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  PONTIAC G8 Owner Reviews and Ratings

Below are the car reviews and ratings from other owners of PONTIAC G8 cars.
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 Reviews found: 19  Average Owner Car Rating: 4.14
Make Model Year Owner Name City State Date Added Car Rating Reviews and Complaints
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pontiac  g8   2009  John I. SNELLVILLE, GA  02/07/12  5.00 GXP MANUAL TRANSMISSION. Great all around car. Handles well, great power and fun to drive 
pontiac  g8   2009  Sandy H. BROOTEN, MN  01/09/12  5.00 one complaint that we have is that if we do not use the car and it sits for a while something draws the battery done and it will not start. We have been having a really mild winter, so I hate to think what would happen if it's get to be 20 below. We took it to the dealer before the warranty was up, and of course they couldn't find anything wrong. We only have 27,000 miles on it, and have had it for 3 years new. 
pontiac  g8   2009  THOMAS F. HUDSON, FL  11/07/11  5.00 great !!!!!!!! Puts "fun" back in driving!!!! 
Pontiac  G8   2009  J D. PLATTSBURGH, NY  04/19/11  4.00 Great build quality. Too many poorly engineered parts/trim 
Pontiac  G8   2009  Karl W. E. MAHWAH, NJ  06/14/10  5.00 Love the vehicle. Handles well, no major or minor problems, while averaging about 35K per year. MPG around 22-24 with 6.0 V8 consistently, due to mostly highway driving.  
Pontiac  G8   2009  Linda R. LEESBURG, IN  05/19/10  4.00 Love driving this car, except when on freeway there is a roar wi/vibration between 50 and 70 miles per hour that is VERY annoying to say the least. Worry about it becoming a safety issue. GM knows there is a problem, but doesn't seem to want to take care of it. 
Pontiac  G8   2009  George L. OXNARD, CA  11/09/09  5.00 gas guage says low fuel/empty when i can only put in 15.4 gallons in a 19.8 gallon tank 
Pontiac  G8   2009  Tim P. HIALEAH, FL  09/10/09  4.00
Pontiac  G8   2009  Allen J. LEON, WV  07/24/09  2.00 stal-air from air conditioner really bad ever since we first got it new 
Pontiac  G8   2009  Christopher R. BAKERSFIELD, CA  05/13/09  3.00 Rough vibration at variable speeds is intermittent and passes quickly, with no obvious cause or remedy. 
Pontiac  G8   2009  George P. GRAND ISLAND, NY  03/15/09  3.00 Over all the vehicle is good. It is lacking in electronics. EG driver info center does not display as much info as a Cobalt? Also the radio has the same problem in FM or AM mode it does not display the artist/title. 
Pontiac  G8   2009  Andrew H. HERNDON, VA  03/07/09  4.00 Just bought the car 3 weeks ago and love it overall but I have a squeaky belt problem. I was told there was a bulletin out on the issue and dealership has to order some kind of clamp or whatnot to fix the problem. A little irritating since I just bought the car brand new . . . 
pontiac  g8   2008  Cindi F. NOBLESVILLE, IN  11/28/11  5.00 I love my G8. I have had so many compliments on the style and the look of the car. Even though it is a 6 cylinder its a high performance vehicle. It gets great gas mileage. Would be a hard sell for me to give it up. 
Pontiac  G8   2008  Christopher C. GRAND PRAIRIE, TX  07/29/10  4.00 great car. Having paint problems. 
Pontiac  G8   2008  Glenda B. TUPELO, MS  03/21/10  3.00 We have had this car since May08,it has been in the shop at least 6 times.the last 3 times for the same thing,air bag light stays on,the module has been replaced 3 times,it is frustrating.I am disappointed in the G8.  
Pontiac  G8   2008  John Q. EATONTOWN, NJ  01/16/09  4.00 Transmission shifts abrupt in lower gears when cold 
Pontiac  G8   2008  Eric K. ,   11/08/08  3.00 2002 audi a4 1.8t 137000 km, diagnosed with transmission slipping problem. It is out of warrenty, do I fix it ....even if audi Canada offers good will help? I have become disenchanted, this has ruined my relationship with the car. When you drive an Audi it becomes an extension of you, so now it has rejected me and Audi Canada probably will as well. I enjoy the car very much. Some facts: in sept 2007 car was brought in to Crosby Audi to check out the little knock heard when leaving a stop. They reported 'hesitation felt when kickdown engaged but when ease off the trottle - no hesitation. note: noticed turbo glowing red - possible catalylic converter plugged. need more diag time" Warrenty for the converter from Audi is 8 years or 130000, my car had 125,368 km. So from that - the hesitation is normal but catalytic converter needs checking right?. One year later here I am. Why did they not check the converter then and there? that is why I went there have the car checked out.  
Pontiac  G8   2008  Perry R. LYNBROOK, NY  05/12/08  5.00 This is such a fantastic incredible power & handling, very comfortable!  

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