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  JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Owner Reviews and Ratings

Below are the car reviews and ratings from other owners of JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE cars.
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 Reviews found: 284  Average Owner Car Rating: 3.14
Make Model Year Owner Name City State Date Added Car Rating Reviews and Complaints
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jeep  grand cherokee   2012  Casey S. AGOURA HILLS, CA  06/30/13  1.00 I originally purchased a 2011 Grand Cherokee, but after a few months of constant problems with stalling, the dealer replaced it with a 2012 (I had to pay the difference!) I have had the 2012 for almost a year now and it has been nothing but problems. The radiator hosed keeps leaking, it's been replaced several times. The sunroof leaks and has now caused stains on the interior ceiling. The navigation system freezes constantly, I had to drive without a unit from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Most importantly, the engine light turns on constantly, the car stalls constantly, ands then the engine goes into safe mode. Same problem as the Lemon 2011. I am currently in the process of attaining a lawyer to return the car. The dealer refuses to acknowledge that the car has the same problems, and changes the diagnosis codes constantly. They also refuse to look at the car if I arrive at the service center without an engine light on (sometimes the engine light turns off while driving), this way they show the car has only been in the shop 3 times instead of seven! Thanks Chrysler for screwing your loyal customers.  
jeep  grand cherokee   2012  Beth P. PITMAN, NJ  07/24/12  1.00 Have had multiple issues with steering column/bearings which service center at dealership cannot identify or fix. 
jeep  grand cherokee   2012  Robert B. ,   04/19/12  n/a I have owned may JGC Overland now for about 3 months [2000klm] no complaints. I am happy with the car  
jeep  grand cherokee   2011  Martin L. ROSLYN HEIGHTS, NY  11/28/12  2.00 drivers seat out of alignment since new. Back breaking experience. Poor shifting through lower gears. Most unhappy 
jeep  grand cherokee   2011  Tuchas D. MONSEY, NY  01/16/12  1.00 Suck my cock 
jeep  grand cherokee   2011  Allan D. GOOD THUNDER, MN  10/11/11  3.00 engine surges terrible under light loads and tire wear is excessive 
jeep  grand cherokee   2011  Steve B. ALBUQUERQUE, NM  08/03/11  2.00 Comfortable and great looking SUV. Engine issues with 6 cylinder model 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2011  Agatha C. TROY, MI  06/28/11  4.00 Have driven Jeep Grand cherokees for 12 yars, got a 20011 in January and what a pain. Repeated falure on remote entry and start, cannot trust it to work all of the time; dealer has had it 6 weeks, not at root cause yet. Had to call Chrysler Roadside Assistance tnight when it failed and was told they would only tow car to dealer and I was on my own to get home. Unbelievable  
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2011  Chuck B. SAN FRANCISCO, CA  03/14/11  5.00 Super smooth and quiet to drive. Performs extremely well through deep snow and slippery surfaces. The interior finally feels like a quality car, as compared to previous model years. The adaptive cruise control works so well that I'll never buy another car without it.  
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2011  Derek  K. TAMPA, FL  03/13/11  1.00 brothe just bought this car and it overheated with 2k miles. Major engine damage. No warning.  
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2011  Patti M. MAHOPAC, NY  03/01/11  5.00 Purchased September 30, 2010. Faulty heated seat, after 5 visits to service a part was ordered. Hopefully this will fix it. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2011  Mark L. DALLAS, GA  01/10/11  5.00 no complaints yet. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2011  Chris L. WHEAT RIDGE, CO  12/03/10  n/a Locking , unlocking with key fob or touch controls erratic and at times cannot enter car without metal key. Also cannot lock without metal key. Turn on main heat/ac control and windshield heater goes on. Also, Push for interior only vent and AC goes on while heater running. This car is a mess electrically/electronically. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2011  Kelly L. ATLANTA, GA  11/16/10  5.00 I have had my Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland since July now and love driving it everyday. The vehicle handles great and having the V8 I love the power available no matter my current speek. The interior is clean and high in quality. I have noticed there is no where to place keys or other small items in the middle console/shifting area unless placed in the cup holders. I wish there was some raised edge on each side to prevent items from falling off and betweeen the seats. The technology in the car matches the best offered from any of the Foreign luxury class brands and IT ALWAYS WORKS unlike prior Lexus and Audi models I owned. This is a fun versatile vehicle with quality looks and quality finishes.  
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2009  William S. NORTH BERGEN, NJ  11/21/10  2.00 vibrations in steering wheel 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2009  Robert D. PITTSBURGH, PA  08/04/09  2.00 1.Passanger remote control mirror would not funtion down. 2.Took it to the dealer, now the whole mirror keeps falling off when the door is closed. 3.Rattle near the transmission heat sheild. 4.Radio started just turning off and rebooting. 5.Brake pedal fades to the floor Radio started just shutting off 
jeep  grand cherokee   2008  Awna A. TEMPE, AZ  05/21/12  n/a fuel pump replaced . 
jeep  grand cherokee   2008  Samuel F. NEW YORK, NY  11/25/11  2.00 Doesn't start. 
jeep  grand cherokee   2008  Gary R. L. VANCOUVER, WA  11/17/11  4.00 Dash rattles 
jeep  grand cherokee   2008  Bruce G. MUNDELEIN, IL  10/25/11  2.00 this is my second jeep, 2008 srt8.great suv except when you need the warranty! Chrysler says the rear differential noise that is an 8 on a scale of 10 is normal, needs break in time,we're looking in to it. 9 visitstto dealers chrysler will not fix!warranty not woth the paper it is written on.was told wait till it breaks by chrysler and my dealer, excessive noise is normal! safety is NOT a concern!transfer case and rear defferential both have excessive noise! 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2008  R K. BLOOMFIELD HILLS, MI  11/28/08  4.00 Mileage lower than expected but good enough 
jeep  grand cherokee   2007  BRUCE L. CRANSTON, RI  06/25/12  2.00 Electrical problem 
jeep  grand cherokee   2007  B.E. M. , AE  08/11/11  2.00 electrical sucks - I have had many audio problems. Now my supposed leather seat is cracking and I find out it is vinyl, not leather. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2007  Richard  B. ERLANGER, KY  01/28/11  2.00 have had to serice my car for a trans over temp code three times now and each time they tell me its a starter (replaced twice) or trans needs FCM update (done once) and i still have the same problem. this has tarnished my opinion of chrysler/jeep products for ever 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2007  Eileen F. PORT WASHINGTON, NY  06/16/10  3.00 I have about 40,000 miles on my Jeep. Today the "oil change" cost me $2000. Seems way out of line. Feel like I'm being ripped off. The car sometimes stalls and needs to be knocked back into drive. To correct this cost over $800. I love my Jeep, but am fed up with dealer charges. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2007  Dana K. PRINCETON, NJ  03/23/09  1.00 MAJOR electronic transmission defect 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2007  Charles A. EARLYSVILLE, VA  02/02/09  2.00 Air conditioning won't work and dealer can't repair. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2007  James H. SALEM, WV  10/28/08  4.00 Purchased certified used with following problems found after sale (no relief from seller, Solomon, Carmichael, PA). Windshield: numerous knicks, probably from windstorm. Tires: badly cupped, wrong size (635 vs 645), had to replace at 20K. Rear driverside quater panel appears to have been repaired/repainted, overspray on molding and flacking clearcoat indicative of poor repair. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2007  Paul F. ,   10/10/08  4.00 check engine light goes on, starts out in "limp" mode, won't shift up to 2nd until upper end of rev (4000) 2007 JGC diesel 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2007  Rich G. LATROBE, PA  08/12/08  2.00 Navigation system is so bad, I purchased a separate GPS. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2007  Meghan H. VIRGINIA BEACH, VA  07/15/08  1.00 Groan from rear when going over uneven surfaces. Front wheels clicked when turned all the way to the lock position in either direction. Rear glass hatch doesn't easily latch. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2007  Charles A. EARLYSVILLE, VA  05/05/08  n/a HVAC has failed for the 2nd time in 15000 miles. Dealer is replacing the heater module as we speak. Torque converter engages and disengages constantly in traffic. The engage - disengage - downshift - upshift - reengage ---- sequence is continuous and right in the middle of normal driving functions. It is annoying on a car this good. On engagement of the torque converter, the engine lugs, stumbles and misses. This condition worsens in winter with development of a little carbon in the cylinders and clears after a run at highway speed for an hour or so. Dealer cannot diagnose. No flags are set by the OBDII.  
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2007  Robert C. FLORHAM PARK, NJ  04/15/08  n/a Similar electrical system issues on my vehicle seem to have been resolved by replacement of iginition switch. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2007  John G. SEBASTIAN, FL  03/22/08  4.00 I love my Grand Cherokee, I'd buy another one in a heartbeat, I don't care what Consumer Reports says, the Jeep is a great vehicle, I've had four Jeeps, and have had nothing but praise for all of them. Consumer Reports mag. doesn't live on a daily basis with the cars they test, what could be better than info from an owner. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2007  Tim H. DECATUR, IL  12/28/07  3.00 Blind spots caused by the wide rear roof pillars are excessive/unsafe. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2007  Al S. QUAKERTOWN, PA  12/05/07  4.00 jeep bucks at 1400 rpm will not shift unless you increase gas. 
jeep  grand cherokee   2006  Shawntain B. KING GEORGE, VA  07/17/12  3.00 This vehicle had low miles when purchased and still does but experiencing transmission issues already. My 1996 Jeep is still running and hasn't had nearly these many repairs done. 
jeep  grand cherokee   2006  Mike K. PERRYSBURG, OH  05/03/12  1.00 numerous electrical problems 
jeep  grand cherokee   2006  Phillip P. ,   11/01/11  4.00 An excellent vehicle. Need to move the location of bonnet windscreen washer outlets. The are situated over a large steel curved bar above the engine . An engine which is very hot at operating temperature. The plastic outlets become very brittle and eventually break off. 
jeep  grand cherokee   2006  Iris C. BRIDGEPORT, CT  08/20/11  2.00 Stalling problem while driving scary to drive and dealer cant find the problem having more than one diagnostic which means spending more money trying to find the problem and the problem still there,not fair. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2006  Jeff  M. LYNCHBURG, VA  07/07/11  4.00 Overall very good @ 54K miles, but I do have a problem with passenger window being possessed, opens for no reason! 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2006  Ken S. PEMBINA, ND  02/08/11  3.00 Have had air bag light on dash for some time;get dealer to clear the code and within a couple days light comes back on.Will driver side air bag work properly in a collision? Likely not after reading all the complaints about air bags on this site. Mileage:60000 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2006  EILEEN S. AVON, CT  07/07/09  5.00 Second time replacing the solenoid component. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2006  Bill M. ,   01/20/09  4.00 few problems so far 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2006  Gee M. CARSON, NM  12/26/08  1.00 EBS / ABS Failures, Excessive brake wear/failure in 25,000 miles. Power windows do not function properly. Stalls/won't start for no reason. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2006  Jerry M. DUNCANSVILLE, PA  11/28/08  3.00 Over the last 2 months, the car would make a strange sound from what seems like the L side of the front of the car, the gauges would stop and the car would shut off. After drifting off the road and shutting the car off and re-start the car the gauges began to work and the car would run normally. The check engine symbol remained on. The Jeep dealer could not determine what was causing this problem. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2006  Peter & Marilyn G. BEMIDJI, MN  10/28/08  1.00 Transmission has not shifted correctly since the day the vehicle was purchased. Dealer cannot or will not correct the problem. When the vehicle is not under load, and the transmission attempts to shift up at approx. 35-40 miles per hour, the transmission free wheels and then either skips a gear, or goes into the next gear with a thud. A previous Jeep we owned had the transmission rebuilt twice (reverse and overdrive went out when the temperature got down around minus 30 degrees) and then the transmission was replaced. The 2001 Jeep we owned went back under the Lemon Law, it had 7 power steering units and the dealer could not find out what was causing the problem. Some "lucky" person bought the Jeep at a dealer auction in Minneapolis. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2006  Andrew W. ,   10/24/08  3.00 Mine has just caught fire - electrical fault, I believe. has anyone had anything similair? 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2006  Wendi S. PERRY, GA  10/15/08  4.00 I love my car! I am just having afew problems with my electrical system. My headlights kep blinking and the njust shutting off on their own. The lights on my radio and air condition dials are dimming out. I have only had my car for a year. Besides that I lOVE my car. It rides GREAT! 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2006  Dan L. LITTLETON, CO  09/19/08  1.00 The front end either came out of the factory with problems or was damaged prior to being sold to me as new. At 17K miles needed front wheel bearings, rotor and pads and aftermarket lower control arms. Still can't get in proper alignment 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2006  Audrey M. HALETHORPE, MD  07/25/08  1.00 I have a 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland with a Hemi. It's 43,000 miles and the piston broke requiring a new engine. My car is always up to date on service and never driven off road. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2006  Leon M. HONOR, MI  07/11/08  4.00 Entry could be easier for tall people and mileage could be a couple of MPG better. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2006  J H. WILMINGTON, NC  07/19/07  3.00 2006 GC Limited 5.7 Hemi, on several occasions the vehicle electrical system would turn off\on\flicker on and off as though there was an electrical short. If I turn the lights on 'Auto' the symtoms would generally go away. The dealership is unable to identify the issue. It seem to be during the hours of 'Dusk'. I'm thinking the 'Light Sensor' may be going bad. Dealership is clueless. I just live with the issue. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2006  Frank E. HATTIESBURG, MS  06/14/06  5.00 Jeep has built a wonderful vehicle with the 5.7 multi-displacement Hemi 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2006  Michael T. STATEN ISLAND, NY  05/25/06  1.00 cheap plastic interior,noisey ride,many problems,my 2000 had much better interior materials,better seats etc, would not buy another jeep,sold my 2006 in 7 months. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2006  Jason S. MURRELLS INLET, SC  02/05/06  4.00 Good all around so far. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2006  K W. TAMPA, FL  02/04/06  1.00 I lemon lawed the 2006 jeep grand cherokee because all the lights in the dashboard would go off and the engine would shut down. Warning lights would then come on. Sometimes while driving at high speeds on the interstate. Very dangerous. Chrysler and the dealer could have cared less. Chrysler said to call the dealer and the dealer said to call Chrysler. Also, the jeep was never sealed properly on the passenger side (at the factory) and when we had a heavy rain, the entire jeep flooded. Had an inch of standing water on the floor boards. Happened on a Friday night. Dealer - Jerry Ulm in Tampa, FL (now closed and reopened in Pasco County, FL) made me wait until Monday to bring it in as "body shop" closed. Dealer then left jeep for 2 weeks (wet and molding) until pieces of new carpets came in for patchwork replacement job. This was all after having the jeep only several months. Yes, MONTHS. Horrible experience. Ultimately, the dealer finally found a loose ignition switch. When the keys would move (from vibration while driving), it would turn it to the off position. I believe this is what was causing the vehicle to shut down. Chrysler should know about this loose ignition switch problem by now as I lemon lawed the vehicle back in 2008. After a 3 hour panel hearing in front of the Attorney General, Chrysler (and their attorney) lost and Chrysler had to pay my loan off and give me all my money back and I gave them their molded rusty dangerous vehicle back. I turned it right back in to Jerry Ulm (now in Pasco). The managers there were awful and could have cared less about the safety, the mold, etc. Manager told me once you drive off the lot, it is your problem. Well, now it is his. HORRIBLE. Good Luck to all who have this vehicle.  
jeep  grand cherokee   2005  Melissa  P. DUNNELLON, FL  05/22/12  5.00 I love my Jeep Grand Cherokee what else is there to say :) 
jeep  grand cherokee   2005  Robert M. HAINES CITY, FL  10/31/11  4.00 have blown headgasket 
jeep  grand cherokee   2005  Randy P. LOGAN, UT  08/23/11  1.00 Broken door handles 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2005  Larry B. INDIAN HILLS, CO  05/15/11  3.00 Very hard seats and no side bolsters to support while 4-wheeling. Poor legroom, esp for the driver. Main key module interface went out, after many replacement keys, they replaced the in car module and it has been fine. 1 cyl. head went bad..replacement was bad. second replacement was bad, those were all pre-assembled "kits" from Chrylser; Dlr ordered all parts separate and assembled themselves, that worked. An extended warranty is almost mandated due to Chrysler/Jeep quality problems. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2005  Ed B. AUSTIN, TX  03/14/11  5.00 Can't believe all the ranting about the 2005 Grand Cherokee Limited. Bought mine in 2007 with 34k miles. It has been back to the dealer once for a brake sensor problem that was covered under the Jeep extended warranty. I couldn't be happier. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2005  Jo W. WOOSTER, OH  12/15/10  3.00 Have never liked all the blind spots w/this model. Twice, last week we were at stop light, totally stopped with foot securely on brake when Jeep accelerated and jumped forward. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2005  John M. ,   11/11/10  1.00 Series of bits and pieces breaking down. Computer, transmission and power sterring pump. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2005  Margaret K. BOCA RATON, FL  11/01/10  4.00 This is my 4th Jeep since 1981. I love the styling and reliability.  
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2005  Asheena W. CASTLE HAYNE, NC  11/04/09  2.00 The dashboard lights and headlights flicker at the same time for no apparent reason. It appears to be an electrical problem. It does this fairly frequently. Also, when it rain the water drips into the jeep from the handle on the driver's side. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2005  Manuel M. MIAMI, FL  10/12/09  3.00 first problem that I have with my GC. It won't start so I had to tow it to the dealer 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2005  Art I. MONTGOMERY, TX  08/16/09  2.00 Door handles 3 out of 4 broken look like poor design sress from cable breaks plastic. Dealer says that whole door panel must be replaced at a cost of $545.00 parts and labor out of waranty. At Edmunda Car Space this problem has bee reported since November 2007 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2005  Stewart C. ,   08/04/09  3.00
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2005  Brent R. KEOKUK, IA  06/21/09  2.00 horn keeps tuning on for no reason, warped rotors, and skid plate keep breaking on pavement on passenger front side 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2005  Don K. WAKEFIELD, RI  05/20/09  1.00 3.7 6 cyl with nag1 mercedes trans extremely poor combo with numerous problems. anti-locks electrical/mechanical problems, very poor fit & finish inside and out, cheap plastic dash in a 30 grand car? Might as well have bought the hemi for better gas mileage than the 6 cyl. The car I had waited to buy all my life is just one big disappointment. Chrysler cut one corner to many and now they're the recipient of the final slicing and dicing themselves. Say goodnight Gracie - please turn out the lights.  
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2005  Hans L. FORT LAUDERDALE, FL  05/10/09  3.00 best car in the world 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2005  Dave N. RAYMORE, MO  05/02/09  4.00 If you choose to own a Jeep there are several things you should know: 1 Buy a total care extended warranty, shop on line for it and then use the price to get your local jeep dealer to get close to the best price. 2. Before you drive through water have a mechnic extend the breather tube for both axles. Stock is too short and water will get into the bearings. Later you will have gear noise, but it is the bearings that have begun to rust, because water got into the breather tubes 3 know that you can purchase an extended warranty up until your original warranty expires. I bought an extended warranty on a 2005 GC Limited when it had 35627 miles on it, during the 3rd year. Now everything is covered until 60K miles. I could have spent more to go to 100k but at 59k I can purchase an additional warranty. Jeeps are unmatched in tracktion, and fun to drive, but protect your self with a warranty. I hope this helps someone 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2005  Ghjghjgj V. GERMANTOWN, MD  04/22/09  0.00 hggjk 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2005  Michael H. MIDDLETOWN, DE  04/17/09  3.00 For second time, electronic controls for dash have gone out. The first time, the circuit board replacement was over $1000. Affects fan controls (fan will not work) and lights for information buttons.  
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2005  John P. ,   02/26/09  4.00 Broken front drive shaft after 60,000kms and just after 3 years 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2005  Vicente S. COVINA, CA  02/25/09  3.00 airbags shut off. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2005  Jennifer K. BRUNSWICK, GA  02/18/09  2.00 Horrible plastic on doors (breaking), electrical problems 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2005  Dorethea C. BRIGHTON, CO  02/10/09  2.00 no head room; good gas mileage for a V8 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2005  PAUL B. LAKE DALLAS, TX  02/09/09  3.00 NA 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2005  Leslie K. TRENTON, NJ  02/02/09  1.00 New trans needed after 35K miles, need new rotors and water pump went already 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2005  Jo J. HUNTSVILLE, AL  01/31/09  2.00 Seat belts run out. Have to unlatch seatbelt to lean forward or reach through window. Not enough belt material. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2005  Angela G. SALEM, CT  12/27/08  1.00 Have had nothing but problems with the transmission, engine lights going on, abs breaking system. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2005  Mia S. ORLANDO, FL  08/22/08  2.00 I like the luxry of this car but have been having unexplained stalling while driving. The problem has not been resolved and it is frustrating. I really have enjoyed this car until now 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2005  David C. DARIEN, CT  08/18/08  3.00 3 yrs old with 18K miles. The problems are starting. The warrenty just expired 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2005  Eric S. RINCON, GA  07/23/08  2.00 instrument cluster and air conditioner will shut off while vehicle is still in operation 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2005  John H. PIKE ROAD, AL  07/02/08  1.00 ploblems with the engine 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2005  Katie C. GRANDVILLE, MI  06/26/08  3.00 Not to excited about this car, seems to be very noisy in rear end and transmission is very hard 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2005  Ben R. LITTLE ROCK, AR  05/14/08  3.00 front axle bushing went out after 65,000 miles for no reason.... chrysler says the bushing are not part of the 7 years powertrain.... no help cost $700 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2005  Frank R. CADILLAC, MI  05/10/08  4.00 Key off Battery Drain 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2005  Larry H. ,   05/07/08  n/a bad transmission 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2005  Charles R. ANTIOCH, TN  04/29/08  1.00 I own a 2005, Jeep, Grand Cherokee with approximately 40,000 miles. I was driving when I had total transmission failure. The vehicle would not move when applying the gas. I coasted the vehicle off to the side of the rode and applied the brakes to stop. I put the vehicle into park and got off the brakes and the vehicle began to move forward. I had to apply the emergency brakes to stop the vehicle from moving even though it was in park. The vehicle was towed to the dealership and I was told the input shaft bearings was stripped out in the transmission. To my surprise Chrysler warranty only cover the power train for 36,000 miles. I will never buy another Chrysler vehicle again.  
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2005  Christopher M. CHARLOTTE, NC  04/11/08  3.00 My 2005 jeep grand cherokee makes a rattling noise when pressing on the acceleration..... 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2005  Ed M. CHULA VISTA, CA  04/08/08  5.00 Changing spark plugs cost more than expected. Had trouble with transmission and differentials already. Struts for rear lift gate and hood needed to be replaced. A knob on CD/Nav is broken - not covered by extended warranty because Chrysler lists part as a NAV system - warranty only covers CD (I am being told the CD player could break and it is NOT covered because the part number references a NAV system. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2005  Teresa R. PHILADELPHIA, PA  03/31/08  1.00 optional - share your co mments or complaints about this model car with other members Drivers side window replaced twice; radio replace ;lights shot off while driving electrical problem; handle came off in hand; passengers side view mirror popped out twice while driving needed to be replaced; door is not aligned right collects water when opening door after rain water gushes out; transmition control module replaced; new starter; fabric stains can not be cleaned 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2005  Rick N. , NY  11/29/07  3.00 I bought my jeep new and love it just at 200,000 km. but, it has has a warning light that keeps coming on and won't reset until it goes into the dealer and I am driving away. The navagation display is backward dim during the day and bright at night. When the vehicle first starts in the morning it takes a while before the transmission starts to go. I also find the leather seats very hard. Just spent $1,000.00 for a leaking heater core. Just priced a new one with the rebates - $1500.00/ month for 3 yrs and my truck... looks like keeping it. Rick 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2005  Melissa L. TOLEDO, OH  10/18/07  1.00 I have had this jeep in the shop numerous times. 6-8 times for the radio, once for the transmission, I drove through water 10 in. high in a parking lot and it wrecked my engine. Jeeps aren't off road like they claim, twice because water was coming through my roof which caused water damage and the head liner had to be replaced. and others I just can't remember right now. Not happy with this jeep at all, will never own another one. Chrysler doesn't give good customer service. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2005  Walker R. LEWES, DE  08/17/07  1.00 I am 66 years of age and have owned a variety of vehicles. The 2005 Jeep Cherokee is the worst vehicle, by far, that I have owned. 19,000 miles transmission failed - had to be replaced. There were 5 previous problems with the transmission. Will never own another Chrysler/Jeep product - regardless of the lifetime power train warranty. I purchased a 2007 Buick Lucerne - great car. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2005  Emanuel G. RIVERDALE, GA  03/10/07  5.00 Seem to be very reliable , comfort is better than expected .I have owned 2 Jeeps prior to this one and the '05 mod. rides the best.-EG. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2005  Rick M. GOODE, VA  09/11/06  1.00 Transmission sucks 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2005  Cj H. VICKSBURG, MS  07/20/06  1.00 piece of crap had 24k miles under warrant..caught on fire with me driving it...after my insurance paid i still owed $ wont talk to me because insurance co. paid off...i cant get any of my money back id paid on car 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2005  Pat K. GRAND LEDGE, MI  04/17/06  2.00 I bought the vehicle new, my first new vehicle and 've experienced numerous problems. First the ABS lights kept coming on. i would hear a loud thud and then the light would come on. I took it to the dealership, but by that time the light was out so they couldn't do anything. It was in at least 4 times for this. That was fixed. Then the next thing was the engine light came. The vehicle was at the dealership at least 4 times for that. The next thing was that water was pouring in thru the interior of the vehicle (not from the sunroof, but from the dash area. There is still frozen water where the sunglass storage area is. The seats and carpet were soaking wet. The dealer could not find where the problem was and could not duplicate it, even though they saw the water coming in. The last thing was the gas guage broke and they didn't have the part (it was on back order) so I am still waiting, 10 days now. I love the look of this vehicle and it's handling, but doubt that I would buy another Grand Jeep Cherokee again. I am concerned when my warranty expires that I will have to pay for the repair expenses.  
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2005  T K. PLYMOUTH, MI  12/08/05  4.00 Very refined go-anywhere vehicle. Beauty and a Beast 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2005  John B. Colorado Springs, CO  10/08/05  n/a
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2005  Jim R. VALLEY STREAM, NY  08/03/05  4.00 I have a little over 16,000 miles on this car so far and the only problem with it is the passenger seat air bag warning that the air bag is shut off when no one is in the seat and nothing else is on it either. This is an intermittent problem. The only other complaint is that the "A" pillars by the windshield are thick and obstruct viewing to a degree. The reports of a drivers knee hitting the ignition key and shutting off the car baffle me. I'm 6'2" and I've tried to adjust the seat so my knee would hit the key and cannot do it without having the steering wheel in my chest because the seat is so far foward. If people are driving this close to the wheel they have bigger problems than hitting the key! 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2005  Tom S. COLORADO SPRINGS, CO  02/22/05  2.00 Unreliable.......electrical problem caused transfer case to jump to neutral while going hwy speeds.  
jeep  grand cherokee   2004  Paul O. COTTAGE GROVE, MN  06/03/12  4.00 Reliable and great mileage 
jeep  grand cherokee   2004  Tom D. FRANKLIN SQUARE, NY  03/25/12  3.00 So far no major issues except poor brake performance, bump stop and broken power windows regulators and power seat brackets 
jeep  grand cherokee   2004  R. A. Y. CLARKS SUMMIT, PA  09/11/11  2.00 This vehicle is great...when it operates. I've owned three Grand Cherokee Limiteds now and have learned my lesson. The start to die at around 50,000 miles EVERY time. Last time: power window failure ($700); this time transfer case bearings ($2000!). Meanwhile my daughter's Toyota is past 100,000 with no problems! 
jeep  grand cherokee   2004  R P. ,   09/11/11  3.00 Seats coming loose in front. Drives nice and smooth on the highway. Handles pretty well off road. 
jeep  grand cherokee   2004  Donald J. SHENANDOAH, VA  08/27/11  1.00 The Jeep is a very nice ridding car and has great power until the heads drop and the valves bend and everything has to be replaced. There is something very wrong when many of the other jeeps in the repair shop are there for the EXACT SAME REPAIR ISSUE 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2004  George F. MIDDLETOWN, NJ  12/01/09  3.00 Shocks have been replaced multiple times due to a crunching noise going over bumps, especially when it is cold out. Also, high-pitched squeal coming from engine when its cold out and foot is taken off the accelerator. Decent car, however. No other issues.  
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2004  Arthur C. MOUNTAIN HOME, AR  09/15/09  5.00 Graeat JEEP 4x4 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2004  Sally M. NORTH BERWICK, ME  07/15/09  4.00 steering to left turns hard and makes "dry" rubbing noise. Steering to right is perfectly fine.Steering fluid is full, pump checked out okay. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2004  James N. DECATUR, IN  07/12/09  1.00 Duall climate control works poorly. Transmission issues before 90K miles, heated seats work very poorly. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2004  Arnaud L. ,   03/17/09  3.00 heating system very instable 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2004  Linda M. BIG RAPIDS, MI  02/13/09  3.00 Love it 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2004  Richie S. KANEOHE, HI  01/28/09  4.00 Brakes had to be done several times then finally "recalled" 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2004  Song L. HANOVER, NH  12/26/08  3.00 good performance in snow 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2004  Kristin F. ELKTON, MD  11/22/08  3.00 Other than the front brakes pulsating after 5,000 miles of wear, I am happy with the rest. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2004  Barbara W. MILAN, MI  10/28/08  3.00 No A/C or heat 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2004  Craig H. HOLT, MI  10/27/08  3.00 having reacurring problems with the rear differential  
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2004  Connie J. ABERDEEN, SD  09/25/08  3.00 for the past several months i have heard loud rattling coming from underneath the jeep. i have taken the jeep into the dealership service department several times and they cannot find anything wrong. they said the service manager has the same issues and cannot find it on his either. i have taken the jeep to several mechanics and they are unable to find anything wrong. the loud rattling is so loud that i often look behind and underneath my jeep to see if parts are falling off. it is embarassing to drive this jeep as the rattles can be heard blocks away. i would like to repair this, but no one seems to be able to find the source.  
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2004  John H. LONDONDERRY, NH  09/16/08  4.00 Better on MPG than one would think, average 20mpg. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2004  Kelby V. ORTING, WA  09/15/08  4.00 howling sound occurs when taking tight slow turns 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2004  Rachel S. WICHITA, KS  08/19/08  4.00 No major problems 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2004  Tina M. WILMINGTON, DE  08/05/08  3.00 Having rattling in right rear of car. Also tires don't stay inflated 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2004  Debra N. ZOAR, OH  07/30/08  4.00 Bad Wheel Seals had to be replaced at 5000 miles, along with front rotors which had major pulsing. Weak bushings were replaced at 10000 miles with synthetic. Now there is a sway we are working on. All this under 25000 miles. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2004  Bill D. SPRING, TX  05/19/08  3.00 warped brake rotors 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2004  Daniel W. ALBANY, NY  05/16/08  1.00 Electronics, heater , air seats all are shoddy 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2004  Khalaf A. ,   05/04/08  n/a no 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2004  Ruth M. PARSONSFIELD, ME  05/03/08  5.00 No Complaints love it 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2004  Douglas  R. BAINBRIDGE ISLAND, WA  05/01/08  n/a
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2004  Tim M. MOUNT PROSPECT, IL  12/29/07  4.00 I have had the same problems with the brakes as many others have reproted. I know how to fix the problem as does Jeep. Simple---replace the rotors with a after market -- PowerSlot, ETC. Jeep rotors are junk --- I got about 35000 from the after market rotors. Well worth the $$ to not have the problem. I was getting about 6000 from the OEM rotors. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2004  William E. CAVE CITY, KY  10/04/06  5.00 good car get in and go!!! 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2004  Robert E. BOSSIER CITY, LA  04/29/06  2.00 Car keeps making a clanking sound in the powertrain assembly when putting the vehicle in gear or shifting into park. Jeep states this is a normal sound but this sound did not happen when it was new 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2004  John G. WINCHESTER, MA  02/13/06  1.00 defective brake system on all 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2004  Chris C. UTICA, MI  11/30/05  5.00 44000 Miles this week. The right side front window regulator broke. Bought an after market part for $44 and it works great. Dealer quoted $580.00 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2004  Michael S. FORT GEORGE G MEADE, MD  11/05/04  3.00 Whatever brake system the manufacturer is using is horrible. Absolutely no reason to have to replace rotors and pads at 15000 miles 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2004  Donald F. BAILEY, CO  09/14/04  5.00 Vehicle has performed perfectly during first 5000 miles. Purchased new in Feb of 2004. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2003  Tina G. JACKSONVILLE, FL  08/10/10  4.00 Bought this car used last year, no problems at all until today. PCM bad - 3 to 6 month national backorder on chip... Why isn't this a recall? 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2003  Phil L. OXNARD, CA  01/10/10  2.00 check engine light problems an dreplacing window regulators 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2003  Steve  A. ATHENS, AL  11/16/09  3.00 Drivers side window regulator failed at 70,000 miles cost $570 to fix at the dealer in Tuscaloosa, Al. Took the regulator apart, has a cheep piece 50 cent plastic that failed. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2003  Dean P. TRENTON, NJ  03/23/09  2.00 good looking suv but always has some type of mechanical problem that costs money to fix. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2003  John V. SIMI VALLEY, CA  11/16/08  4.00 great 4.0 engine. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2003  Mike C. ANDOVER, CT  10/12/08  3.00 Transmission sucks. 2-3 and 3-4 up shift holds and wont shift. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2003  John N. ERIE, PA  10/03/08  2.00 electrical problem 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2003  Lillian B. MCDONOUGH, GA  08/19/08  2.00 Having several different issues with this vehicle. However, it's still running at 214K miles. Can't really complain too much, except diagnosing a problem is VERY difficult.  
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2003  Nancy C. ,   07/14/08  3.00 Service in 2003 for pop/click in steering column resulted in steering column failure, felt like no power steering and whole steering wheel could be moved up and down on column. Steering column replaced under warranty. Now, at 107,000 km, the steering column is acting up again and is about to be replaced for the second time. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2003  Patrick R. STERLING, VA  11/11/04  5.00 Best riding vehicle I have owned. Only issues to date have been the blend door issue (heater) and the oxygen sensors which failed under warranty. That got me a new catalytic converter and all new oxygen sensors. No other issues. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2003  BOB S. SARASOTA, FL  01/18/04  3.00 I purchased my 2003 JEEP Grand Cherokee...NEW ...I now have 90,000 miles on it....and had driven it for 60,000 miles before I finally was able to get the principle problems fixed....mostly by doing my own research....dealers don't know what they are doing. The 2003 Grand Cherokee has several problems that need to be addressed... ...60,000 MILES BEFORE THIS PROBLEM WAS FIXED # 1...A/C...poor ventilation...blows Warm when a/c is on..this is caused by the in-side dash....controll door mechanism....has to be replaced. ...I complained for over two said it worked fine...Literally...I would pull into the dealership and the A/C would start blowing COLD AIR...they finally discovered it was the above "door" that mixes the ac & warm air....After 60,000 miles #2...Airbag Warning Light comes on periodically...along with warning bell ...90,000 MILES WHEN THIS PROBEL OCCURRED AIRBAG WARNING LIGHT...came on while I was on vacation...would peridically come on...then off...along with the annoying "BING"...sometimes would be off for a few days at a time... I took it to a dealer...they put their COMPUTER on it...showed "Passenger air-bag "squib"....short to battery" ...They replaced the "Clock Spring" in the steering wheel...$ 175.00 & labor...that wasn't it. ...They then removed the look at the Passenger Airbag....could not find the problem... I took it to another Dodge Dealer upon my return from vacation...they said Air Bag replacement is likely cause I didn't agree.... Over a two week period, after putting up with the annoying "bing"...I began by visually checking wiring in the engine compartment. ..I noticed a wiring harness on the Passenger side ...I noticed two wire that were touching one another...I simply used a tooth pick to separate them ...PROBLEM SOLVED ...This is actually caused by wires rubbing together and causing short ....located in wiring harness on engine firewall on passenger si 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2002  James H. SWARTZ CREEK, MI  02/07/11  1.00 starter replaced, hvac blend doors replaced, radiator replaced, sway bars replaced, recirc door replaced, heated seats replaced, 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2002  Alfred B. JACKSONVILLE, FL  09/05/10  1.00 SINCE THE 1ST MNTH I HAVE BEEN INVESTING INTO THIS CAR!!! i got it used(1st mistake) and have already invested about an extra $200 every 2mnths since i GOT the jeep!!! the freeze plug had to be done/had a wiring problem with the jeep under the hood so it was over heating due to the fan NOT working!/there were 2 other issues that i had to get fixed since MARCH OF THIS YEAR!! RECENTLY--YES RECENTLY...i had the engine light turn on yesterday and its shaking and the wiring inside when i turn on my lights i cant see the dash lights AT ALL and the OVER HEAD LIGHTS STAY ON!! i also have the thermometer for the radiator sensor getting HOT! and a/c is working when i drive but not when i STOP the vehicle!! 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2002  Wendy W. LYNNWOOD, WA  07/08/10  1.00 the car over all runs good lots of problems with the heating and cooling system Jeep replaced my blower motor resistor with a power module and now i get a third of the amount of air that comes out on either ac or heating really sucks drive down the road with ac on full blast and my back is still dripping sweat thats pathetic 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2002  Jose M. MONROE, NC  12/14/09  4.00 It seems like it is leaking antifreezer and also burns a lot of gas.  
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2002  Rick W. LIVERMORE, CA  12/01/09  1.00 Problems with ignition, problems with electrical system starts dies in 3 sec due to module software hardware related to security system 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2002  Kelly B. WEST RICHLAND, WA  11/23/09  2.00 Power windows replaced, wheel rotors replaced twice. heater ducting unit replaced, currently trying to correct uncontrollable steering vibration which mysteriously comes and goes. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2002  Leanne C. ,   11/19/09  2.00 not happy with my jeep 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2002  Cindel R. RISING FAWN, GA  08/28/09  4.00 I love my Jeep, but my ac control head keeps messing up and everyone that I have talked to that has one says theirs has also messed up. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2002  Kim O. BELLA VISTA, AR  06/30/09  2.00 Blend door broken Starter went out Power windows broke 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2002  Beth V. WILMINGTON, DE  06/25/09  3.00 While I bought my car used, I had some problems with it while under warranty; however, my latest and greatest problem has been the windows. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2002  Mary M. PEARL, MS  05/07/09  2.00 vehicle goes dead coming to a stop light 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2002  John C. BEVERLY HILLS, CA  02/22/09  4.00 heating on drivers side, was there a recall for these? 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2002  Thomas C. NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC  01/21/09  3.00 Good Day, I'm filing a complaint with my 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The heat has stop working. First it was the Passenger side that stopped working and now simply no Heat comes out at all. After extensive web researching, I have found a Shocking number of fellow Jeep owners with the same problem, steming back to 1990 models.Apparently the "Blend Actuators" are defective and start to go out one side at a time, finishing with the main Actuator failing causing no Heat what so ever!! Repair facilities all state the same thing: Entire Dash must be removed to replace two-three different Actuators costing an owner in excess of close to $1000.00. This is not acceptable and extravagant!! From the number of complaints I see on a simple Web search, I'm not the only one who feels this way!  
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2002  Donna F. ELIZABETH, CO  01/21/09  4.00 air conditioning, brakes, body insignia/bumpers have been repaired/replaced or need repair replacement - a/c and brakes were by TSB's 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2002  Gary B. STERLING, VA  10/14/08  3.00 Continue to have problems with Blower Moter, Driver side windows has not worked several times 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2002  Guy F. ,   08/07/08  3.00 consistent engine misfiring,brakes week,many good points 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2002  Char E. LUXEMBURG, WI  08/04/08  3.00 I just had to replce motor in my driver window 403.00. Not happy 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2002  Leclerc R. ,   07/28/08  4.00 Only complain is about a small steering noise 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2002  Jason H. BENTLEYVILLE, PA  07/17/08  2.00 Fucker doesn't RUN!!! 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2002  Jennifer S. MIDLOTHIAN, VA  07/10/08  1.00 The windows fall down for no reason. In November I shut the back passenger door and the window fell down. My sister bought the same exact Jeep when I bought mine, the same exact window fell down in hers in January. In April her front passenger window fell down when the door was shut, then my back driver side window fell down in July while I was driving down the road. The dealership does not help you out and Chrysler does not admit this is a defect. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2002  Jie S. GRIMES, CA  05/05/08  4.00 Very happy 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2002  Mark D. J. REHOBOTH BEACH, DE  04/17/08  1.00 car ok but Jeep Corp and dealers have a lot to be desired. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2002  Nelson S. BRANDON, MS  11/26/07  3.00 Brake Calipers, Rotors, Pads - Defective Transmission Shifting into OD - Defective Heat/AC Blend Door - Defective 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2002  J L. MARBLEHEAD, MA  07/04/07  3.00 Brakes (rotors) warp every 12000 miles without fail - Jeep has replaced the defective calipers many times to no avail - 140,000 miles and Jeep owns my brakes - i get new rotors and pads - they send me a check - they so want me out of the vehicle but mechanically it is sound -  
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2002  Sandy E. FORT MYERS, FL  10/29/06  1.00 Way too many things wrong with vehicle that has just 48000 miles on it.  
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2002  Pamela A. CREAM RIDGE, NJ  08/22/06  2.00 Bought my 2002 Grand Cherokee Overland new. IT HAS BEEN AN ELECTRICAL NIGHTMARE EVER SINCE! THE STARTER HAS BEEN REPLACED 6 TIMES IN 8 YEARS. SEAT HEATER 3X AND I'VE GIVEN UP ON THAT. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2002  W W. EL CENTRO, CA  08/05/06  1.00 Brake lights and windows defective. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2002  Stuart V. NORTHPORT, NY  03/18/03  2.00 after owning 4 jeeps,, i will never buy a new one again.. seems everything that goes wrong with the car is "with in specs" 
jeep  grand cherokee   2001  Joe S. BERLIN, NJ  09/13/11  3.00 Heater doors broke. Fuel Pump expensive. Front end very loose. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2001  DP Z. PALATKA, FL  12/12/10  n/a can not find part 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2001  Rich F. PARK CITY, UT  10/14/10  3.00 minor glitches, and some rust, but I'm the second owner, not sure what may have happened to the car before me. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2001  Kathy M. LITTLETON, CO  01/13/10  3.00 Replaced heater core in November 2008. Current problem with heat. Warm air on driver side, cold air on passenger side. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2001  D S. CHICAGO, IL  11/11/09  2.00 braking, electrical, and handling are marginal  
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2001  Paul G. SOUTHFIELD, MI  08/27/09  3.00 Some brake pulsation problems 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2001  Bob T. PETOSKEY, MI  03/23/09  4.00 Great all around vehicle; in town, highway, trailering boat, off road. Comfortable seating, solid, quiet ride. Biggest complaint; top line chrome wheels on this "Limited" edition rusted so badly that tires wouldn't seal. Hope Chrysler has found a better supplier. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2001  Layla C. SEFFNER, FL  12/28/08  3.00 problems with tranny, water pump, and electric fan motor prior to 80k miles. Exterior and Interior have held up beautifully. very comfortable just not very reliable. : ( 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2001  Roy M. NORTH DARTMOUTH, MA  10/13/08  2.00 Great car especially in snowy conditions. The stock brakes undrsized and are junk. Car has developed a 'clunk' in the rear section that happens when you hit a bump in the road that no one can find the cause of even after EVERYTHING has been replaced in the back end of this car. Esrlier this year the head cracked! certain hed on the 4.0 up to 2002 could crack. mine did with 95,000 mpersonally maintained one onwer miles on it. Went with the aftermarket head. My cost was ~$800.00. Dealer would have wanted 3 times that...and he would have used a Chrsler head! 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2001  Sandy D. ROXBORO, NC  09/02/08  4.00 Power windows have a plastic cable leading from the motor to the actual window mechanism. In later models this cord has been replaced with a metal cable. I was told by a jeep repair shop the plastic cables all snap in this model; the cost is approx. $500. per window.  
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2001  Cj L. ANCHORAGE, AK  06/28/08  2.00  
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2001  Shane S. ALLENTOWN, PA  05/30/08  5.00 best ride ever 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2001  David J. COLUMBIA, SC  01/01/08  2.00 Have had major electrical systems failures in the last 2 years; very expensive repairs. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2001  Len R. MUSKEGON, MI  08/11/06  1.00 Inherent problems throughout vehicle and manufacturer does not seem to care or offer remedial action 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2001  Bill S. COLORADO SPRINGS, CO  06/07/06  n/a complaint #10258462 is incorrect. There was a recall on this and the seat can be fixed by the installation of 2 new bolts. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2001  Ken H. DURHAM, NC  05/04/06  5.00 Great vehicle...pushing 100K miles and no major repairs 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2001  John T. MANCHESTER, CT  09/21/05  2.00 radiator cooling fan not getting signal, radiator blew cost over $1400 with extended warranty 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2000  Juan M. JACKSONVILLE, FL  02/12/11  1.00 transmission shot,power windows broke,car stalls when stopping,engine knocking 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2000  Michael H. HOUSTON, TX  07/30/10  3.00 the drivers seat wiggles back and forth, but i've made a game of it so it can actually be fun. the a/c never was impressive when it worked, but broken for a year now. thats ok, got to where all i could do is hear (not a breeze one) it working when i turned it on anyway. Probably why i wasnt upset when the compressor went out, didnt much need it anyway. I would fix these things if hadnt melted the blower motor resistor by running the ac anyway. I figured the combination of blower fan on high and my plan to take the bumpiest roads would move whatever was blocking the air from flowing. I wont say it hasnt worked, it just requires patients. Nine months so far. She still starts. A squirt of graphite in the ignition every month or so and a new starter assures this. And while she takes off in second gear and tops out in 3rd, its better than those gears being 1st and 2nd. This might, or might not have someting to do with the engine light that stays on day and night. . Its likely to burn out soon, at which time Ill assume these problem to be fixed and the car witll be like new again.  
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2000  Larry L. FREDERICKSBURG, VA  05/11/09  5.00 Great car. Had no real problems with it. Had it since 2000 and it runs great. It's gettin old now and small problems are starting to appear. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2000  Jennifer S. MACOMB, MI  05/11/09  2.00 Brake line rusted through, transfer case leaking oil, oil leaks from differential, brakes constantly replaced, and trim around windows rotted out. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2000  Kelli Y. HAWTHORNE, CA  05/04/09  2.00 cooling system, relay, thermostat, water pump, fan, replace every year - NO JOKE.. Resevor whr coolant stored--leaks , n speedometer broken stuck at 40mph-?? 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2000  Sam S. ANCHORAGE, AK  04/22/09  1.00 Nothing but problems - especially after the warranty has expired. Front brake rotor is a major problem.  
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2000  Kay E. RADFORD, VA  01/19/09  2.00 brake problems, transmission problems, overheating problems requiring replacng head  
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2000  Ken P. SOUTHAVEN, MS  01/16/09  3.00 Nice truck, We enjoy the ride and the comfort inside.. sort of cockpit feeling in the front seats as its a little tighter than most suv's - otherwise we love it!! 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2000  Craig  S. LITITZ, PA  01/10/09  3.00 It has been a good vehicle for the 50,000 and 4 years I have owned it 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2000  Jere W. KNOXVILLE, TN  12/27/08  4.00 Brakes and air conditioning were 2 areas of repair on used 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Ltd 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2000  John S. FRANKLIN, WI  12/07/08  1.00 Poor ride, handling & fuel mileage. Solid front axle and torque converter clutch that locks only above 48mph are examples of features that could have been improved with technologies of that model year - would never buy a jeep again 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2000  Jim W. BANKS, OR  05/04/08  3.00 Brake problems, and now getting power train problems! 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2000  Gardner A. DESTIN, FL  04/30/08  3.00 3  
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2000  Ian B. BULLHEAD CITY, AZ  02/16/08  4.00 nice, off road, quick, comfy 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2000  Karen L. SHINGLE SPRINGS, CA  02/12/08  3.00 There are a lot of issues that have come up with this car, but despite that, it keeps on ticking. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2000  Mark B. FAYETTEVILLE, NY  03/29/07  2.00 Front Hood rust issue due to poor design, brakes have an unbelievably poor service life and have to be replaced constantly 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2000  Nancy B. BOYNTON BEACH, FL  02/16/07  3.00 door locks break  
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2000  Debbie F. BRAZORIA, TX  08/03/06  2.00 I have had a lot of the same problems that other people have had with their 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee; steering gear box (other than rack and pinion) which was in the recall, but the VIN wasn't included (of course), although the manufacturer date was in the same time frame as stated, the brakes and rotors, the door locks including the hatch, the rear tail lights, the coolant low (in which I had to replace the radiator ), the drivers seat bracket, electric windows not working properly even after being repaired, and now it won't even run due to a broken cylinder and now the new radiator has to be replaced due to the new one being defective. The list goes on. I absolutely DO NOT understand why these things are not included on a recall list; well, yes I do, MONEY. Mine still has not been repaired due to the cost (out of my pocket) and I will never buy another one (bought this one brand new and one of the windows didn't work when we test drove it and it had to be repaired before leaving the lot). That should have been a signal, huh? 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2000  John  M. OCEANSIDE, CA  05/03/06  3.00 good car but repairs are expensive.... gas is bad 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2000  Rick R. TAYLOR, MI  01/08/06  2.00 lots of trouble with this vehicle. not just wear and tear. apparently these are common problems. brakes, CV joint in front drive shaft, various electrical problems mostly in driver door. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2000  Sara P. SHAWNEE MISSION, KS  07/31/05  1.00 Too many brake problems, too many transmission repairs, many electrical problems as well 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   2000  Joe B. JENKINTOWN, PA  05/16/03  3.00 Front Rotors needed replacement at 18K resurface on car at 35k to stop irregular stopping. Transmission bangs when in low gear and downshift at low speed. Car noise at 60mph. Rides like a truck on good roads. Gas mileage less than rated. 12 city, 18 hw. 
JEEP  GRAND CHEROKEE   1999  Erik L. SAN BRUNO, CA  08/22/11  3.00 The two main problems that I've had with my 1999 Jeep G C are the SRS light or airbag light and the rear disc brake rotors. Since there was a recall on parts of the seat belt system, it's kind of a shame that Jeep didn't take the time to fix the parts that are normally associated with their SRS system or airbag system. For me, my seat belt sensor was the problem, but I guess for many it's there clockspring that deteriorates. Also my rear caliper had many sticking issues that the dealers never resolved. Finally with the replacement of the calipers, and rotors and a flushing of the braking system, the problem went away. That was after two replacement rotors, many pads, and two replacement calipers also. However, my Jeep is one of the best cars ever to take in the snow or off road on dirt. It flys through snow with great traction control, especially in 4X4. And I would buy it again, that is if I could afford the high prices associated with a bankrupt Chrysler. Unfortunately, they aren't competitive enough and I do forsee them going out of business eventually. That's awful b/c the new 2011 Jeep looks awesome. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   1999  Mickey R. TOA BAJA, PR  12/16/10  n/a primera vez. let me see 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   1999  Kit F. FRIENDSVILLE, TN  11/23/10  2.00 I have fixed the same issues on this car several times. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   1999  Stephen K. WEST MILFORD, NJ  12/30/09  4.00 Bought it used, ten years old. Driver seat failing mechanically, driver seat belt clip doesn't hold air bag idiot light on intermittently, 3-4 gear shift solenoid and Gas Tank Leak detection system causing a Check Engine Light. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   1999  Kris A. LYNNWOOD, WA  10/25/09  4.00 brake routers alway warping, headlights discolor, bumpers and side panels discolor mopor would not take care of these problem when it was under warrenty 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   1999  Mary C. MASONTOWN, PA  10/17/09  4.00 my clock spring went out which made everything on my steering wheel not work, drive shaf problems rear ends problems air cond and heating problems, and my heated seats come on by their self??? 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   1999  Barry  C. DENVER, CO  08/11/09  4.00 ticking at valves?  
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   1999  Abe N. WOODHAVEN, NY  02/05/09  5.00 drivers side seat track snapped and i only weigh 155 lbs, i see this is a big issue with jeeps after 1999. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   1999  Tiffany H. JACKSON, TN  01/15/09  0.00 i'm looking to buy a jeep grand cherokee laredo and i'm just looking around here to see if i should get it or not 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   1999  Vicki V. BERWICK, PA  09/26/08  3.00 Hesistation on start driving me NUTS. Husband wants to drive it over a cliff. Has been this way since I bought it used in 2001. Can't seem to find an answer or fix on any Jeep forum. Why hasn't JEEP addressed this??? 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   1999  Cyndee G. GUERNEVILLE, CA  07/16/08  1.00 Engine rod problems at 117,000 mi with no engine warning lights. And gauges are all normal 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   1999  Shon  G. PRAGUE, OK  06/09/08  4.00 brakes are crappy 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   1999  Edward W. DES PLAINES, IL  05/10/08  2.00 brakes have been horible 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   1999  Bradley  M. WILSONVILLE, AL  05/08/08  4.00 i like it 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   1999  Janan H. WAKE FOREST, NC  08/22/07  3.00 As many other owners of 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4x4's I have also experienced the intermittant shutting down of the engine. The first two times it occurred were at different speeds and no "check engine" light came on. The third time it occurred the check engine light came on and the dealer fixed a crankshaft position sensor.  
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   1999  JOHN M. PALATINE, IL  09/15/06  3.00 When gas gets below 1/4 tank, car will not shift out of low gear.  
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   1999  Debbie C. TUCSON, AZ  04/07/06  n/a have had to replace radiotor twice within months and still smells like it runs hot 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   1999  S C. SAN LORENZO, CA  12/07/05  4.00 20CITY/28HWY 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   1999  Wayne P. FOND DU LAC, WI  10/27/04  1.00 Brake rotors poorly designed. Got the extend warranty because of the multiple problems and it has paid for itself several times over. 
jeep  grand cherokee   1998  David W. ASHEVILLE, NC  01/01/12  4.00 Has been very reliable for 130,000 miles. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   1998  George H. GAINESVILLE, FL  05/03/10  3.00 lots of problems related to dealership repair and maintenance. Since changing to a private mechanic, little difficulty. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   1998  C W. MILWAUKEE, WI  01/09/09  5.00
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   1998  Travis D. COLDWATER, MS  05/27/08  4.00 Runs good. But burns lots of gas. The a/c has problems with accumlator. But its a $100 at the part store. But other that I like it. 
jeep  grand cherokee   1997  Larry Y. HANCOCK, IA  03/27/12  3.00 your comments here battery drainage when battery is connected overnite 
jeep  grand cherokee   1997  Chance O. SANFORD, FL  08/20/11  4.00 my jeep is very good it does great off road took it down some trails and never got stuck the only thing i hate is the ac leaking in the cab aera  
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   1997  Daniel M. BAYSIDE, NY  08/19/10  4.00 Car runs amazing, but every year the air conditioner gets clogged and the water pours into the car 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   1997  Mary F. GARY, TX  06/27/09  1.00 Worst vehicle for repairs that I have ever owned. The gas guage was defective one week after purchase. The radiator has been replaced twice. The back hatch spring has been replaced. The a/c drain line is leaking water under my seats. Replaced catalytic convertor. I will never by another Jeep!!!  
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   1997  Jessee K. SAN ANTONIO, TX  05/02/09  2.00 Major repairs for rear and front  
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   1997  Brian N. ,   04/29/09  0.00 No 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   1997  DAN F. PASADENA, TX  04/20/09  3.00 engine dies intermittenly 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   1997  David  B. MIDDLEBURG, FL  03/13/09  4.00 just bought from my mom for my 17-year old daughter. very good condition for her first. only thing to speek of is the erratic readings of the fuel gauge 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   1997  Gale L. FRESNO, CA  01/15/09  1.00 1. came out of gear when in park and crashed sustaining 5000.00 dollars in damage. had received a letter from daimler-chrysler in 2002,however it was not dated stating the car could do this. no recalls were present at the time. they denied any problem when car crashed. called an attorney who was a relative that told without a doubt (100%) the car would do this. he then called me back and stated he could not represent me because he represented daimler-chrysler. he was hired by chrysler after he baught a viper from them that was a lemon and he shoved it you know whewre and won. they realized what an outstanding attorney he was then hired him. talk about family ethics. 2 the car is stalling at high speeds,during u turns, while at stop signs. it to danngerous to drive. jeep keeeps telling me they can not find anything on diagnostics. i was out of town 250 miles from home and they want me to drive an unsafe vehichle back to the. they have been rude,evasive and blaming me. after 500.00 there diagnostics showed nothing. it has been to 5 other mechanics and know one has been able to diagnos the problem. i now have a 1997 grand cherokee limited that is loades that is dangerous and worth nothing. 3 if they insist on arbitration and a chance to fix it you will lose. it is worth your money to hire a lemon law atgtorney from the very beginning 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   1997  Jimmy W. MANAKIN SABOT, VA  09/14/08  3.00 poor engineering of a/c drain tube placement 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   1997  Richard B. CLEARWATER, FL  07/29/08  3.00 Good reliable car. Done a lot of miles on it, and still going strong. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   1997  Dennis F. ANNANDALE, VA  07/09/08  2.00 The Jeep seems to eat up tires & the transmission is poor. We have also experienced air conditioning problems in th past. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   1997  Rhonda W. SAINT PAUL, MN  08/05/07  3.00 Sensors seem to go bad all the time! coolant sensor especially! replaced it 3 times now. jeep hesitates, like it wants to die but then revs back to normal again. also seems to have electrical shorts more than what I would think is normal.  
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   1997  Kenneth  S. BRYANT, AR  03/01/07  4.00 Strong, well-built SUV. Have had two expensive problems since SUV was purchased in 1997: air conditioner compressor went out at about 125k miles. Second, exhaust manifold cracked at 110k miles.  
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   1997  Paula W. BLYTHEWOOD, SC  11/13/04  1.00 replaced differential five times and I am presently having engine problems and the mechanic cannot locate the problem. 
jeep  grand cherokee   1996  Marina E. SOUTH OZONE PARK, NY  12/19/11  1.00 I have had too many electrical problems to keep track of. 
jeep  grand cherokee   1996  Thelma S. HOUSTON, TX  12/02/11  3.00 Recently am starting to have major problems, I was told its my Catalyst converter but also told there might have been a recall on this car 
jeep  grand cherokee   1996  Catherine R. PETALUMA, CA  11/18/11  2.00 Onboard evic system failed. Discovered after jeep dealership had us spend thousands to fix other things and ended up being a faulty evic or computer. Were told can't be fixed they can't get the part. They won't refund us for work we had done in there attempt to figure out problem that ended up being defective computer1 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   1996  Rick S. GRAYSON, GA  09/03/09  2.00 Engine will stall while driving. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   1996  Joyce N. MILTON, FL  06/26/09  3.00 small electrical problems, minor rattles 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   1996  Kevin R. SEVIERVILLE, TN  05/19/09  n/a I had the random stalling issues that seem to be pretty common. After replacing the coil, cap, rotor, wires, and plugs, it still was stalling. Turned out to be the left hand connector going to the computer was coming loose. I tied a couple of zip ties around the connector and snugged it down tight. I also backed out the two cover screws on the computer and it hasn't stalled yet. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   1996  Ned C. CARROLLTON, TX  09/13/08  3.00 many intermittent engine problems 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   1996  Elaine F. ORLANDO, FL  07/31/08  2.00 My jeep has been stalling for over a month now. We keep taking it to our mechanic who has been baffled by our problem. It will stall out a couple of times with me and then when he gets or I get it back it drives beautifully. After a few days of driving it starts stalling again. We have changed the caps and rotors, sensors, among other things and still can't figure it out. I'm losing my mind over this!! 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   1996  Margo M. MIDDLEBURG, FL  05/12/08  1.00 unbelieveable problems!  
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   1996  Robert M. SAN DIEGO, CA  03/22/08  4.00 I HAD a stalling problem on my inline 6 cyl, and I found it to be at the connections at the 3 wire looms connecting to the computor, on pass. side of the engine compartment. I have a update from the MFG and the dealer broke the connection lock, so that the viberation will make in just loosen up just enough not to not make connections. Do this test... With the engine running, grap one wire harness at a time and shake it hard, pull on it lightly to mildly, and if the engine starts to run bad and/or smooth out, it it that connection at the computor, if not move and repeat to the next one, untill you are done, if the engine runs smooth or shakey all the time and not change, it is not this problem. the fix.... I got some sheet metal strap and crossed the 3 connections to the body using the one outboard computor hold down and a body bolt that is directly in line with the computor hold down, if nor it will slip off and the problem may become worse by cutting the wires or/and connections. Or 2 plastic tie wraps around top to bottom of each connection wire loom Robert - Auto ASE cert 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   1996  Robin M. BLUE ISLAND, IL  10/11/07  3.00 For those who have trouble with stalls, check the computer. We had an issue with ours and it turned out that the screws that hold the computer on were too long and were causing it to short out. Once we shortened the screw length, we haven't had issues. 
jeep  grand cherokee   1995  Aleisha S. BROCKTON, MA  06/21/12  1.00 it shakes violently in the front, rear caliper locked up and caught on fire, stuck in all 4 and will not budge. Helppppp!!!! 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   1995  Debbie P. LANSING, KS  06/25/10  0.00 a/c problems nobody can fix!! 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   1995  Otsman B. CANTON, GA  06/23/10  5.00 its a very good jeep after u upbrade the suspension with a lift kit 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   1995  Bruce R. MILFORD, IN  10/29/09  3.00 Front axle pinion gear has gone bad , but 252,900 miles would cause me to be tired too.Lately I've been having trouble with the engine dying about 20 minutes into my morning and afternoon commute.  
jeep  grand cherokee   1994  Kenneth B. VANCOUVER, WA  08/14/12  4.00 I love my Jeep. Coolant sensor warning is the only bug I can recall. 
jeep  grand cherokee   1994  Wayne  R. WILLIAMS BAY, WI  06/24/12  5.00 In the 230,000 miles i have put on this Cherokee my main expense was tires, brakes, blower fan, radiator, and weld a door hinge....i would rate it excellent...but now it stalls as you are driving it at any moment...and all report suggest a different reason as to what is i guess it time to move on... 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   1994  Michial C. EUDORA, KS  11/02/09  4.00 Only wish the fuel milage was better. 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   1994  Vincent R. MINNEAPOLIS, MN  09/25/09  3.00 Check engine code 22 coolant sensor 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   1994  Steven B. ,   07/22/09  5.00 great motor bad electronics and brakes  
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   1994  Mike M. EDMONDS, WA  02/24/09  3.00 great rig. Transmission can be a bother (third) 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   1994  Robert C. WASHINGTON ISLAND, WI  12/23/08  1.00 rough idle, poor runnability 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   1994  Chris W. FLINT, MI  05/28/08  3.00 warm start problems in summer weather 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   1994  Ralph  T. JACKSONVILLE, FL  05/23/08  4.00 AC drain is only issue I have with my ZJ 
Jeep  Grand Cherokee   1993  William C. COLONIAL HEIGHTS, VA  11/26/08  3.00 Great vehicle except current issue with fuel system. 
jeep  grand cherokee   1991  Chante Y. MURFREESBORO, TN  10/08/12  2.00 Electrical System, window, and brake problems. 

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