/07 3.00 A/C Condenser and ancillary parts failed at 53K miles in November 2008. Over $1800 cost to repair. 
Suzuki Aerio   2003  Patricia S. COVENTRY, RI 10/12/06 3.00 had to replace both front wheel bearings. Sealed units can't be greased 
Suzuki Aerio   2003  Dore K. RICHFORD, NY 03/27/06 1.00 The car was fine for first 30,000 miles. After that it turned to sh*t. Suzuki won't stand behind it either. Last Suzuki I will ever own. 
Suzuki Aerio   2002  Mark  F. ROME, NY  12/01/08 3.00 having problem putting car into gear from park 
Suzuki Equator   2010  Sharon M. MOUNT PLEASANT, SC  09/18/10 5.00 Great truck for the money. Best warranty anywhere. No problems so far. This site does not have enough years listed to include my warranty expiration date...7 yrs, 100,000 miles! 
suzuki  esteem   2001  James H. COLUMBUS, MI 07/06/12 3.00 front brakes wear with in 15,000 miles 2001 suzuki esteem 
Suzuki Esteem   2001  Helena K. SAN LORENZO, CA  02/11/09 3.00 Check engine light for cooling fan 2 (obd2) will not reset after fan sensor was replaced. Slight electrical issues.  
suzuki  esteem   2000  Ken V. MOYOCK, NC 05/15/12 3.00 Good basic transportation. The only complaint so far has been repeated door handle failures 
Suzuki Esteem   2000  Bruce M. SAINT PAUL, MN  04/15/09 1.00 k- frame rusted through
Suzuki Esteem   1998  Stefan K. LYNNWOOD, WA  05/27/08 3.00 Just bought with 105,000miles, already had camshaft position sensor go out. Also have an unusual leak around the gas tank and cannot pinpoint where the leak is coming from. Seems to be around the seams of the tank. Good car other than this. 
suzuki  forenza   2008  Jody F. INDEPENDENCE, MO  08/05/12 2.00 No Opinion
suzuki  forenza   2008  TERRA J. CANTON, NC 07/13/12 2.00 This is the second time that our car has thrown the P2135 code. The dealership "fixed" it for us 4 months after we bought the car, but then within a year it started acting up again and now it is worse than it was to begin with. Not to mention how often that we have had to replace tires on this vehicle, for whatever reason it really seems to eat the tread off the tires fairly quick. 
suzuki  forenza   2008  Marty B. INDEPENDENCE, MO  06/23/12 2.00 Iwas robbed and raped by the car dealership and taken advantage of because I disabled 
suzuki  forenza   2008  Rene T. NORTH ROYALTON, OH  09/05/11 4.00 Bought 2008 model in Feb 2009. It's now Sept 2011 and no complaints whatsoever.  
suzuki  forenza   2008  Mike H. WAUKEGAN, IL 08/27/11 2.00 When driving sometime my car stalls as if it's in neutral. Is there anyone with the same problem? 
Suzuki Forenza   2008  Cheryl K. MARCO ISLAND, FL 04/19/11 1.00 Horrible car. Has been i shop 3 times.Last time for 6 weeks!!! 
Suzuki Forenza   2008  Jason L. OTEGO, NY  11/16/10 n/a car is about 38,000 miles and the airbag sensor light is on. Took it to local mechanic and he could not decyp0her the computer code given. Took it to used car dealer where I purchased the vehicle and they also could not decypher the code either. Stated that only suzuki can decypher the code. What a scam! Now I have to bring the car to suzuki which is over an hour away, how much more inconvienence and money could this cause me? From what I read the suzuki forenzas are known for this, i feel that suzuki should be fixing this for free!!!! Of course the warranty is up at 36,000 miles. 
Suzuki Forenza   2008  William R. VINELAND, NJ 06/14/10 3.00 alternator /transmission/ airbag 
Suzuki Forenza   2008  Eddie B. HARPERSVILLE, AL  05/14/10 3.00 i like my car its a good mode of transportation but the ac leaks likes crazy  
Suzuki Forenza   2008  TERRI D. GOOSE CREEK, SC 06/24/09 1.00 the sensors are bad from the moment i pulled off the lot. had it to the dealership numerous times beofre the warranty ended and now that the warranty has ended they dont want to fix my car that is only 1 year old. 
Suzuki Forenza   2008  Amy M. COATESVILLE, PA  05/24/09 1.00 I bought a 08 Suzuki forenza and paid 13,400.00 and I have had nothing but problems with it I got it on Feb 14 08 it now may 24 08 and its was in the shop on may 6 to the 8 was not fixed they tried to fix it but was not successful. I took it back to shop on may 12 did not get it back instill the 23 of may still was not fixed on the 23 of may I want out to my car and it still has the problems it was bought at colonial Hyundai . I fill the car it not safe. Problems are car stalls in reverse when cold ,engine boggs down when coasting down hills clicking when putting in park and reverse. also RPM'S will go all the way up to the red zone and car only go's about 40 mph and some time the transmission will slam in gear I feel that that the car is not safe in any way. and I am scare that it am calls me or my child to get in a accident it can put many people at danger. my forenza it not the only one with these problems 
Suzuki Forenza   2008  Gwen F. LONGWOOD, FL  05/24/09 1.00 Since I got this car when starting it up cold it makes a woooing noise. It stops after it warms up. Been to the dealer several times they say they can find nothing but yet it continues. Also the brakes squeal again they find nothing. The front end is always all over the road and they do alignments and the following week it is the same. Air conditioner is very poor. The moldings are ripping in the car and the pain is already chipping. I would never ever buy one of their cars again.  
Suzuki Forenza   2008  William L. GREENSBORO, NC  06/18/08 1.00 replaced transmission sensor 4 times and now needs another.  
suzuki  forenza   2007  Lynn  C. COLUMBUS, OH  09/18/12 1.00 gas mileage is poor 
suzuki  forenza   2007  Faridd S. DALLAS, TX 02/08/12 2.00 I have had the car since June 2009. I have had two problems with the car since that time. One: the tires always need to be inflated. For some reason they cannot stay inflated for what seems more than 2 months. Second: my car seems to get stuck if I happen to go in reverse. Once I shift to drive, my car struggles to accelerate. I have to look for parking spaces where I can simply drive forward without having to reverse so my transmission doesn't lock up. 
suzuki  forenza   2007  Beranda C. HARTFORD CITY, IN  09/28/11 2.00 I bought this car in 2008 with 24,000 miles on it. It was good the first year minus the door handles breaking off and then the air bag lights started. After getting raked $300 for them to velcro some cord off to the side I just decided screw it they didn't have air bags back in the old days and with this cars safety ratings, are they really going to help anyway?? Then the tire pressure light never goes off, the transmission started feeling like it jerked if i took off (kind of like there was too much power and the car couldn't handle it) and now when it's in drive it feels like it's in first gear and the check engine light is on. 
suzuki  forenza   2007  Delani K. CONCORD, NC 09/12/11 2.00 Power train issues. The transmission range sensor keeps going bad. We have replaced it twice and it is bad again. These replacements have occurred in the past year and we have only had the car for three years. We also have seat belt issues where the belt won't stay fastened. You have to push the release button enough times to get the seat belt into the harness to even get it on just to have it come off if you lean forward. The door handle paint and hub cap cover paint was worn off within the first year.  
Suzuki Forenza   2007  Rebecca S. HAGERSTOWN, MD  10/22/10 1.00 I hate this car 
Suzuki Forenza   2007  J R. RIPLEY, TN 09/19/10 4.00 Back-up lights not working correctly  
Suzuki Forenza   2007  Susie G. SPRINGFIELD, IL 06/18/10 2.00 While driving, the car is suddenly not in gear. I can shift down to 3rd gear and it's fine. 
Suzuki Forenza   2007  Norma J. LAS VEGAS, NV 06/09/10 3.00 The car shifts HARD into any gear at Start and engine light comes on. After I release pressure in gas tank, by opening the gas cap it Helps with the hard shifting very quickly. I have changed the gas cap from oeiginal but srill having problems intermittily. 
Suzuki Forenza   2007  Patricia P. YANCEYVILLE, NC  03/12/10 3.00 Nice for small family, depencable the first 2 years although now problems are beginning. 
Suzuki Forenza   2007  Andres V. WINTER PARK, FL 07/24/09 1.00 Problem with Transmissiom, air bags, leaking inside car. 
Suzuki Forenza   2007  Donny L. RALEIGH, NC 06/29/09 2.00 Very disappointed 
Suzuki Forenza   2007  Ileana D. ALEXANDRIA, VA  05/14/09 1.00 Belt bucles would not latch, gear stick malfunction and transmission problems. 
Suzuki Forenza   2007  Carol B. OLD ORCHARD BEACH, ME 04/29/09 1.00 My driver's side door handle broke within 2 months of purchasing the vehicle. Crazy glue works better than the clowns at the dealership. My tire pressure lights continuiously stays on as does my air pressure bag. Because of such my car will not pass inspection. I've had both repaired once before and have only owed the car for 2 years. Additionally my passenger window will not go down if I use the driver's side control, another reason the car will not pass inspection. These cars are junk!  
Suzuki Forenza   2007  LA DENA M. SPRINGDALE, AR  10/02/08 0.00 brake peddle started to making a noise about 4 weeks ago and dealer-ship mechanic said that it is normal. I question that because i bought it new and it just started to doing it. 
Suzuki Forenza   2007  McClure M. PITTSBURG, KS  08/11/08 2.00 Passenger side air bag light stays on ,not activating the air bag, even though I way over exceed the weight to trigger it Its on it's 4th repair. This time they say its the wiring harness. Inside door handles keep breaking. We our on our 5th or 6th one . Only one of the doors has not had a handle break, knock on wood. 
Suzuki Forenza   2007  Heidi M. Madison Heights, VA  08/05/08 2.00 black plastic door handle on drivers side broke within warranty period. Passengers side and one of the rear door handles have now broken, out of warranty. Car will periodicaly have a rough shift followed by check engine light coming on, ran the codes, its a transmission sensor.  
Suzuki Forenza   2007  Daniel W. NAPLES, FL 08/04/08 2.00 Three of the four interior door handles have broken off under normal use. I have to lower the window and reach outside to open the door.  
Suzuki Forenza   2007  Robert E. PIONEER, TN 06/28/08 1.00 I absolutely hate it. We have had it in to the dealer several times with roaring tires( not just the factory ones either, they persuaded us to buy another set that is even worse). Door lock problems, air bag scensor problems, vibration problems, high idle problems, cd player not wanting to work and car is sluggish on cold mornings. Sounds like a major LEMON if you ask me. But I'm just the consumer, I don't know anything about anything........right. That's the way the dealers make you feel. Hey there Mr. so and so .... uh your a freakin' idiot....have a nice day. I know you'll be back, we sold you a peice of crap. 
Suzuki Forenza   2007  Cheryl B. PORTLAND, OR  06/26/08 2.00 very poor mpg and tire pressure light coming on all the time very noisy ride  
Suzuki Forenza   2007  Arnie  A. OVIEDO, FL 02/04/08 1.00 My daughter owns a 2007 Forenza; she was recently driving down the road and began to notice a hesitation on the vehicle while driving; she then felt an acceleration and a deceleration on the vehicle - as if it wanted to stall and shut off. A few days later she was about to park and felt a sudden jerk and funny sound coming from the engine compartment - she turned off the vehicle and waited for approximately one hour; the vehicle started and she was told to leave it at home. The following day I brought it in to a Suzuki dealer for service - I was told that the transmission sensor needed to be replaced - Thank God my 19 year old did not get involved in an auto accident to the the acceleration of this vehicle. Please have this sensor checked out on all your Suzuki Forenza's. Oh and give thanks to the fact that my warranty still had 3,000 miles left on it. I am now in doubt of this Suzuki - I would feel much more comfortable if Suzuki would extend thier warranty to 5 years/50,000 miles instead 3 years/36,000 miles. I believe if Suzuki believes in their vehicles then they should honor the request. 
Suzuki Forenza   2007  Cliff H. SANTA CLARITA, CA 07/18/07 4.00 Car runs great, no complaint. 
suzuki  forenza   2006  Pam R. MOUNT PLEASANT, TX  10/10/12 2.00 Problems with headlights and tail lights 
suzuki  forenza   2006  Alex M. ODESSA, TX 06/11/12 2.00 A malfunction occurs when I attempt to shift gears from park to any other. 1. It makes a loud, deep sound, similar to "thunk-thunk" and if I don't have my foot on the brake hard enough, the car lurches. 2. The dashboard signal for PDRN etc randomly changes to a weird symbol that is not any letter in the American alphabet. 3. It makes a revving sound which should indicate a higher velocity when in fact it is at a lower velocity. 4. It will not accelerate properly. When entering a high frequency road or highway, I have to floor the gas pedal to go normal speed then maintain it. 5. It shifts out of drive into neutral while I am driving and independently of my activity, thankfully approximately only about once every month. 6. The check engine light is always on. 7. The mechanic said it was related to the transmission but was called a range something or other. 8. I notice these problems more in stop-and-go city traffic than on long uninterrupted distances. 9. I consider these random car behaviour problems unstable and unsafe. 10. To any driver new to handling/driving my car, I would have to explain its quirks for them to drive and not have a tragic vehicular accident involving the improper response of my car to normal use. 11. The warranty ran out long ago. It was only for three years. The problems started occurring after the warranty expired, of course. 12. It will cost me about $200 to get the range whatchamacallit fixed, $200 of which I believe Suzuki should pay for. 
suzuki  forenza   2006  Hannah B. VALLEY VILLAGE, CA 06/10/12 1.00 Awful! I bought this car when my son was 2 months old and focused research on safety ratings, which seemed ok. I've hade this car for 18 months now and have had 3 major repairs on it. New timing belt/ water pump/valves; new heater core; new nuetral saftey switch; replacing the radiator this week. And the shocks are awful. I took it to a Suzuki servicer when I was considering buying it and was told that the shaking was just Suzuki and it was fine!. I hate that I'm paying on a car that I can neither rely on or feel safe in. Stay away from this money pit on wheels! 
suzuki  forenza   2006  Vickie L. BORON, CA  11/14/11 2.00 your comments here Its turned out getting this for my daughters first car is a money pit!  
Suzuki Forenza   2006  Melissa  L. HAINES FALLS, NY 03/23/11 1.00 Nothing but problems
Suzuki Forenza   2006  Lynn S. SWAN LAKE, NY  01/11/11 2.00 Airbag light comes on at various times. Dealers have told me: it is due to a faulty sensor, it is due to a water bottle under the seat, it is due to the movement of the drivers seat back and forth and most recently it is due to an electrical issue. They clear the codes, turn off the light and two to six weeks later- the light is back on.  
Suzuki Forenza   2006  Janette D. HAMLET, NC 11/05/09 2.00 replace head lights twice, fuses always going out and has caught fire under driver side dash  
Suzuki Forenza   2006  Zach C. GENEVA, NY 10/23/09 1.00 Transmission range sensor 
Suzuki Forenza   2006  Susan S. ELMIRA, NY 06/30/09 4.00 I lovr my car- bought it used with remainder of warranty. Theo nly problem I'm having is the paint. Although I don't use the passenger doors much the paint is wearing off as it is on many of the other plastic parts of the car ie bumpers and door guards. 
Suzuki Forenza   2006  Gary F. REDONDO BEACH, CA 04/21/09 3.00 Poor mileage and intermittent starting problems, but not more than one or twice a month. I think it might be the automatic throttle. It eventually stars after several seconds of turning over. 
Suzuki Forenza   2006  Nancy G. HUNTSVILLE, AL  03/26/09 2.00 Problem with gasket in engine failing. Cost of repair 328.00. Dealers in our area closed down. Nearest Dealer is 2 hours away. 
Suzuki Forenza   2006  Heather T. LITTLETON, CO  03/25/09 3.00 Gets poor mileage on low-grade gas. Must use mid grade at LEAST! Having PRNDL issues/Transmission issues. Less than 40K miles and only 3 years old! 
Suzuki Forenza   2006  Adam F. SIBLEY, LA 03/08/09 3.00 I'm leaking oil, think from the pipe coming out of the top of the engine 
Suzuki Forenza   2006  Alejandra N. FRESNO, CA 02/05/09 1.00 This car really sucks. Not only is it worth next to nothing, It switches gears on me while I am driving it etc... from drive to neutral. 
Suzuki Forenza   2006  David S. NORTH PORT, FL 12/27/08 2.00 all inside door handles broke  
Suzuki Forenza   2006  Pamela R. YORK, PA 06/06/08 1.00 Timing belt broke 2 times, water pump locked up and caused engine to seize, interior handle broke off in hand during normal use, oil leak, oil burning, this car sucks! 
Suzuki Forenza   2006  Eileen W. FORT WORTH, TX 08/06/07 2.00 Door handles have broken off which is a major safety issue.  
Suzuki Forenza   2006  Sara G. HARTSVILLE, TN  01/31/07 1.00 check enjine light stays lit,also transmission problems as soon as i puchased it .The motor had part missing and was blowing all the oil out They replaced the part but car hasnt been running good since,my exhaust pipe is rusted out with a hole in it,under my car is still black from all the smut from the oil,my car also trys to die when i pull out onto road.this car is crap .I bought it brand new and was always taking it in to be checked out.I live about 30 miles and got tired of driving down there and hearing there is notthing wrong when i know it is.I will never buy another one it is a piece a crap and they wont do anything about it 
suzuki  forenza   2005  Joseph F. FORT EDWARD, NY 01/11/13 1.00 poor mileage ..rough ride  
suzuki  forenza   2005  Julia C. SHELBY, NC 03/05/12 2.00 bad suspenion i have2 rack n pinions put n replaced senor outside of tranamission transmission has been replaced @ r b4 60000mi 
suzuki  forenza   2005  Bernadette A. PHILADELPHIA, PA  01/16/12 1.00 this car has aterrible ride and for asmall car it's not that fuel efficient. this car have a head problem that keep occuring.they did a good thing when they stop making it. 
Suzuki Forenza   2005  Marla E. BLAIRSTOWN, NJ  03/11/09 4.00 I have heard other people have had problems with th3 2005 suzuki ferenza wagon but I love mine the only problem that I have had is with the passenger air bag light. As of about a week ago the check engine light has been on and the car is idling high I will go in and have this checked soon. I have heard that there have been several recalls on my car but I can't seem to find them on any web site, I would like to get a list of them, can anyone help me. [email protected] 
Suzuki Forenza   2005  Roshone L. VINELAND, NJ 08/06/08 1.00 i have had this forenza for 3 years now, with only 35,000 miles on it and all of a sudden .. the key will not come out of the ignition., i tried putting the car in other gears, and then back to park and still the key will not come out. i had to create my own way of getting the key free. also lately i have been hearig a strange noise come from the car when i start to pick up speed. this noise sound very strange , like a person moaning from being sick( no lie) i called the car dealership where i bought the car(matt blatt-suzuki dealer) and apparently my warranty has run out, so it will cost me an arm and leg and a few toes to fix the problem, whatever the that is because thaey never told me what it was.  
Suzuki Forenza   2005  Laurie F. FORT BRAGG, NC 05/09/08 2.00 Around Feb. 2006, six months after purchasing my vehicle, my steering wheel light started to come on and go off. I took it to the dealer once and they did something and it stayed off for about 6 months. By August 2006 it started coming on and off again. Also, my driverside airbag lite wont go off. When i start my car, it comes on and stays on all the time while the car is on. Also, my car is stalling out as if it is losing power when i turn on my defrost in winter and AC in the summer. I will have to drive with BOTH feet, one on the gas and one on the break when i make a stop so my car wont stall out at a stop light. And this started around 6 to 8 months after purchasing the vehicle, spring of 2006. I called suzuki roadside and they said for me to take it to the dealer if i could get it started so i took it to the dealer immediately and they ran diagnostics on it and said they couldnt find anything wrong with it. But it is still doing it to this day and its been doing this for approximately 2 years now. 
Suzuki Forenza   2005  Ron R. FONTANA, CA 05/05/08 4.00 6969 
Suzuki Forenza   2005  Rita V. BROWNSVILLE, TX  04/14/08 1.00 i have a 2005 forenza which i bought in aug 2007 and since march 2008 it will not shiift into gears. i have 2 press all the way doen on the gas. I cannot even go on expresway now due that it will start pulling at over 40mph. Then between 10-30mph it pulls the car and cannot shift gears until i press on the gas pedal all the way down to the floor nad then does a reeving niose nad pulls foward and then the car moves!!!!!!! 
Suzuki Forenza   2005  Adam H. KATY, TX 02/29/08 1.00 The worst automobile I've ever owned 
suzuki  forenza   2004  Kee M. FORT WAYNE, IN 06/22/12 n/a Went to dealership in August 2011 for recall of the wiring which would make headlights and DRL light to stop working. So its June 2012 headlights and DRL nothing working. Went to dealership they said that I have to pay to get fix.because the wires that is melted not the same ones that was in the recal. That's crazy can't drive car at night. But my high beams are working. 
Suzuki Forenza   2004  Sam L. LAFAYETTE, LA  10/06/09 1.00 Vehicle constantly stalls while driving or while stopped. Suzuki is unable to repair the vehicle. 
Suzuki Forenza   2004  PETRENNA B. SPARTA, GA 05/02/09 2.00 GAS BURNER...ELECTRICAL PROBLEMS 
Suzuki Forenza   2004  Angela T. WASHINGTON, DC  04/29/09 1.00 My water pump, head gasket and cylinder head all went out on me with only 80,000 miles on the car. The problem is getting this covered under their 7 year, 100k mile powertrain warranty! 
Suzuki Forenza   2004  Jeff F. BLOOMINGTON, IN  03/05/09 4.00 Great
Suzuki Forenza   2004  Kristi S. MORGANTOWN, WV  02/10/09 1.00 2004 Forenza bought new from dealer within the first 30 days of ownership the power windows quit working! A year after that was fixed it happened again and was fixed once again. Now I am having the same problem.However the dealer says this is no longer under warranty, and is going to cost me over 200 out of pocket. Also after the first year the car alarm started to go off randomly for no reason, still does this! Headlights had to be replaced after 2nd year! Had to replace the thermostat after 3rd year. The cruise control is faulty, it will accellerate when pulling a hill and rev up too hard and kick out the gas pedal and disengage the cruise. 
Suzuki Forenza   2004  Bobbi  M. BEDFORD, PA 01/21/09 2.00 have had nothing but trouble with anti-freeze going somewhere and them not being able to find where it is going because it isn't leaking.  
Suzuki Forenza   2004  Charles  T. VIRGINIA BEACH, VA 11/21/08 1.00 Cooling system and engine problem. Repaired after 6 months of purchased, same problem in 12 months later. Dealership and extended warrenty will not covered.  
Suzuki Forenza   2004  Patty L. PACIFIC JUNCTION, IA 11/11/08 2.00 Since I got this car 4 years ago I have nothing but issues. I liked the car but we have had lots of problems.
Suzuki Forenza   2004  Rick C. YONKERS, NY 11/09/08 3.00 it is a good car 
Suzuki Forenza   2004  Mary  D. SAINT LOUIS, MO 09/24/08 2.00 My Rack & Pinion went bad and is out of warrenty. I only have 24,000 miles my car and the DSPM would not give me Out of Warrenty Assistance. The Dealer said it will be 1,200.00 to get fix. I have taken to other mechanics and they all told me that with only 24,000 miles the rack & pinion should not be leaking. And with that info. I still can't get Suzuki to cover it. 
Suzuki Forenza   2004  Francis R. ,   08/26/08 3.00 i have a little problem when the car is cold, the idle is rought for 5 sec and after is correct but little hi, if i stop the car after 2 min and restart the idle is correct at 850 rmp. 
Suzuki Forenza   2004  Dale G. MANTECA, CA 08/01/08 1.00 Bought this car new in 2004 and have had nothing but problems since we bought it. Last problem is the head gasket needs replacing after only 64,000 miles. 
Suzuki Forenza   2004  Meghan H. PITTSBURGH, PA  05/06/08 1.00 I have 39000 miles on my not even 4 year old car and the transmission needs completely replaced. It is under the power train warranty still so its covered, but they cannot tell me how long it will take them to fix it. In the mean time, I have not been given any complimentary rental car or reimbursement for loss of time and transportation. They refuse to take responsibility for the problem that shouldnt exist.  
Suzuki Forenza   2004  Ak B. OMAHA, NE  08/14/07 1.00 We bought the car for our daughter 2 years ago thinking it was going to be good little thing... NOTHING but troubles. Doesn't start and leaves her stranded... in the shop all the time trying to figure out what's wrong.  
Suzuki Forenza   2004  Dana A. BUTLER, PA 04/08/06 1.00 lemoned the car, electrical, windows, motor, transmission, took 3 months to do it left me in the cold and snow several times, was treated poorly by the dealership, I had to call California many times to hq. and threats of an lawyer, to get my money back. wires were burning and I was told it was the smell of cigg. smoke windows would go up and down when they wanted, doors would lock on their own first new car I ever owned and the last I bought an auto auction car 2000 chevy cavalier never has left me in the snow and and has only gone in for routine maintaince 
suzuki  grand vitara   2011  Debi W. OMAHA, NE  08/01/11 2.00 I have had my new Grand Vitara for less than 2 months and the back seats rattle, Glove compartment rattles and there is a rattling noise somewhere in the steering column area. Also, went to gas up the other day, lifted the gas door release 10 times before the darn gas door opened.  
Suzuki Grand Vitara   2009  Elena Z. ,   05/12/11 1.00 Bulk Head (engine) needed to be replaced after 1 month of driving the car. 1 year later radiator blew on highway with not warning and car died completely driving at 110...Engine finished 
Suzuki Grand Vitara   2009  Tom J. , AE 04/19/11 4.00 no commentfew minor complaints 
Suzuki Grand Vitara   2009  Oscar  J. ,   06/17/10 3.00 Everything good except for the alarm system, it starts beeing by itself after a year of purchasing the brand new car.  
suzuki  grand vitara   2008  Lori M. ATLANTA, GA 12/06/11 1.00 have had car for little over 2 years and have had nothing but problems with radio and inside lights not working and many engine issues including car not starting often due to alternator and wiring problems, along with already needing new brakes with only 17k miles on car. 
suzuki  grand vitara   2008  Frank M. JUNCOS, PR 10/17/11 4.00 excelent 
suzuki  grand vitara   2008  John M. BEVERLY HILLS, CA 08/31/11 4.00 Gutless on the highway. Great at plowing through snow and water up to the doors deep! 
Suzuki Grand Vitara   2008  DOZETTA H. SPRING LAKE, NC  08/20/10 3.00 headlights have gone out several times without warning.this is very uneasy feeling at night with my 2 year old grandson in the vehicle. lights are very expensive also.this is a major safety issue for me!! have spoke to other drivers who are having same problem. 
Suzuki Grand Vitara   2008  Robin H. COCHRANTON, PA  08/12/10 1.00 The gas mileage has steadily decreased have never gotten the highway mileage that was listed. Interior carpet very cheap and thin. The vehicle keeps chewing through tires every 9,000 miles or so. Now it's making all kinds of noises and dealership has no clue why. Has had an alignment three times,tires replaced twice and rotated four times all in under 27,000 miles. 
Suzuki Grand Vitara   2008  Dena C. FORT WORTH, TX 09/04/09 1.00 Excessive tire wear, major alignment problems, burning smell, stability and handling problems.
Suzuki Grand Vitara   2008  Paul J. ,   08/30/09 3.00 Very noisey motor from about 2000km,excessive tyre wear to the outside of front tyres. 
Suzuki Grand Vitara   2008  Beverley E. ,   08/27/09 2.00 I am having some electrical issues which the mechanic tells me is my turning off the dimmer switch. It is not as it is only portions of the lighting that goes out not all and at times I have lost the use of the radio. I have also developed a sqealing noise when turning corners regardless of the speed or the temperature but the mechanic tells me it is my tires (I have owned the vehicle 1 year and it was new when I purchased it). Update - After a battle with the dealership, had to bring in my own mechanic to point it out, the drive shaft was replaced. Shortly after I realized that my four wheel drive vehicle was now a rear wheel drive so the transfer case had to be worked on. My mechanic felt the transfer case should have been replaced but the dealership said it wasn't necessary. Guess time will tell. 
Suzuki Grand Vitara   2008  Scott L. SIOUX CITY, IA 06/09/09 4.00 This is my wifes vehicle and she loves it, it's 2008 luxury 4x4. My only complaint is that the brakes squeal every once in a while which shouldn't happen. The vehicle has 18,000 miles on it and I'm working with the dealer to replace.  
Suzuki Grand Vitara   2008  Julie L. KLINGERSTOWN, PA  03/11/09 1.00 This is my second 2008; 1st one was a lemon and now the second was is showing the same signs. Very Disappointed with Suzuki. 
Suzuki Grand Vitara   2008  Tiffany D. BILOXI, MS 03/07/09 5.00 knocking noise at idle that service dept can not figure out 
Suzuki Grand Vitara   2008  Marc B. CAROL STREAM, IL 10/31/08 5.00 So far I love my '08 Grand Vitara Lux edition. However, with only 6270 miles, I hope the love continues further down the road with the car. 
Suzuki Grand Vitara   2008  Mohammad L. ,   05/23/08 5.00 hi I would like to ask some of the liquefaction Grand Vitara 1 - the rate of fuel consumption cars 2 - How can a complaint against the management and maintenance to the branch in Kuwait 
suzuki  grand vitara   2007  Terry P. CARMEL VALLEY, CA 09/07/12 n/a have no personal review im looking for reviews on the car 
Suzuki Grand Vitara   2007  Douglas S. LATON, CA  07/23/11 5.00 the only complaint is that it seams to ware rear tire fast mostly on the right side 
Suzuki Grand Vitara   2007  Alex L. ,   06/01/11 3.00 Everything is okay with this car except some knocking sound from the steering assembly when driving on uneven or gravel surface.  
Suzuki Grand Vitara   2007  Many V. SAINT PAUL, MN  05/23/11 3.00 been a great winter vehicle. never got stuck during a snow storm! But lights keeps coming on and off and the tire pressure light is on never goes off even putting brand new tires on them. 2007 suzuki grand vitara 
Suzuki Grand Vitara   2007  Boyd P. PLEASANT HILL, MO  04/25/10 3.00 We have a 2007 Grand Vitara with 64,000 miles on it and we're on our fourth set of tires on the rear of the vehicle. We took it to the dealer who insisted "over inflation" was the problem and that the alignment was "dead on. It came from Suzuki with Yokohama tires, they wore out on the rear after 26,000 miles. We put Bridgestone Turanza tires on the front and moved the original Yokohamas (which were still in great shape) from the front to the rear. At 47,000 miles the Yokohamas were bald. We put new Bridgestone Turanzas on the rear at that time and had the alignment checked, it was perfect. At 64,000 miles the Bridgestones on the rear were bald and needed to be replaced. We have replaced the rear this time with Falken Ziex tires. Meanwhile the Bridgestones on the front are still in great shape after 38,000 miles. The tires wear out in the center . This problem cannot be attributed to cheap tires, we have used several types of tires and none are cheap. The result is the same each time. Excessive wear starts showing after only a few thousand miles and by 15,000 to 20,000 miles safety becomes an issue due to extreme wear in the center of the tire tread. The vehicle also feels very unstable at the rear end, on wet /icy/snowy roads at nearly any speed during the entire life of the tires. With safety in mind, not to mention the cost of replacing these tires so frequently, we are trying to raise awareness to this problem by getting enough Grand Vitara owners together to potentially/hopefully get some kind of recall for this problem with Suzuki Corporation. We have set up a facebook account for grandvitaratires and have also opened a gmail/email account - [email protected] If you are interested in helping to expose this problem, please respond to either place. If anyone is aware of other established sites for this complaint, please respond with that information. 
Suzuki Grand Vitara   2007  BRAD F. PLANO, TX  10/20/09 5.00 No complaints after 35 months. never in the shop for a repair. 
Suzuki Grand Vitara   2007  Noren B. NORTH BERGEN, NJ 11/20/08 1.00 Terrible customer service.vehicule defective constantly at service at the dealer I purchased it. 
Suzuki Grand Vitara   2007  M T. GRAHAM, NC 10/17/08 n/a My cousin purchased a 2007 Grand Vitara in October 2006. After 18,000 miles she had to replace the tires, and the front tire on the passenger side was worn excessively more than the others. She took the car back to the dealership, they told her that nothing was wrong with the car. Now, she only has 37,000 miles on the car and the front tire on the passenger side has excessively accelerated. Now they have to be replaced again because that front tire on the passenger side is completely bald. She took it back to the dealership asking that they check it out. They refused and told her she just takes off too fast and spins her tires. I know that she is a very careful driver and does not drive like a maniac. Therefore, she has talked to a mechanic that says it sounds like the supension needs to be checked and since the car is still under warranty, the dealership should do it, but they refused. 
Suzuki Grand Vitara   2007  Dave C. NORWAY, ME 09/10/08 1.00 Vehicle has a vibration and rumble between 60-65 mph. If you drive vehicle easy and let the lock up converter lock at 35-40 you can hear and feel this problem. With this vibration it is causing rattles throughout the vehicle. This could be a really great vehicle if Suzuki will fix the issues with them.  
Suzuki Grand Vitara   2007  Susan J. CASTLE ROCK, CO  07/06/08 3.00 It makes funny noises a few seconds after I take off. 
Suzuki Grand Vitara   2007  Tamera W. FORT MYERS, FL 06/23/08 2.00 I have quite a few problems with my GV. Not serious ones, just very annoying ones. The biggest probkem is the TSP Light. My tires wore out because I kept putting air in because it was on and I over inflated the tires and wore them out. Bad smell from Air condition, over and over, Air bag light keeps coming on, and Shifter getting stuck between gears. 
Suzuki Grand Vitara   2007  Steve B. CLINTON, MS 06/09/08 0.00 Looking to buy this car. I want to check the rating 
Suzuki Grand Vitara   2007  Jonathan F. LOS ANGELES, CA  04/22/08 3.00 power train issues, specifically automatic transmission 
Suzuki Grand Vitara   2007  Kelvin M. San Sebastian, PR  11/09/07 4.00 Well built, never had a problem in almost a year. Somewhat weak in auto body 
Suzuki Grand Vitara   2007  Pedro R. SAN JUAN, PR 03/25/07 5.00 much more than expected, wonderfull. 
suzuki  grand vitara   2006  Amy S. SAN JOSE, CA 05/22/12 2.00 The air bag sensor for the passenger side does not work and it has continuous electrical issues. 
suzuki  grand vitara   2006  LAURA D. PHOENIX, AZ 09/09/11 4.00 I have had very little problems 
Suzuki Grand Vitara   2006  Rashida C. LEMOORE, CA 06/17/10 3.00 minor things that goes wrong with this car is the biggest problem 
Suzuki Grand Vitara   2006  Brett Y. DESERT HOT SPRINGS, CA 04/01/10 2.00 Poor tire wear on rear tires, check engine light always on. 
Suzuki Grand Vitara   2006  Mike R. VASSALBORO, ME  02/01/10 0.00 Looking to purchase
Suzuki Grand Vitara   2006  Fortini R. ADAMS, MA  03/21/09 3.00 Passenger rear tire wearing out far faster than other three tires. Currently have 15,000 miles on this vehicle. Tires are rotated as scheduled.  
Suzuki Grand Vitara   2006  Jesse J. MIDLAND, TX 01/13/09 4.00 suzuki is kinda weird. many "dealer only parts" and no service manual sold at auto parts stores. 
Suzuki Grand Vitara   2006  Kevin H. HAMPTON, TN 12/02/08 2.00 Air bag light come on all the time. We have take it in to dealership 4 times now for problem.  
Suzuki Grand Vitara   2006  Paul M. LOUISVILLE, KY 08/29/08 3.00 I have had a vibration with this car since new at 35mph and up. Especially any speed over 60 mph. It has been to 2 different dealers who have changed parts because they could feel the shaking in the driveline only to tell me that it was normal for that car. American Suzuki has been no help at all and has pretty much told me that there is nothing that they WILL do for this issue. 
Suzuki Grand Vitara   2006  Enrique M. AUBURN, NY 08/20/08 4.00 have had it for 16 months, have 35600 miles on it (go to Florida from NY frequently) had it in the shop while in Florida this winter due to noise in drivers seat; they replaced bolts and took care of problem. They also took care of the service engine light which apparently went on for no good reason; again the engine light went on 8-18-08 for no apparent reason and I am in the process of contacting the dealer in Syr. NY to have it taken care of B4 warranty runs out at 36K miles B to B. My only other complaint is not so great MPG; I average 20 in the city which is poor for a 2.7 2 WD. Other than that I'm happy with it. 
Suzuki Grand Vitara   2006  Roger V. HOLLYWOOD, FL  08/07/08 3.00
Suzuki Grand Vitara   2006  K Z. KLAMATH, CA 05/05/08 n/a none
Suzuki Grand Vitara   2006  Kevin M. CONCORD, NC 05/02/08 0.00 costly valve adjustments  
Suzuki Grand Vitara   2006  Brian W. ,   07/03/06 4.00 Should have optional 4x4 switch. 
Suzuki Grand Vitara   2005  Cor O. TRUJILLO ALTO, PR 12/20/07 2.00 have a fabric problem with the brakes and dont have warranty 
Suzuki Grand Vitara   2004  LUIS R. GUAYNABO, PR  05/02/08 3.00 problem with throttle body part 
Suzuki Grand Vitara   2003  Tom J. Culpeper, VA  11/20/10 4.00 So far, so good, after a few months owning our 1st Japanese auto. Was a 1 owner, from Fl., with 70k miles (eBay), very solidly built, good visability, runs great. CD player became bad, found repl. on eBay, was a difficult job. Short wheelbase gives stiff ride on uneven roads, mpg approx. 21, but nice suv. 
Suzuki Grand Vitara   2003  Robert A. ROCHESTER, NY  08/01/10 4.00 Nice little truck with good MPG but expensive to maintain with part costs. 
Suzuki Grand Vitara   2003  Mike C. PUYALLUP, WA  03/21/09 2.00 Have had to replace catalitic converters 2 times. 
Suzuki Grand Vitara   2002  Nancy D. ANGOLA, IN 06/09/09 4.00 Problem with key less entry Dealer could not find problem 
Suzuki Grand Vitara   2001  Tom R. CORAM, NY  05/01/09 3.00 has serviced me well up to 145,000 miles 
Suzuki Grand Vitara   2001  Marlene Z. MILFORD, PA 01/12/09 2.00 Multiple problems with ABS and rear braking system 
Suzuki Grand Vitara   2000  Debra B. KENNEWICK, WA  05/03/08 1.00 constant repairs even after you pay a high price to repair them they go bad again -- clear coat peals -- seats are very uncomfortable -- think they forgot the padding as all you feel is the frame 
Suzuki Grand Vitara   1999  J P. ,   05/12/08 3.00 some glaring design faults not yet recognised bu Suzuki 
Suzuki Grand Vitara XL-7   2006  Roy F. CAMBRIDGE, OH  04/19/07 5.00 great great NO complaints 
Suzuki Grand Vitara XL-7   2003  Teresa M. ISLAND PARK, NY  08/08/07 3.00 brought car new and we love it no problems unlike our 2001 chrysler town and country which has been nothing but a major headache. the suzuki is great 
suzuki  kizashi   2010  Diane W. GRIFFITH, IN 04/19/12 3.00 would of rated this car a 4 or 5 if we hadn't had so many problems with the tires in the last 6 months. At this point replaced 2 tires and are waiting for the dealer to get approval for another 2. 22,000 miles on car. 
Suzuki Kizashi   2010  Neil C. BROOKLYN, NY  05/18/11 4.00 Paint quality sucks 
Suzuki Kizashi   2010  Den B. DOVER, PA  02/14/11 5.00 drove one loved it 
Suzuki Kizashi   2010  Jose R. LYNDEN, WA 07/03/10 5.00 Service for Recall March 31-10, replaced Crankshaft Pully Assembly. Mileage 34,640 km. My 2010 Kizashi now has 86,000 km and been having handeling issues. On second set of Michelin Pilot sport tires. Car is mushy into corners, and steering is loose in FWD. The chassis does tightn with in AWD. Suspect steering rack or front strut issues. The car tracks normal, and 4 - Wheel Alighnment was done in last. 10,000 km. I do not feel secure driviing at higher speeds. This is a real problem. Steering Rack & Motor Replaced May 31-2012.  
suzuki  reno   2008  Oscar C. BARTOW, FL 09/09/12 3.00 Its a little noisy and the mileage is not good for a small car 
Suzuki Reno   2008  John M. HARVEST, AL 05/27/08 0.00 Daugther's car.. 800 mi on it, manual trans, would not move in first or second gear with clutch out and abovce 2000 rpms . Could and woudl move in third gear. Took back to dealer, they (the Susuki dealer) have not been able to identify source or fix the problem (still only runs in third) for five working days, dai\ughter wants new car..  
suzuki  reno   2007  Mindy M. PITTSBURGH, PA  01/01/12 1.00 My engine threw a rod through the block and it caught on fire, it had a slipping transmission since i bought it due to a bad sensor, and it doesn't want to start when it is cold outside. It has stalled out right after starting and makes a rattling noise. 
Suzuki Reno   2007  Frank D. HUNTSVILLE, AL  12/15/08 3.00 I love the car, but the factory wheels are trash, not bump is too small to dent the wheels and will not hold air. 
Suzuki Reno   2007  Celestine G. CLEMSON, SC 07/17/08 1.00 i will be driving at 60 miles and by it self it will drop down to 20 miles or at a red light stopped when it is time to go press on gas and it only goes 5 or 8 miles while pressing on gas 
suzuki  reno   2006  William W. SYLACAUGA, AL  09/03/11 1.00 I have bought this car less than a year ago for 5,100$. it booked for 6200$ sounded like a good deal. Transmission control moduel went out,value blew out twice replaced head six times, cureently steal broke and to top it off most parts for vehicle are at a dealership!!!! last thing, why do you have to take the engine mount loose to check the transmission fluid????. suzukyi probably makes good bikes , but should have never ever made anytype of automobile. I would rate this car a complete zero, driveing gas milage comfort appearnce ok, all low scores 
Suzuki Reno   2006  Mary B. GASTON, SC 02/06/11 1.00 06 RENO with many issues. Most were fixed. Transmission issues now occuring. Only hav 60,00 miles on it. PO Codes 0700, 0705 ; both are related to transmission malfunctions.  
suzuki  reno   2005  Dawn L. DOVER, NH  08/08/12 3.00 I have always loved this car!! The only major issue I have is the airbag light is always coming on. The wiring for it is under the drivers side seat. Have a child who sits in the back things will end up under the seat and there goes my airbag light and $90 to get it fixed every 6 months. 
Suzuki Swift   2002  Thomas T. ,   12/27/10 1.00 2007 model.4 wheel drive Suzuki Swift. Engine warning light came on, engine coughed and stalled. Manual says immediately shut down engine. Problem! In the Austrian countryside, subzero Temps. snow. late at night. WILL NOT freeze to death, so took chance and struggled slowly home. Mechanics next day said lucky you got home, as engine could have been destroyed. Both crankshaft sensors had FAILED. Only 27,000kms on the clock, but just out of 3 year guarantee. Paid up 300 for two tiny sensors. Suzuki Austria answered my inquiry as to WHY? Junior staff said, guarantee out, pay up. 3 mails to senior staff ignored. As a retired airline training Captain reliability and safety come first. That can only come from analysis of faults. Suzuki and Suzuki Austria failed on all counts. Instead of buying an extra year ot two guaranee, buy a car with a 5 year guarantee, and NOT any Suzuki!!  
Suzuki Swift   2001  George A. LAKE PLACID, FL 01/03/09 2.00 idle rough & stalling 
suzuki  sx4   2011  Ken C. ,   01/02/13 5.00 your comments here Compact AWD city car  
suzuki  sx4   2011  Holly O. SHICKSHINNY, PA  08/02/11 5.00 Had for one month and I love it! 
suzuki  sx4   2010  Denise P. WARNER ROBINS, GA 02/10/12 3.00 I don't like the fact that they don't have a console in between the seats no lighted mirrors in the visors 
suzuki  sx4   2010  Sadie M. SMITHFIELD, NC 10/20/11 3.00 On current issue - when I have to slow for traffic and then give it gas to go again the engine sometimes stalls and pours smoke out of the exhaust - call in place to dealership to look over, should still be under warranty. Other than that car is great :) 
Suzuki SX4   2010  Nicole L. PALENVILLE, NY  01/27/11 3.00 I have a Suzuki Sx4 - hatchback and I have a problem of water in the gas hold handle pit. This seems to be due to the floor mat and\or the angle of the floor itself. Feel really concerned about it and an eventual premature rusting of the car. 
Suzuki SX4   2010  Ken S. ,   06/25/10 4.00 just got it, love it so far 
suzuki  sx4   2009  Charles J. CHEYENNE, WY  03/26/12 3.00 Loose Drivers Mirror. Squeking Belts and only has 27K on it. 
Suzuki SX4   2009  Robyn C. COLORADO SPRINGS, CO 07/28/11 2.00 This vehicle has absolutely no power, poor acceleration, no get up and go! 
suzuki  sx4   2008  Greg D. CLOVIS, NM 11/16/12 3.00 Our opinion of the car was good until we had a safety issue regarding the airbags. We had the airbag and seat belt lights come on. The dealer thought it was a seat belt issue and they offered a goodwill fix. It turned out that it is a sensor problem that is not a recall item. Right now the air bags won't deploy and we are waiting to hear how the rep will handle this safety issue. 
suzuki  sx4   2008  Patricia Q. CASSELBERRY, FL  06/12/12 3.00 I have a manual transmission and it runs great, awesome warranty, but the cabin is SO LOUD I can barely hear when I'm talking through my bluetooth. You cannot install an XM after market radio which sucks because Suzuki charges an arm and a leg for theirs. This vehicle has it's good points... It's decent on fuel and the trunk space is HUGE. 
suzuki  sx4   2008  Oliver W. CLEVELAND, OH  03/18/12 4.00 Reliable car 
suzuki  sx4   2008  Tom P. BOLIVAR, PA 01/30/12 4.00 I like the car. It seems to handle good and is peppy. What I don't like is the fuel mileage. I average 24 mpg. 
suzuki  sx4   2008  Jonathan L. BUFFALO, NY 08/02/11 1.00 2008 Car was out of warrnty 2 months when Wiper control switch failed. Car had only 7800 miles. Contact Customer Service. They paid for the part but not the labor. Labor was over $ 200.00 part was $ 88.00 
Suzuki SX4   2008  Carol W. NEW MARTINSVILLE, WV  07/13/11 2.00 EVAP cannister on the 2008 SX4 AWD is cleverly placed in an area that can be damaged, with no metal guard. I bought this car "new used" - 2 years old with <20,000 miles. Suzuki service dept. said I had damaged the EVAP cannister by hitting it and that to replace it would cost $600+. I have a malfunction light and cannot use my cruise control. What a rip-off..... 
Suzuki SX4   2008  Karen B. LAS VEGAS, NV 06/13/11 3.00 Car Is a nice solid ride. I do have intermittent problems with the passenger airbag sensor as other folks have mentioned. 
Suzuki SX4   2008  Jesse C. CLEVELAND, OH  04/13/11 n/a 1. Suzuki SX4 airbag light will not go out 2. Radio light up system check 3. Battery will not start car 
Suzuki SX4   2008  Katheleen C. OKLAHOMA CITY, OK  09/04/10 3.00 Air conditioner clutch went bad in less than 3 years. Very expensive to fix. 
Suzuki SX4   2008  Tom C. CHARLOTTE, NC  03/19/09 1.00 over 10 trips in 1st year and a half. Dealer has been beyond negligent. Suzuki US has all but ignored my grievances. 
suzuki  sx4   2007  Bobby w C. CHESTER, VA 09/21/11 2.00 sensors going bad lest 70000 miles 1-passenger air bag 2-air pressure 3-cruise control 4-check engine light more than 1time 
Suzuki SX4   2007  ADAM P. COLUMBUS, OH  05/03/11 4.00 Fun Reliable car love the AWD option. 
Suzuki SX4   2007  Raymond J. SHAWNEE MISSION, KS 12/10/10 3.00 the issue is the passenger air bag sensor is not working properly.  
Suzuki SX4   2007  Johnny G. HATTIESBURG, MS  10/16/09 2.00 c ool 
Suzuki SX4   2007  Susan J. FISHKILL, NY 07/29/09 3.00 With only 47,000 miles on car, well maintained, the a/c compressor went, with a cost of $1,000 to repair.  
Suzuki SX4   2007  John P. BLOOMFIELD, NJ  05/28/09 2.00 I've had consistent problems with the A/C flooding my interior on the passenger side. No real solution as of yet. 
Suzuki SX4   2007  Lynn G. ,   01/02/09 5.00 Excellent value! Well built! 
Suzuki SX4   2007  Richard S. ARLINGTON, TX  07/26/08 3.00 The airconditioning system is leaking built up condensation inside the front passenger area 
Suzuki SX4   2007  Andrea H. DECATUR, AR 06/24/08 1.00 SX4 Crossover passenger and driver side door when approached from the front to enter has an angle towards the top of the door and if a person is of just the right height slams them in the head upon entry of the car. I have 5 incidences of this happing to 3 differnet people. I had to go to the hospital with cuts and 3 day headache. Almost lost my left eye. Other occupants where hit in the side of the head and front of head leaving bruises. Does not happen approaching from rear, as you are extending your arm from behind. 
Suzuki SX4   2007  Robert T. RICHMOND, VA 01/21/08 1.00 When we first purchased the car, you smelled gas and anti freeze in car. Took to dealer, they said it was because the fluids were new? What the hell? The oil is new, I don't smell that! Poor pick up. Poor gas mileage in town. Uncomfortable. Passenger air bag light stays off more than it stays on. Was told this was because the person was not sitting in car right. What the hell? I never knew there was a right or wrong way to sit in car as long as you were on your butt! This is the worst car I have ever owned. I am seriously considering giving it back and just take the beating on my credit.I will never own another Suzuki and will tell everyone I know to purchase a 20 year old Yugo instead! Well maybe not a Yugo, but you get it...  
Suzuki Verona   2006  Jeffrey J. PINE CITY, NY 06/02/11 3.00 good car for the money. Suzuki service sucks.  
suzuki  verona   2005  Ashley T. FALL RIVER, MA 06/03/12 1.00 I hate this car nothing but issues since day 1 
Suzuki Verona   2005  LEIGH K. PENNINGTON, NJ  06/03/10 1.00 brakes fail, dash lights go on and off 
Suzuki Verona   2005  Lester A. SOMERSET, KY  03/27/10 4.00 Check engine light comes on. Readout says in effect injector lean mixture. Dealer says pcv valve with repair est. of $180. Does this seem correct problem and cost estimate? 
Suzuki Verona   2005  Tonya D. AMITE, LA  12/21/09 2.00 problems with transmission and key not turning when trying to start. 
Suzuki Verona   2005  Angela T. PORTER, TX 10/13/08 1.00 i have had nothing but problems with car since bought transmissions slips and was told by dealer just a little weakness in transmission. also told by dealer suzuki was to stop making due to mechanical problems  
Suzuki Verona   2005  Margaret R. CENTRAL VALLEY, NY 07/24/08 2.00 stalls at every light and sometimes while driving. Dangerous! 
Suzuki Verona   2005  M Y. LEES SUMMIT, MO 04/01/08 3.00 Loved it until it started stalling while stopped. Then it started stalling while driving!!!!!!!!  
Suzuki Verona   2005  Willie G. SAN ANTONIO, TX 11/30/07 1.00 We purchased a 2005 Verona from Quality Suzuki in SATX in October 2006. Engine light has come on during several occassions. Nothing found by dealership. After throttle body assembly was found defective, we began experiencing engine problems. Dealership refused to repair or replace engine due to sludge buildup. We kept all receipts of service done on car. dealership and regional Suzuki refused to repair engine. Filed a NCDS complaint in 2007. Arbitrator ruled in favor of dealership. We are stuck with a Verona that we can't trade. There's still a possiblity engine could quit running while in drive on the road--which is a major safety risk. Dealership has refused to replace vehicle with one of our choice and financing. We were told to pay nearly $2K to have a reconditioned engine installed. 
Suzuki Verona   2005  Leon W. ROUND ROCK, TX  03/12/06 1.00 Poor gas milage, mysterious electrical problems, stalls, and gear shifting problems 
Suzuki Verona   2004  Sharon C. INDEPENDENCE, MO  07/16/08 2.00 Engine dies at idle...or races...slow pickup when moving into passing zone, front end extremely noisy with new tires....sounds like a log truck 
Suzuki Verona   2004  Bonnie C. SANTA MARIA, CA 05/14/08 3.00 Our 2004 suzuki verona has developed a tapping noise. We have to drive 1-2 hrs to take to a dealership since the one in our area pulled out. Of course when we arrive the tapping stops. We've done this twice. They cant hear the tapping. Are there any bulletins on this matter. We are becoming very frustrated. Oher people have heard this tapping, but it stops after driving for 1-2 hrs. on freeway. 
Suzuki Verona   2004  Kelleigh H. EAST SANDWICH, MA  04/03/08 3.00 constant maintenance.. constant headache.. constant STALLING!  
Suzuki Verona   2004  Nealia R. WINSTON SALEM, NC 04/02/08 1.00 Suzuki Veronas have bad engines. The dealership will not honor the warranty and places blame back on the consumer. Buyer Beware! 
Suzuki Verona   2004  Ramon L. CORTARO, AZ 03/28/08 1.00 The car has been nothing but a headache sense I purchased it. Overall the drive-train is junk. The engine was not designed to run on fuel sold in america because of the ethenol content. So every gallon of gas you put in it just messes the motor up further. 
Suzuki Verona   2004  RICHARD E M. DENVER, PA 03/23/08 2.00 Acceleration and transmission shifting eratic/delayed; cruise control very slow in engagement plus is eratic(pulsing). When starting from a dead stop stomp accelerator flat(hot-rod start) my Verona will hesitate like the old carb type with a bad choke or throttle pump or retarded dist. Dealer service said, " That's the nature of Verona. There is no cure." 
Suzuki Verona   2004  Carlene A. VENTURA, CA 04/05/07 4.00 The only complaint I have with this car is that the check engine light stays on all the time. I have been told by the dealer that it has something to do with the gas cap????  
Suzuki Verona   2004  Dan R. MAHAFFEY, PA  08/04/06 1.00 POS 
Suzuki Vitara   2002  Janet G. Warrenton, MO  01/09/06 5.00 Car bought new and has been problem free and very dependable. Great value. 
Suzuki Vitara   2001  Andy  N. EVANSVILLE, IN 12/20/06 3.00 when first purchased second hand had issues with timing/cam sensors and wiring causing vehicle to die but since have had no problems. 
Suzuki XL7   2009  Christiana L. WEST SWANZEY, NH  10/28/10 1.00 I am the original owner of a 2007 Suzuki XL7. Although, we have had compliments on it's exterior appearnace we are appalled by the interior functions as well as some exterior functions. We have had so many pieces break off on this vehicle, or even fall off on the outside. We currently have only two out of the foor passenger windows able to roll down. Electrical issues not only affect the windows but also the speakers, radio/cd player and lights. We have several miles on this vehicle and are basically told by Suzuki that because of our mileage there is nothing that can be done. I guess mileage on a vehicle warrants windows to stop working, speaker to stop functioning properly (making noise whether the radio is on or off) visors to break, pieces to fall off the vehicle while driving!! Once we can unload this vehicle NEVERagain will we purchase another Suzuki. Not just because we have a Lemon...things happen, but because of the POOR customer service Suzuki has to offer!! 
suzuki  xl7   2008  Janet V. NEWTON, KS 11/10/11 2.00 This car has 63,698 miles on it . It is in the shop the 3rd time for repairs of timing chain and accompanying parts. It has good carrying capacity for a family. 
Suzuki XL7   2008  REBECCA C. WACO, TX  05/26/11 n/a steering squeaks sounds like bushing housing inside of steering column. Power steering fluid levels ok. 
suzuki  xl7   2007  Mike O. SALAMANCA, NY  11/14/12 2.00 Won't start all time theft deterant needs service 
suzuki  xl7   2007  Jessica S. WILKES BARRE, PA 10/10/12 n/a Just purchased and was looking up more reviews. 
suzuki  xl7   2007  Felicia B. ,   12/26/11 1.00 I have many issues like replacing motor, dead battery and now on xmas wont start 
Suzuki XL7   2007  Cory B. LOWELL, NC 06/13/11 1.00 Lots of ongoing service issues, this car is nothing but trouble since day one. 
Suzuki XL7   2007  Cynthia M. BOLIVIA, NC 04/21/10 0.00 My husband and I just purchased a 2007 XL7 about 5 months ago. When we first test drove the vehicle we notice a noise in the steering wheel. We were informed by the salesman that the issue was going to be taken care of as soon as the part that we needed to correct the problem comes in. The car needs a steering bracket that cost about 1,500. We still haven't heard nothing back from them yet. The car has been in the shop twice already but the techs can't here anything, but as soon as we start to drive it we hear it just fine. We feel as if the know about the problem but just don't want to have it fixed. It really hurts me to know that a company as big as Suzuki don't want to fix a problem that is dealing with their products because of the price the its going to cost them. They are really missing the big problem, because if someone was to become injured or even killed due to the faultiness of there product and somone sues (its going to cost them more). I just wonder why they just want to give a person the run around.  
Suzuki XL7   2007  Sharon L. WASHOUGAL, WA  01/04/10 2.00 Airbags deployed without provocation, coding idicates otherwise. Have had consistent issues with the car needing to be jumped if you should turn the key to listen to the radio for any peiod of time (i.e. wash and vacuum car).  
Suzuki XL7   2007  Sherry  L. SAINT MARTINVILLE, LA  12/14/09 3.00 Enjoy the car very much, just concerned about a few quirks but nothing major, yet! 
Suzuki XL7   2006  Troy T. FOREST HILL, MD  06/04/11 4.00 My wifes 06 XL7 has been great . We took our family on a 300 mi trip and the power steering went out. 
Suzuki XL7   2005  Richard S. MCLOUD, OK 07/29/10 4.00 great suv, bought in 2006 . now 93k and only bought tires so far. 
Suzuki XL7   2005  Sebastian D. PALM HARBOR, FL 03/14/09 3.00 door switches wery poor construction,I just findet that ABS wasynt included in my truck 
Suzuki XL7   2005  Junior G. G. COAMO, PR  01/13/09 4.00 This is a good vehicle that has given me good pertformance. However I am concerned about my rack and pinion which I noticed during a recent oil and filter change that it is starting to leak. Is there a recall on this part? 
suzuki  xl7   2004  Janece Q. KALAMA, WA 10/26/12 4.00 I heard There is recall on the rear deferential. And front brakes are worn on roader along with its pulling to the left from time to time. 
Suzuki XL7   2004  Linda  R. EUSTIS, FL 10/05/10 3.00 I just bought my 2004 xl-7 and my air bag light and the clock keeps blinking . I am trying to research for problems simular to this or any recalls the dealership said it would cost 1700.00 to fix this problem. 
Suzuki XL7   2004  Jessica A. COLORADO SPRINGS, CO 05/26/09 1.00 2004 model,original owner, serviced regularly, 59,000 miles. REAR AXLE SNAPPED WHILE TRAVELING ON HIGHWAY!! Fortunately noticed the problem and pulled over right before the RIGHT REAR WHEEL FELL OFF! Problem under warranty after a lot of run around. Thank you to Omaha Suzuki Dealership...No thanks to warranty center or colorado springs where I bought the car. 
Suzuki XL7   2004  Jack M. EXCELSIOR SPRINGS, MO 05/06/09 3.00 Backing up with 4 wheel drive and not being able to turn sharply. 
suzuki  xl7   2003  Wilfredo A. MIAMI, FL  08/18/11 1.00 Part from other year are installed knowing that those parts are defected 
Suzuki XL7   2003  Artis C. VALLEJO, CA 07/31/09 3.00 Its OK. Should get more then 16 MPG. 
Suzuki XL7   2002  Kerry O. RENO, NV  10/08/10 1.00 Had accelerator cable go out on me, bought replacement part from dealership then found out months later online that there was a recall this part,yet dealership people failed to mention this recall to me, but actually wanted to charge me $100 to replace item. Many problems with tires wearing prematurely and with poor suspension in front end , such as shaking and pulling to one side excessively 
Suzuki XL7   2002  Alan T. ,   08/20/08 3.00 2002 suzuki xl-7,fried stereo system 
Suzuki XL7   2002  Olivia H. EVANSTON, WY  05/08/08 3.00 okay