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Reviews found: 243 Average Owner Car Rating: 2.97
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pontiac  g6   2010  Jason S. WILLIAMSPORT, PA  07/21/12 2.00 Replaced steering shaft twice in a year, doors too long. Hard to see while backing up, wouldn't recommend buying one.. 
pontiac  g6   2010  Edward S. WESTVILLE, IL 07/17/12 3.00 Has blind spots and relay goes bad for the fuel pump and won't start, but if you take the back fuel pump relay out and put it back in, it will start, also every once in a while, when you start the car, one of the head lights won't come on but if you tap the front lens, it will come on, got new head light bulbs(low beam) but haven't put them in yet.  
pontiac  g6   2010  Richard E. RUIDOSO DOWNS, NM 04/09/12 4.00 Drivers Seat motor went out, but still under warranty. Seems in cold weather, and where I live that is from October till April, pressure readings for tires not always accurate.
Pontiac  G6   2010  Renee A. FAIRBORN, OH 03/15/11 n/a I'm having problems getting the lock mechanism for my G6- I'm being told it national back ordered 
pontiac  g6   2009  Kitrina S. THREE RIVERS, MI 04/26/12 4.00 I like this car even driving in Michigan winters. 
pontiac  g6   2009  Jacqueline J. COLUMBIA, KY 03/13/12 1.00 I have had problems from this car ever since I purchased it. Mostly wheel problems, like lugs, ball joints an etc. also though it seems to be running hot but don't really show running hot, and I've also had to rewire the headlights in it because the wiring harness melted so I just don't know about this vehicle anymore. 
pontiac  g6   2009  Ron L. HUNTSVILLE, OH  01/04/12 3.00 transmission surge at 38-40 cruise noload 
pontiac  g6   2009  Jamila B. ROMULUS, MI 09/29/11 2.00 My break lights have a mind of there own 
Pontiac  G6   2009  Randy N. MIAMI, OK  05/03/11 3.00 Car is having problems with transmission slipping. 
Pontiac  G6   2009  Veronica D. PEKIN, IL 04/14/11 n/a Air bag light is on, and dash says service air bags. 
Pontiac  G6   2009  David J. NAPOLEON, OH  12/22/10 2.00 2.4 lit. 4 cylinder is embarrassingly slow. 
Pontiac  G6   2009  Jennifer H. BIRMINGHAM, AL 11/21/10 1.00 tire pressure monitoring system message other messages are incorrect  
Pontiac  G6   2009  Nan G. NORTH RICHLAND HILLS, TX 09/22/10 2.00 horrible brake and rotors. Also issues with intermediate shaft. 
Pontiac  G6   2009  Phil T. FLUSHING, MI 08/25/10 3.00 Six speed transmission shifting problems 
Pontiac  G6   2009  Daniel L. SYRACUSE, NY  02/22/10 3.00 I bought it used as a rental at 25600. Starting problems from taking delivery. Anti theft system indicator steady on dash car instruments panel speedometer went wacky and when I pulled off highway couldn't restart and ended up towed to nearest dealer. 
Pontiac  G6   2009  PATRIC T. NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR  12/30/09 3.00 Brakes squeal about 90% of the time. Dealer service chief says this is an inherent problem with this model and has no fix. 
Pontiac  G6   2009  Luis V. ,   12/02/09 2.00 Problems with electric system. Short circuit caused fire on the engine.  
Pontiac  G6   2009  B B. TINLEY PARK, IL 10/19/09 3.00 Somtimes on cold start when making turns I hesr a clicking sound and the wheel will suddonly jerk back 
Pontiac  G6   2009  Judy M. COLUMBUS, GA  07/17/09 1.00 I have had this car in the dealership service more than i have serviced any other car in my life. This is a brand new 2009 car. Now the problem is the brakes squeaking and the indicator lights coming on when there is not problem. For instance all the door lights on but the doors are closed. Or the security horn blowing when there is no one near or in the car. 
Pontiac  G6   2009  John F. HAUPPAUGE, NY  03/23/09 4.00 My only complaint is that the car has lots of interior rattles. It seems that most of the interior panels are loose and all creak.  
Pontiac  G6   2009  John B. FORT GRATIOT, MI 03/09/09 3.00 battery discharges and the car won't start. Happens every two months. Battery has been replaced but no change 
pontiac  g6   2008  Ronald I. ,   07/17/12 3.00 Noisy front end on rough roads. Shorts in electrical system e.g, horn Brakes "chattering" 
pontiac  g6   2008  Angela  L. PORTSMOUTH, VA  01/16/12 2.00 I just bought this car a few months ago and have already had several problems with it. Now there is a problem which is very serious. The car does not consistently stop when driving at very low speeds. It has almost caused two accidents and caused me to hit a pedestrian crossing a parking lot today. It makes me not want to drive it anymore.  
pontiac  g6   2008  Janet P. TIPPECANOE, OH  01/03/12 2.00 Have had only a few issues with my car, but I believe them to be serious. Have had the motor mount bracket replaced twice and possibly yet again. The Steering wobbles and a loud vibration noise happens. The steering gets jerky then calms. Then the steering seems stiff. Have lost control twice because of this. Has been ongoing for several years.  
pontiac  g6   2008  Leo J. ,   11/29/11 1.00 Pontiac G6 is essentially falling apart.. It has 70k miles on it and has had numerous problems. - Catalyic converter needed replaceing - rear brake light leaking water into trunk - trunk lock seized - rear electric door locks no longer work - radio front speakers don't work - TPMS sensor failed (Passenger rear tire) - Camshaft sensor failed - needed replaceing -headlight wiring harness shorted and melted. Both Key FOBs broke..... plus some other minor issues  
pontiac  g6   2008  Mohammed R. ABSECON, NJ 10/11/11 3.00 no complaints so far as bought it recently 
pontiac  g6   2008  John L. ,   09/05/11 3.00 gas milage is low 
pontiac  g6   2008  Lisa C. MIAMISBURG, OH 08/31/11 3.00 Own a 2008. Steering is jerky. Trunk leaks through back tail light. Seems alot of others are too. They really should recall this issues and fix the problems! No other issues so far. 
pontiac  g6   2008  Mike S. HAMBURG, NY 08/18/11 1.00 Steering shaft problem, wheel bearings went at 30,000 miles, rear power door lock malfunctioned at 15,000 miles. Now at 76,000 losing power intermittently when hitting small bumps. Overall quality is poor.  
pontiac  g6   2008  John B. SHERWOOD, AR  08/12/11 4.00 Have a 2008 with less than 10000 miles so it really isn't broke in yet. But so far, no complaints except for the steering which Gm promptly fixed. 
Pontiac  G6   2008  Katelyn Y. SADDLE BROOK, NJ 06/12/11 4.00 The seat belt signal keeps dinging even when the buckles are buckled. 
Pontiac  G6   2008  Miles N. ALBION, NY 06/08/11 n/a I purchased my pontiac g6 April of 2008.I would like to know the warranty expiration date. 
Pontiac  G6   2008  Mary L. LUBBOCK, TX 03/16/11 4.00 having trouble with my steering wheel 
Pontiac  G6   2008  Aaron S. HUNTINGTON, IN 01/23/11 1.00 Its simply junk and thats an understatement.  
Pontiac  G6   2008  Bernard S. ,   07/30/10 4.00 Very please all round. Only concern is that the emergency brake does not have much stopping power. They checked and said it is OK. 
Pontiac  G6   2008  Mary C. LEXINGTON, VA  06/12/10 1.00 Rack and pinion failing. Fluid leaking, front tires show unusual wear pattern. Mechanic says at least $1000.00 to repair plus 2 new tires. 
Pontiac  G6   2008  Denise L. BEVERLY HILLS, CA 06/04/10 4.00 Very pleased with my Pontiac G6 GXP Coupe, I love the design, looks like a mini bat-mobile, handling excellent & comfortable for long drives! Minor issues I've had are bugs getting into the interior lights from the sunroof being open which I was told is my problem & I have to clean out myself which was annoying & my steering was making a clunking noise which they greased the steering shaft & it went away as well as I had the tranny oil cooler lines leaking which was fixed. My car idles funny sometimes especially when first starting but settles down & have had no performance issues because of it & I had an air bag light come on which they replaced the sensor & haven't had an issue since. Car is just over 2 years old & has only 40,000 kms on it.  
Pontiac  G6   2008  Glenn V. CEDARBURG, WI  03/20/10 4.00 Very nice car. Excellent ride and driveability.  
Pontiac  G6   2008  Teresa Y. MACKS CREEK, MO 03/17/10 5.00 I am having steering problems. Just driving down the road, the steering wheel starts a mild jerking movement, intermittant.  
Pontiac  G6   2008  Diane M. LONG BEACH, CA 02/17/10 2.00 Car has rarely been driven - only 4,500 miles. Brakes/rotors already replaced. Panoramic sunroof failed after 6 months. 1 year later - sunroof leaks air and is making HORRIBLE knocking/cracking/banging noises all around the roof. 
Pontiac  G6   2008  Nathaniel C. MISSOURI CITY, TX  11/29/09 4.00 Battery problems with 2008 Pontiac G6  
Pontiac  G6   2008  Sam L. SAN DIEGO, CA 10/17/09 3.00 Jerky steering column 
Pontiac  G6   2008  Brian A. NAPLES, FL 10/03/09 4.00 Clunking sound when turning coners or bumps at low speed. Also, just had my tires balanced and rotated and the tech told me that I have a rear suspension problem and should have it looked at by the dealer 
Pontiac  G6   2008  Michelle K. RUSSELLTON, PA  09/03/09 2.00 Front end troubles 
Pontiac  G6   2008  Mitch B. FORT VALLEY, GA 05/28/09 3.00 Humming noise/vibrations, fixed groaning/clunking noise when starting/turning at slow speeds 
Pontiac  G6   2008  Jackie A. ,   04/28/09 2.00 My G6 convertible is only 1.5 years old with just over 30,000km and already Ihave had to replace the steering column and my roof system is broke with leaking pistons in the hydrulics 
Pontiac  G6   2008  Anna R. TOPEKA, KS 04/26/09 3.00 I have had the car for 1 month and the brakes are already squealing.  
Pontiac  G6   2008  William E. BOISE, ID 01/25/09 4.00 Remote keyfobs stopped working after only a few months due to cold solder joints in the remote. Power steering pump is beginning to make some noise. Speed limiter is set to ~115 even on the GXP model. 
Pontiac  G6   2008  Larry M. BRANDON, FL 12/14/08 4.00 Great looking vehicle especially with optional chrome package - quality has been drastically improved from older GM products - economical for a V6 - an excellent import fighter in it's market segment - highly recommend 
Pontiac  G6   2008  Patrick M. ,   10/22/08 2.00 I used to own a 2008 G-6 with electronic steering and it only took a year for problems with the steering to show up. Thankfully it was in a parking lot. It started jerking back and forth.As far as I know the Cobalts had a recall for the same issues and I think it is wrong that they won't issue a recall for the G-6. I recently had the G-6 repossessed and bought a G-6 GXP. Much nicer car, no electronic steering at least. Even with the extended warranty I have been to the dealership 5 times in the last 3 months. Replaced gear in steering rack,replaced catalytic converter and oxygen sensor. Because none of the parts were in stock, every diagnoses required going back after parts were ordered. Not really sure how GM as a whole can say they are building better cars than before. I have owned many gm cars that had over 150,000 miles that didn't need the work the GXP needed at 40,000. 
Pontiac  G6   2008  Susan S. NORTH TONAWANDA, NY  09/23/08 3.00 I purchased my car in November 2007. In March of 2008 it was parked in garage and it would not start. Dead battery. Dealership towed vehicle and checked it out. No problems they said. September 2008 I went to start my car and it would not start again. This time it was outside. The dealership says that they have checked everything once again and there are no problems. Not to mention that I have had my key fab replaced also. 
Pontiac  G6   2008  J C. CORTLAND, NY  04/28/08 3.00 Power steering error at 3368 miles, transmission will not go out of first. 
Pontiac  G6   2008  Mike L. BUTLER, PA 02/01/08 n/a wipers stopped at top of wipe. Unable to reproduce at dealer. 
pontiac  g6   2007  Kevin L. ,   11/22/12 2.00 I have had convertible top issues (Dealer Only $$$) And now an intake leak 
pontiac  g6   2007  Brian P. ARLINGTON, TX  08/14/12 2.00 bought it used 2 months ago...have had the throttle body replaced twice....still messing up.... 
pontiac  g6   2007  Robert M. WESLACO, TX 08/01/12 3.00 the only problem im experiencing is the brake lights. when i brakenthe brake lights dont turn on.its a safety problem that really concerns me. 
pontiac  g6   2007  Juan G. HOUSTON, TX 07/03/12 3.00 I-Shaft was a problem and was not covered under Powertrain. Check engine light comes on for no reason. 
pontiac  g6   2007  Marvi C. MACHESNEY PARK, IL  04/19/12 2.00 It was not what I was lead to believe at the purchase of the car. The paint is so thin you could take your nail and pull the paint off.There has been many things that have come up such as the air conditioner it stop working in warranty and the dealer said its not going to fix it so we had to 900.00 and so on now the hardtop does not go down and gets stuck wonder how much they will charge for this. 
pontiac  g6   2007  Theresa M. REVERE, MA 02/29/12 2.00 I have had a 2006 g6 went back under lemon law so bought 2007 in 2006 and nothing hut problems with seat belt head gasket, transmission, strut and sun roof paint leaks also lost power in motor and they cant figure out why.  
Pontiac  G6   2007  Kelsey B. ALEXANDRIA, LA  07/26/11 4.00 Roof rattles alot 
Pontiac  G6   2007  Gerald K. METAMORA, MI 12/05/10 3.00 Constantly replacing wheel bearings. 
Pontiac  G6   2007  Deanna H. PLYMOUTH, MI 11/27/10 1.00 i have had many problems with my 2007 pontiac g6 and one of the problems are still occuring after 7 times being into the service department 
Pontiac  G6   2007  G M. URBANA, OH 08/28/10 1.00 Issues with steering, multiple rear brake replacements and strange engine noise. 
Pontiac  G6   2007  Paul B. LOMBARD, IL 08/03/10 4.00 Weld on driver's seat frame cracked. Unusual for a newer car 
Pontiac  G6   2007  Mandy A. FOLEY, AL  05/26/10 1.00 car is able to come out of gear without the keys in the ignition and/or pressing the brake. gear shifter can be moved to any gear. my 3 yr old knocked out of gear while getting her cup from cup holder and my car rolled out into street. General Motors is telling me this is normal!!!!! 
Pontiac  G6   2007  Donna W. KENNESAW, GA  05/15/10 1.00 I bought this G6 new in 2007,at 18,000 miles the steering starting poping when turning left or right took it to dealer they replaced the steering shaft and they also had to replace the radio because the paint was peeling of buttons. The headlight plastic is cracking from excessive heat and pontiac declined to replace the Rep for pontiac was a joke. Here I am at 31,000 and steering poping again, taking it back to dealer. Keep you posted. 
Pontiac  G6   2007  Pearl B. ,   04/12/10 4.00 After some 60000km I started hearing noises from the front wheels when turning left and right. After visiting the dealership, I was told the intermediary shaft in the car direction was loose and needed to be replaced and was not covered undered warranty since my vehicle was passed the 60000km/3 year warranty. Once in a while when I start my car, the entire electric dashboard lights and radio don't come on. I have been told to stop when the problems appears, but the lights ususally come back on within 5 minutes...not enough time to get to the deaership. 
Pontiac  G6   2007  Wayne K. ,   02/03/10 3.00 Cold start engine noise, sounds like a small diesel motor also a whinning whirring sound when cold started and lack of power when engine is cold. Second problem is a klunking suspension over bumps at low speeds. 
Pontiac  G6   2007  Marie M. BIRMINGHAM, AL 01/06/10 2.00 initially had problems with the convertible top, then several with the trunk being loose. Next problems came with the clamp securing the muffler. The overall structure is not as great as it looks easily breaks 
Pontiac  G6   2007  Gordon P. ,   01/02/10 1.00 Transmission failed and dealer or GM would not repair under warranty 
Pontiac  G6   2007  Gary W. NORTH POLE, AK  11/15/09 4.00 So far its been a good vehicle, except for the noise brakes on the front.  
Pontiac  G6   2007  Adriane L. JEFFERSON, GA  10/14/09 2.00 Ponitac G6 Standard Replaced most parts of the cooling system (Radiator has a crack and water pump and thermostat) Currently replacing headlights bi-monthly due to faulty sockects 
Pontiac  G6   2007  George F. CAPE CORAL, FL 10/04/09 1.00 to many problems windows brakes coolant 
Pontiac  G6   2007  Paradis M. ,   10/01/09 3.00 clunking sound from front end,steering? 
Pontiac  G6   2007  Gary H. RICHMOND, KY 07/29/09 4.00 My convertible G6 has proven to be a reliable and sporty looking car. I like the way it rides and love the convertible aspect. 
Pontiac  G6   2007  Carole G. SOUTH RIVER, NJ 07/27/09 1.00 Automobile purchased as new. Rotors not vented properly and were replaced with brake pads at 32,200 miles. Insisted that dealer/Pontiac corporate handle under warranty. At 32,900 miles the transmission required full replacement and was covered under Power Train Warranty. Will never lease or buy Pontiac again. 
Pontiac  G6   2007  K J. HOLT, MI 05/24/09 5.00 Just picked up this beautiful vehicle. Good ride, seats fit me well. 
Pontiac  G6   2007  Diana S. VESTAL, NY 05/16/09 1.00 had serious problems with the stearing, electrical, and front end 
Pontiac  G6   2007  Jessica D. SEFFNER, FL 05/11/09 3.00 Would not recommend to anyone but has been a fun car for me. Brakes are giving me problems and have been for a while and I have already had a problem with the windows not wanting to close right to create the "air tight seal" 
Pontiac  G6   2007  James H. WAXAHACHIE, TX  05/08/09 1.00 Have a 2007 G6 that had blown engine with omly 60,000miles  
Pontiac  G6   2007  Robert F. CINCINNATI, OH 02/20/09 4.00 We have the Pontic G6 Convertible. We have been very pleased with the car. Our only complaint has to do with excessive noises from the convertible linkage. Most of it was taken care of by the dealer, but during very cold days, the noise becomes noticable again. Everything else works as designed. 
Pontiac  G6   2007  Robert S. ,   01/02/09 3.00 Noise from the front left side; Steering pulls even after realignment, not centred 
Pontiac  G6   2007  Robert R. STAUNTON, VA  12/27/08 4.00 Steering "thunk" on acceleration and front end rattle a problem. Car has been dependable, handles well and is fun to drive. Mileage on a trip with the 4 cylinder is 31 mpg. and it is a good performer. A good value as a used car. 
Pontiac  G6   2007  Chris C. ,   12/19/08 3.00 roof rattle on convertable  
Pontiac  G6   2007  Linda N. PORT CHARLOTTE, FL  09/24/08 4.00 The only problem so far is with the steering. I have had the car in 4 times it was fixed, and then something started up again. 
Pontiac  G6   2007  Cathy B. ,   09/16/08 4.00 The only problem I have had is that the key fobs continue to stop workling. I have had 4 key fobs since I bought the car in 3/07. 
Pontiac  G6   2007  Peter K. WOODBURY, VT  08/29/08 5.00 Both Front end ball joints had to be replaced around 40,000. Had 2 new tires put on and car has been running excellant since this. Its a great car 
Pontiac  G6   2007  Oleg K. , CA 07/11/08 2.00 Check gas cap & check engine lights are becoming a real annoyance. They happen systematically 1 or 2 days after I fill up. It does not seem to matter how careful I am screwing the gas cap back on. Dealership says it is ok and just resets the computer. Found presence of moisture on back seat after heavy snowfall or rain. Have contacted dealer to investigate cause. 
Pontiac  G6   2007  Gayle C. MIAMI, FL  07/11/08 2.00 i seem to have an electrical parasite on my battery i have had the car only about a year and already i need to have my battery jumped to start.  
Pontiac  G6   2007  Hal H. PLAINFIELD, NJ 06/01/08 3.00 At 15,000 I think I have a bad bearing or axel. I'm not quite sue, but at about 40MPH I get a loud drone or hum (really annoying)that sounds a little like tire tread noise, but it only emminates from the driver side. Have to spend one of these weekends to read what the warrantee covers. The 10 year warrantee was the only reason I took a chace on a GM. My mother had a nightmare new 1986 GM Cutlass. Wish me luck! Still Dreaming of a Corvette...maybe. 
Pontiac  G6   2007  Eric  S. ORMOND BEACH, FL 05/27/08 4.00 The hardtop is noisy when it is not retracted
Pontiac  G6   2007  John S. MILWAUKEE, WI 05/22/08 1.00 handels very bad in winter 
Pontiac  G6   2007  Paul L. NIAGARA FALLS, NY 05/07/08 4.00 great car....I have the convertible 
Pontiac  G6   2007  Patrick R. CORTARO, AZ 05/04/08 4.00 For the price this has been a great car, my only complaint is that the suspension could have been better. 
Pontiac  G6   2007  Molly D. JACKSONVILLE, FL  04/02/08 4.00 Very reliable vehicle and lots of room inside. I have only had 1 problem with my G6 in a year and it was fixed within an hour at the Pontiac Dealership. 
pontiac  g6   2006  Jan H. FRANKFORT, KY  01/22/13 n/a your comments here  
pontiac  g6   2006  Chad B. WATERLOO, IL 09/05/12 1.00 Nothing but problems with this car - should have been expected from a Pontiac 
pontiac  g6   2006  Linda D. SAINT GABRIEL, LA 06/21/12 1.00 I have had nothing but problems since I purchased this car. 
pontiac  g6   2006  Marion K. VIRGINIA BEACH, VA 04/13/12 3.00 interior lights, trunk lights keep going out and information center lights either go out or too dim to read; sometimes the power steering does not work 
pontiac  g6   2006  Erica L. ,   04/07/12 3.00 instrument panel or cluster panel,all warning signals. 
pontiac  g6   2006  Darrin C. ,   03/09/12 2.00 not having a dipstick for the tranny is just stupid and inconvient!  
pontiac  g6   2006  Rachael F. DIXON, IL 01/04/12 2.00 power steering went out and was fixed and a few months later it went out again... 
pontiac  g6   2006  Robert Y. ,   09/22/11 1.00 Nothing but problems with front end components 
pontiac  g6   2006  Angella P. STAUNTON, VA  08/16/11 3.00 just bought this car in July 2011 3 days after purchase popping started in the steering. Took back to dealer the told me there was nothing wrong with it. Now I have to pay to have fixed. 
pontiac  g6   2006  Sharon E. CITRUS HEIGHTS, CA 08/07/11 1.00 rods, struts, sensor in the power steering column. Cant keep oil in it. Have been told will need to replace lifters and again brakes. Currently not running, not sure now what is wrong 
pontiac  g6   2006  Carrie W. SHAWANO, WI 08/05/11 2.00 I have the car alarm going off at times for no reason, i have problems with a grinding sound when the air condition is turned on and now the fan for air to circulate, i noticed the power steering is flaking when i make sharp turns it is hard to turn, a month ago all the dash gages stopped working, fuel, battery,spedometer, none of it work, the next day everything was fine. When i need to brake and going 60 mph on freeway, the whole car shakes when applying the brake. Not very happy with my g6, i will never buy another one 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Brian D. ,   06/16/11 1.00 front brakes draggingwhen problem occurred wheel hubs got very hot !!!. - car almost stops by itself. two separate problems with both front wheels. pontiac 2006 g6.  
Pontiac  G6   2006  Kelli F. VINELAND, NJ 05/31/11 2.00 Have had issues with a vibration in the front end, the radio cutting in and out and the battery holding a charge 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Kimbal G. CHENANGO FORKS, NY 05/25/11 1.00 no commentThis car is the worst vehicle I have ever owned! I bought it at 28,000 miles and at 89,000 I finally cut my losses and got rid of it. In 61,000 miles I relaxed right and left front wheel bearing, front and rear catalytic converters, exhaust resonator, starter, brake pads and rotors all the way around three times, three sets of tires and the best one was an engine at 53,000 miles, when I got rid of it they wanted to replace both outer tie rod ends and a knuckle in the steering column because it was clunking and binding up from time to time wich I now believe was the electric steering I have been reading about. When bought it I kept complaining of a ticking noise in the motor for about 5 seconds after you start it when cold and dealer told me it was a normal piston slap for this motor, I finally started to believe them until I had to replace the engine, and the new engine didn't have the ( NORMAL ) piston slap.  
Pontiac  G6   2006  Carl  K. NEW PHILADELPHIA, OH  04/19/11 1.00 steering problem needs taken care of by manufacture before some one gets hurt 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Chuck D. NILES, MI 04/14/11 2.00 good news for those who have been having problems with the battery going dead on the G6. We found that the radio amp had shorted out draining the battery dead. This will not show up on the computor or diagnostic center. Have your service center check this out it took care of my problem. 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Evie H. ELDON, MO  03/27/11 2.00 So far it's been a great car. But after reading some forums about this particular year, I want to take my car back to the dealer and get a new car. 
Pontiac  G6   2006  SANDRA W. LOUDON, NH 03/17/11 2.00 I am having steering issues with this car also and just found out that the clunking noise that I hear in the steering column is actually related to the transmission which needs to be replaced. 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Curtis B. JACKSONVILLE, FL  03/14/11 2.00 Power steering went out...while driving. 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Elaine F. LAURENS, SC 03/05/11 2.00 Something is wrong with the transmission. When I put the car in reverse; it appears to stall and jerk before going back. There's a knocking when turning the wheel; speedometer goes up and down. 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Terry S. HOUTZDALE, PA  12/31/10 1.00 Troubles began in first month of purchasing, dealer never fully taken care of problem or issues always a excuse or reasoning. on my 2006 PONTIAC G6 WILL NEVER PURCHASE PONTIAC OR GM AGAIN.. 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Crystal P. FORT WORTH, TX 08/07/10 1.00 MONEY PIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Leann H. KILLBUCK, OH 08/03/10 4.00 I love my car, other than just having to put $700 in the front end for control arms & ball joints...  
Pontiac  G6   2006  Karen H. DICKINSON, TX 05/21/10 3.00 gas cap light Changed caps from dealer and it is still on 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Evs P. DAVENPORT, IA  05/12/10 4.00 something is wrong with the electrical system in my g6, it just draw the battery. 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Sandra T. IRON RIVER, MI 04/19/10 1.00 battery continually needs to be jumped and/charged, battery has been replaced twice 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Brandon J. THOMASTON, GA  04/16/10 4.00 Sometimes car will not start the first time. You have to turn the key again and press the gas. 
Pontiac  G6   2006  John S. ,   03/28/10 0.00 not sure don't won one yet 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Dawn N. DURHAM, MO 03/18/10 4.00 I love my pontiac G6, my biggest complaint is it has less than 45,000 miles and I need to replace A arm because lower ball joint is bad and apparently in GMs infamous wisdom, you cant just buy the ball joint, you have to buy the whole thing, not cheap. And I need new tires now. Not cheap either. 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Mandy S. REEDS SPRING, MO 03/02/10 1.00 Bought this car from a pontiac dealer in 2007 with a warranty. Had 24K miles. It has been in the dealership with steering problems for months. First was the steering u joints in column, then one tie rod end, then the other, next the center control module went out, next struts, had the rack replaced, rear brakes, now front brakes rotors are warped. This car is a genuine piece of shit. I had two other g.m. cars one being a 96 buick (lemon law) the next 98 gran prix (trouble) ONly bought this junk cause it was much cheaper than a toyota. 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Joann H. NEW HOPE, PA  02/27/10 4.00 excessive rust on rotars,early brake pad failure,23Kmlies,NEVER encountered this problem before.Told perhaps driving habits caused problem. Have been driving 45years(each of us) & no braking problems. My husbands Chevy(2005) Aveo 53Kmiles BRAKE'S are fine. Breaking habits?????. I don't think so. Thank,s JH 
Pontiac  G6   2006  BS B. MEDIA, PA  12/18/09 2.00 power steering 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Robert B. LEHI, UT 11/29/09 3.00 Car has been great until recently, at which time I am having horrible battery life problems. Battery will only last two weeks, even when used extensively. 
Pontiac  G6   2006  John R. NEWPORT, VT 11/01/09 2.00 This car has huge blind spots which makes it difficult to drive in traffic. 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Nicole D. LAWRENCE, KS  09/28/09 1.00 I have had this 2006 G6 for 6 months now and have had 2grand of work done already. first there was a clunking noise when you turn the wheel left or right and that was the steering shaft/column so had that replaced...only 200.00 so not too bad. Then the wheel bearings needed replaced and the ball joints too that was 1600.00 then the rotors warped which cause the entire car to shake when you apply the brake...so had the front rotors resurfaced and back brakes and rotors replaced so that was another 450.00 I now have condensation in the light lens cap. When will it end? I have only had this car for 6mos and put two grand into it! Also everytime it rains water comes inside the front driver side door...not sure what thats about but I get wet on the side as well as my driver seat! 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Sal S. AVENEL, NJ 06/22/09 2.00 HAd to replace tire rods after only 2 years. Also hear cluncking noise in steering 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Sarah  D. HOUSTON, TX 06/18/09 2.00 Have had to have the barrings replaced. Need to replace Rotars and calipars (spelling?). I constantly have problems with the brake system! 
Pontiac  G6   2006  David S. STOCKBRIDGE, GA  06/16/09 2.00 Would be a great car if it wasn't losing the power steering.
Pontiac  G6   2006  Ernest B. Ottawa Ont. Canada, AE 06/03/09 1.00 I bought a pontiac 2006 G6 GT 3.5 liter engine has a lots of power for a v6, millage was 47,000 KILO. First week had to replace one front strut was linking,also front top plate bearing and streering kit was nocking . traction control very noisy.I plug my blockheater in the winter months i dont feel its working and that day was cold 20 Celsius, was replace by the dealer Now millage was about 52,000 k . Still have problem with the manual tap shiffting wont shift down from 4th gear , seen the dealer three time now doesn't have the problem every thing was shiftting good . Seen the dealer again for the same problem yesterday thank god it did it once while the mechanic did a test drive was with him for the test now been ok for three days. Now 56,123 K They said maybe wont cover on warranty because abuse , if they see sign of coffee or soft drink spills.Why the car has coffee cut holder right on near the shiffter column the electronic componant his right their. CRAZZY Dont you think. Hope it with get better. Not the best car for me up to now.With that millage should be like a new car. I was so mad I fix my problem my self with the down shiffting from 4th gear to 3th by cleanning the manual micro swicth in the column with electronic cleaner did the trick . Did not see coffee or soft drink spills Now i still have a problem went with manual shiftting up to second Gear feel like transmission band slip you dont feel it went you drive it in automatic most of the time i guest that mean a trip to dealer again.Millage now 56,635 I am thinking of returning the piece of junkie car . And i had the car for about 5 months i put just about 10k still with problem.I am now had 57,800 k the manual shift is now fix after i repaired it what a jork now that i fix it they say it was on warranty lol. i still dont like the the transmission is not shifting very nice feel like band slip between gears then goes in to gear hard in manual or automatic its shifting up so i ll just drive till 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Daniel K. PEORIA, IL 05/22/09 3.00 Nagging quality issues with steering noise, tire problems, early brake wearout, a/c not working, oil leaks, engine hesitation. All but the engine hesitation were taken care of under warranty but lost use of the car many days. The engine hesitation has yet to be solved. 
Pontiac  G6   2006  James K. PAPILLION, NE 05/17/09 4.00 both lower ball joints bad at 30,000 miles! 
Pontiac  G6   2006  William L. ALTOONA, IA 05/07/09 4.00 i love my car however i have only had my car for alittle over 1 year and so far my brakes are not working correctly, and the radio will not shut off! the screen on the radio does but the music still plays. i called the dealership and they said i will have to pay to get this fixed which i dont believe i should have to because a person who i work with also have a pontiac G6 and they have had the same problem.  
Pontiac  G6   2006  Heather S. LONGMONT, CO  05/05/09 3.00 2006 Pontiac G6 GTP with all the options. Great car, very sexy and tons of power. I am uncomfortable with the amount of repairs needed thus far. I have had repairs done under warranty (new 2nd gear clutch basket, both front axles, sunroof, paint, warped rotors front and rear, etc.) and now at only 48,000 miles (and no warranty) I need a new serpentine belt, new power steering pump, and entire rear brake system. My car should be classified as a lemon, but since I haven't had repeated issues it doesn't qualify. 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Emil V. HOPKINSVILLE, KY  05/02/09 1.00 junkiest car pontiac has ever made 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Stephen A. JACKSONVILLE, FL  04/28/09 1.00 Too many repairs: steering (twice); transmission Noisy ride, rattles 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Jesus N. WEST SACRAMENTO, CA  04/14/09 1.00 The rack and pinon is crappy. The steering pops when I turn. The camshaft or electrical components associated to it act up.  
Pontiac  G6   2006  Shelton S. KENT, WA  04/13/09 3.00 I am nowhere near as hard on cars now as I was with my first 2. I have noticed that when I turn either left or right , there is a knocking(sounds like something is dis-jointing) sound coming from the front wheels. 
Pontiac  G6   2006  William Z. SANDUSKY, OH  04/11/09 2.00 2 fit and finish is really lacking..inside seals cracking and inside window molding coming undone. More of a smaller person guy. Younger females. Steering on mind is very rough 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Alvita C. ,   04/11/09 5.00 Popping noises from front end after vehicle has sat over night in reverse motion 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Andrew  K. SALEM, SD  04/08/09 2.00 Battery went bad with in 1 year, rack & pinion problems, front end popping, rear main seal leak all before 50k 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Sarah D. HOUSTON, TX 04/06/09 3.00 Brake system
Pontiac  G6   2006  MONIQUE G. LOUISVILLE, KY 03/14/09 2.00 I've been complaining about steering. Took It in car still hurts my hands to drive it pulls so much. Than the steering is tight. Sometimes when I start my car and put my car in gear the stearing wheel starts to shake as I'm backing up. I have had trouble with security system and keyless entry. I took it in for service before 36000 miles and nothing was fixed. From broken makeup mirror to leakywindow. 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Matt B. DUNBARTON, NH  03/10/09 3.00 Door lock problems, GM failing, No wonder they will be out of business soon :( 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Erin H. COLUMBUS, OH  02/26/09 4.00 I love this car. I have had no problems until today when I hit 60K miles and my traction control kept kicking on and off while driving on the dry interstate at 75 miles an hour- kind of scary. Then of course the check engine light came on today. 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Chris S. EWA BEACH, HI 02/25/09 3.00 Alot of Front end problems
Pontiac  G6   2006  Jamie R. PAXTON, IL 02/25/09 1.00 Air conditioner compressor went out. It cost $1300.00 to repair. Now I am having power steering problems.  
Pontiac  G6   2006  Heather D. CAMPBELL, NY  02/17/09 3.00 I have not had any major problems, just an interior light that doesn't like to work, a air bag sensor that needed to be replaced. I came to this website to check on rack and pinion problems as i think I may have that problem. 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Mike  T. HUDSONVILLE, MI  02/16/09 1.00 This car is a pile of shit from HELL !!!!!!!!!! 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Samuel E. BOSTON, KY 02/12/09 4.00 Steering makes thump noise when turning at low speeds. 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Sharon B. STOCKTON, CA  02/06/09 4.00 I bought my G6 brand new in Dec 05 with 11 miles on it. It has just under 50K miles on it now. I've only had one front end turning issue and just recently there has been a couple of starting issues. Other than that I have done the oil changes religiously and have had no other issues with the car. It still looks great, runs great and gets better than average MPG! I also have 3 friends that have similar models and have had no problems either. 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Douglas A. ABINGDON, MD 01/23/09 3.00 Electrical interference between dashboard lights and AM radio. Sunroof leaked under warranty. Wiper module broke under warranty. Vanity mirror cover broke off. Speaker went up under warranty. Overall, the car runs great and gets good gas mileage, but seems to have a somewhat low initial build quality (of which most of the items were corrected under warranty). 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Justin H. WATERFORD, MI  01/18/09 3.00 pop/clunk when moving steering back and forth, rattle from underbody shields while driving, intermitent crank no start issues.  
Pontiac  G6   2006  Harley W. COVINGTON, OH  01/04/09 4.00 Noise through steering at only 58,ooo miles 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Jonathon P. GREENVILLE, IL 01/03/09 0.00
Pontiac  G6   2006  Amanda R. OVIEDO, FL 12/26/08 2.00 power steering wiring shorts 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Juanita N. SAN LEANDRO, CA  12/02/08 1.00 I bought this car brand new in 2006 and after two years I'm having so many different noises coming from it. First, when I want to make a left turn their is a clicking noise. Then when I turn on my car there is a rattling noise coming from the front of the car. It sounds like it's 20 years old! When I first got my car the brakes were making noises so I took it to the dealer and they said they found some metal in the brakes and replaced them but the noise was still there.  
Pontiac  G6   2006  Kimberly S. CROYDON, PA 11/15/08 2.00 I will surely take the next car I am looking to buy out on the highway to test drive it. The wind noise and driving noise with the '06 G6 GT is terrible. Though I enjoy having the roof open to let light in thru the sunroof I have to keep it closed due to the noise and w/ it closed it's still too loud and annoying. I've had problems w/ the brakes. And, there's some strange noise when the wheels are turning sometimes like something is rubbing somewhere. I've brought it in for service several times & they've acknowledged issues w/ the brakes & have fixed other things but it still not right. what more are you supposed to do. I think I'm just done w/ Pontiac cars. The last one I had, a '97 Grand Am GT that was horrible! worse than this one. You'd think I learned my lesson already after the first experience, but we had GM points to apply to it. 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Kb P. HAMMOND, LA 11/14/08 3.00 electronic steering system what to do? 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Debi T. ,   11/14/08 1.00 Lots of problems, water caught in doors rotting the inside, bugs in visor lights, front end rebuilt at 80,000 km  
Pontiac  G6   2006  Oren U. COLUMBUS, OH  11/11/08 1.00 Pontiac G-6 .. I just crashed one, the car just lost steering power .. abilities .. it was the scariest thing ever, the car acted like a bull. Never getting into one even as a passenger, ever.  
Pontiac  G6   2006  Daniel S. HAVRE DE GRACE, MD 11/03/08 5.00 Has 36000 miles and not one problem. 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Matt M. GREAT LAKES, IL 10/27/08 3.00 Insturment pnl just went out
Pontiac  G6   2006  Cheryl G. STANWOOD, WA  10/12/08 4.00 I've always liked the car. 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Stevie  L. EMMETT, MI 10/04/08 3.00 My car is a little over 2 yrs old and just recently i have had problems. About 3 weeks ago my mass airflow sensor was shorting out and i guess the dealership said something was wrong with the steering gear(i never noticed nothing) Then this past week car started acting up again and my fuel injectors need to be cleaned. I have had old cars that never needed that or if they did didn't run like this one did. After another 2 weeks car started do ing the same problem as before took it back to dealership and they had changed my manifold  
Pontiac  G6   2006  Rowe M. AUGUSTA, GA 10/01/08 4.00 Sunroof leaked. Fixed for good the third time I brought it in. Clear coating is peeling on the rear spoiler. Other than that I love the car. 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Genia S. JACKSON, MS 09/30/08 2.00 Am having problems with the electrical system and the key fobs 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Debra J. FORT LAUDERDALE, FL  09/23/08 3.00 The car shakes really bad when I attempt to stop 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Timothy O. SPRINGFIELD, IL 09/16/08 2.00 Braking problems, possible caliper or brake sensoring
Pontiac  G6   2006  Demond L. BATON ROUGE, LA 09/12/08 1.00 This was a poorly constructed vehicle. I will never recommend it to anyone. My 98 Camry held up better than this 2006 Pontiac. Design is not everything and now I realize that. 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Vickie  J. DETROIT, MI 09/11/08 3.00 the inside material is cheap,,, and does not shine,, hard to clean....  
Pontiac  G6   2006  Kenneth S. BRYANT, AR 09/10/08 3.00 The G6 is an attractive car with an exceptionally smooth and strong V6 engine. The transmission shifts smootly as the engine power increases. The biggest problem I have encountered with the G6 is the suspension. Tie Rod was replaced on right side; and struts leaked and had to be replaced. A lot of people have commented about the cheap quality of the interior, and yes it could be improved. However, I have been fairly pleased with the interior look and the function of the various controls and gauges. The car is not yet up to par with the Accord or Camry. If GM had installed better suspension parts and upgraded the interior, I think the car would equal Honda and Toyota quality. The engine and transmission are certainly reliable and of good to very quality.  
Pontiac  G6   2006  Kate C. HAMPTON, MN 09/08/08 3.00 I am on my 4th rack and pinion!!! ARRGGHHH!
Pontiac  G6   2006  Nicholas  B. BRISTOL, PA 08/30/08 2.00 panoramic sunroof is very noisy at highway speed with the shade open/dealer says it,s normal.i should drive with the shade closed.then why buy the roof.if the product is SOO GOOD why di pontiac stop selling it. 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Wilson P. Sarnia, AE 08/27/08 2.00 Transmission shifter gets stuck intermittently. Even though the brake pedal is engaged with the engine running and shifter handle is squeezed and pulled back 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Michael H. HYDE PARK, MA  08/26/08 1.00 Steering module has been replaced twice 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Miriam M. VACAVILLE, CA  08/15/08 1.00 First, I had a manufacture-defect cylinder head which had to be replaced, luckily I had bought the extended warranty. Now, I have issues with the exhaust cam position actuator and unluckily, my extended warranty has expired. Ridiculous. . .I bought this car brand new.  
Pontiac  G6   2006  MINDY M. LANSING, MI 08/14/08 4.00 had problems with starter sticking or ignition. Not sure which one it is yet.  
Pontiac  G6   2006  G D. LOS ANGELES, CA  07/30/08 1.00 Loss of steering and power during left hand turns, running lights do not work, timed wipers do not keep time, auto 50+ wiper doesn't work. knocking sound from left wheel, shifting from left tire while moving over speed bumps. Overdrive doesn't disengage properly. vehicle continues to push after gas is no longer applied. idle is rough at stops and lights.  
Pontiac  G6   2006  Jerry S. REEDS SPRING, MO 07/26/08 1.00 where to start. bought at 24 K. has had new tires due to bad tire, brakes, radio cd player, tie rods, steering column, hard start condition, heater ac module. and the car now has 42K. I had two other gm.s and thought i'd give them another chance, bad mistake. I feel the car is unsafe for my 19 yr old daughter to drive but can't afford to trade. It's junk and gm hasn't improved since my 1996 lemon law buick. Don't let them tell you they are as good as honda or toyota. They are NOT. they are typical of the the us. industry puts out today. 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Laniya B. CHICAGO, IL 07/24/08 2.00 I bought my car 10/2006 and the power steering light came on, dealer said the steering column and intermediate shaft need to be replaced, steering sometimes is loosely in driving and vibrates when excelerate exceeds 55 mph. Found out later there are many other consumers complain of the same mechanical problems and they has not been a recall yet. What are they waiting on for someone to die.  
Pontiac  G6   2006  Ken G. INDIANAPOLIS, IN 07/22/08 3.00 Panoramaic Sunroof issues 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Jim  J. PORT SANILAC, MI 07/12/08 3.00 41,000 miles and no problems to report. 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Dianna S. MOREHEAD, KY  07/10/08 2.00 Car doesn't ride as soom as I had hoped. Size does matter!!!  
Pontiac  G6   2006  Shirey P. CHICAGO, IL 07/10/08 3.00 My complaint is when I purchased my car it had 42,064 miles on it and in 8 months it has accumulated 42,000 additional miles. When I spoke with a mechanic, he informed me that there is a cable connection that may be weak and the actual mileage may not be registering correctly. Has anyone else encountered or experienced anything of this magnitude? Ms. Shirley 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Ashley N. LAS VEGAS, NV 07/02/08 3.00 my starter went out, have had to fix my breaks and rotars 3 times in the 6 months of owning, wheel shaked when car is driven 60mph and above 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Jessica R. BLAIR, NE  06/04/08 3.00 TONS of problems with my front end. Power steering failure, rack and pinion, steering links absolutely love this car, but will be getting rid of it. : ( 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Neil O. WORDEN, MT 06/01/08 4.00 I have had the car since new and love it. It is fun to drive and works wonderfully for everything i need.  
Pontiac  G6   2006  NICOLLE D. CHINO HILLS, CA 05/12/08 1.00 Bought the 2006 model from a Pontiac dealer who offered no extended warranty. Let that be your first RED flag. Four months later the transmision went out. Called the manufacturer who seemed to want to help at first after I advised them that the certified Pontiac mechanic had diagnosed the problem as a "manufacturer defect." After about 20 calls back and forth, the manufacturer eventually said that although the transmission issue was a "manufacturer defect," they decided not to help cover to replace the transmission. The car is a piece of CRAP! The battery continually drains itself and has to be jump started. The front end makes a weird sound when I turn and I cant open the rear windows while driving due to the oddly loud and pulsing wind noise. I cant believe I had to replace the so called "long life" transmission at under 70,000 miles. I dont recommend this car to anyone who is looking to invest in a reliable car. Its a money pit! 
Pontiac  G6   2006  John C. NIAGARA FALLS, NY 05/08/08 2.00 sometimes it does not properly, i have to step on the gas pedal for the car to start. 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Brian H. MONROE, OH 05/03/08 4.00 Brake rotors seem to warp quite often 
Pontiac  G6   2006  C T. ,   04/30/08 0.00 just looking at this type of car - no opinion as yet 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Lauren  G. GLOUCESTER, MA  04/25/08 4.00 suddenly has gotten very loud. took it to a car place and they said there is a problem with steering and that it may be a recall 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Alyson P. REDDING, CA 04/21/08 3.00 wheel bearing out at 40,000 minor electrical problems 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Brian S. MILWAUKEE, WI 04/19/08 3.00 Loud grinding noises from front suspension 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Nancy M. ,   04/15/08 2.00 Have had way too much warranty work done on a 20 month old car!!!!!! Am concerned with what happens when the warranty is off......
Pontiac  G6   2006  Nereyda M. KILLEEN, TX 04/14/08 1.00 have had problems with steering and recently discoved a distorded sound coming from speaker. 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Jennifer G. CRANSTON, RI 04/05/08 2.00 ever since I have purchased the vehicle in 2005 it has had nothing but problems with the brakes. car shakes when slowing down and the roaters and pads are refinished or changed...its ridiculous. 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Mark P. BEL AIR, MD  09/13/07 2.00 steering klunking at less then 30,000 miles 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Jo Ann  M. AURORA, CO 05/16/07 n/a I bought my car in 2005 and have had problems with the brakes, steering, headlight seal, starter. I have taken my car to dealer on several occasions to address the above. My rotors after 3 mos. of having car were turned, later to be replaced and in 08/2008 turned again. I had Tech take a look at my car from other dealer for the wheels were shaking once I drove 30 MPH or more. The tech advised me my rotors were warped, thus I went to were they were replaced SUSS Pontiac, as always problem could not be duplicated, the worsed service dept, ever. My front headlights after 3 mos of purchasing vehicle had condensation, still do but can't afford the nearly $900.00 dealer wants to have them replaced. When in reverse a loud grinding noise and this also has been since date of purchase. I can go on, the only good thing about this car is it is a trooper in the snow. I will never purchase GM ever ever again. 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Brenda B. PRESTONSBURG, KY  03/22/07 2.00 My car was purchased with $9,000 miles in October 2006. As of date, the car has had rotors turned twice, entire gauge panel replaced and entire heat/ac unit replaced & appt to take back for brakes again 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Nanette S. PRINCETON, IL 11/23/06 4.00 I had to replace windshield wiper blades. They are a new style cannot just replace the rubber. It cost $70.00 to replace both. That is very excessive. I was very upset with that price. That was bought at a car parts place not the dealership, would of most likey been more there. SCAM on GM's part 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Sherry R. HENDERSON, NC  10/09/06 n/a bought in 06 sun roof has rattled since i've had it dealer can't find out why so i have to keep taking it in they have had it just as much as i have gm won't help  
Pontiac  G6   2006  Lynne S. SANTA ANA, CA  09/12/06 3.00 Just bought it used from Enterprise Car Sales, will let you know re: if I have any probs. 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Christy R. INDEPENDENCE, MO  08/28/06 5.00 I love this car I would not trade it for anything in the world. 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Joanie L. ROCHESTER, NY  07/12/06 2.00 Has been in service dept for electric going to starting. New seat belt bucle on drivers side not woring waiting for part. Replaced front strut. Replace front wheel barring. Needs tires at 23,000 miles already. 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Tabitha B. LADSON, SC 05/16/06 1.00 This car is truly a piece of crap! Had it 2 yrs, and its been in the shop more than driven. Dealership & Pontiac REFUSE to buy back the car!!! 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Theresa J. BEEBE, AR  03/03/06 5.00 So far no problems. Alot of fun to drive Very sporty and racing 
Pontiac  G6   2006  Robert D. ,   03/03/06 3.00 GTP 6 speed manual. Harsh shifting 2nd and 3rd gears. GM cannot take action eventhough there is a transmission replacement progran active.  
pontiac  g6   2005  Arlene H. HARDIN, MT 01/23/13 n/a your comments here  
pontiac  g6   2005  Renee P. RICHLAND, IA 06/01/12 1.00 I have had to replace brakes, struts, tranny, and now the steering, and security system is giving me fits. the vehicle will "shut" down on me while driving. 
Pontiac  G6   2005  Kimberly J. LEXINGTON, SC  05/05/11 4.00 Love my G6 Gt 
Pontiac  G6   2005  Richard F. PATASKALA, OH  06/15/10 2.00 steering issues 
Pontiac  G6   2005  Eunice P. PORT MATILDA, PA 04/08/10 3.00 Clicks when turning 
Pontiac  G6   2005  Steve N. TOPEKA, KS 10/03/09 2.00 Looks good, quite but unreliable, don't buy 
Pontiac  G6   2005  Christina S. ,   05/29/09 0.00 front end wobble
Pontiac  G6   2005  Mary H. BRYANT, AR 05/07/09 1.00 Brakes have gone bad at very low mileage. Water leak from drain lines in sun roof, causing rain water to drain into passenger floorboard front and back.  
Pontiac  G6   2005  Deborah H. BROOKEVILLE, MD  05/05/09 4.00 Fun car, love it. Just wish they would fix the clunking noise in the steering.  
Pontiac  G6   2005  Mary B. KENOSHA, WI 04/28/09 2.00 I have had numerous problems with this car ranging from the rotors warping to needing a new stearing rack more than once and now the catalytic converter going bad. 
Pontiac  G6   2005  Cindy S. HIGHLAND LAKES, NJ 03/27/09 1.00 repeated water leaks, electrical problems, vehicle will not at times come out of gear to start driving, shutting down at highway speeds, repeated brake wear at low miles, replacement of brakes, replace tires at low miles, electrical problems with dashlights stereo electrical problems, rack and pinion replaced, transmission has rumbling noises at 45mph-55mph, I can keep going on, and the dealer is horrible about the repairs this car is a lemon 
Pontiac  G6   2005  Matt C. ,   03/08/09 3.00 No comments at this time 
Pontiac  G6   2005  Alma P. ,   01/06/09 3.00 3years old and the wiper linkage assembly is corroded and costs $300 to fix! I've never heard of this happening to any car. Can't drive until wipers work. 
Pontiac  G6   2005  Malcolm T. BEVERLY HILLS, CA 01/05/09 3.00 very noisey interior electrical issues with doors and drivers seat 
Pontiac  G6   2005  Michael E. FAIRFAX, IA 12/29/08 1.00 Car has faulty electrical steering that goes out and may eventually kill someone. 
Pontiac  G6   2005  Elaine P. ,   10/23/08 1.00 Having problems with suspension, brakes, tires 
Pontiac  G6   2005  David M. YATESVILLE, GA  09/07/08 1.00 steering problem noise in from end, clunking noise 
Pontiac  G6   2005  Hollie D. SPOKANE, WA 09/01/08 1.00 05 Pontiac G6 GT, Headrests are very bad and cause whiplash with low speed hit from behind. Shimmy in the rotors,and steering is really bad.  
Pontiac  G6   2005  Steve P. BROOKLYN, NY  07/28/08 4.00 no complaints this car is cool and everyone thinks its an 08. 
Pontiac  G6   2005  Mckenzie H. GALESBURG, IL  05/30/08 4.00 regulator broke on driver's side door with > $200.00 repair 
Pontiac  G6   2005  Ron  B. ,   05/21/08 3.00 brakes, brakes, brakes, rotors, rotors, rotors 
Pontiac  G6   2005  Patty C. HUDSON FALLS, NY 05/06/08 3.00 I love the car but It wont start right now!!! 
Pontiac  G6   2005  J. W. ,   04/01/08 4.00 hear it is very good overall  
Pontiac  G6   2005  Chris F. BRIGHTON, CO 11/21/07 1.00 Huge disappointment. With crap like this they deserve to go under. GM just lost a life long customer to Honda or Toyota.  
Pontiac  G6   2005  Paulette J. CHARLOTTE, NC  10/25/07 2.00 I have been having the electrical problem with my car also, I thought it was the starter. Sometimes I go to start it up and it sputters, shakes and finally catches but it get loud when I drive. Hopefully, someone will come up with a fix for that. Also when I put on brakes to slow down on a turn, I get this ZZZZT sound like it is electricity shorting something out. 
Pontiac  G6   2005  Mary B. KENOSHA, WI 09/21/06 2.00 I have had quite a few repeat problems with the auto car start, sunroof and interior stains that get worse at you try to clean them but the dealership & GM have been able to clear them up after repeat visits to different dealerships. 
Pontiac  G6   2005  Fred L. , MI 11/01/05 5.00 Wonderful car! 

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