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Reviews found: 191 Average Owner Car Rating: 3.49
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hyundai  santa fe   2012 Kevin Q. KINGMAN, AZ 07/04/12  4.00 I have had vehicle about a month, no complaints other than seems a little slower in pickup that the 03 I used to have.  
hyundai  santa fe   2011 James C. ,   07/05/13  5.00 no issues at all. it has been very reliable  
hyundai  santa fe   2011 Donald I. PITTSBURGH, PA  12/08/11  4.00 good car-4 
hyundai  santa fe   2011 Gary A. OCALA, FL 10/20/11  3.00 your comments here Vehicle pulls to the right on any and all roads. 
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2011 Marie L. ,   06/04/11  n/a had this new suv for 2 weeks now. Happy with it except for one over-hanging issue. After the vehicle has sat parked for an hour or more, the transmission makes a wierd noise when shifting from 2-3 gear. Sometimes i can feel a vibration thru the acceleration pedal at the same time. This is a brand new vehicle! Trans. prob. ALREADY??? 
hyundai  santa fe   2010 John  T. TUCSON, AZ 05/31/12  n/a Repair facility... 
hyundai  santa fe   2010 Jeff E. DYER, IN 08/30/11  2.00 Tie rod went bad took it to the dealership the replaced the part and said the did a front end alingment, but my front tires are worn out on the inside. Took the Santa Fe to a tire store per Hyundai request and the said it was an alingment issue. Called Hyundai back and all I get is a run around.  
hyundai  santa fe   2010 Mike H. ,   08/14/11  4.00 The vehicle runs very well overall. Gets close to the estimated fuel economy in real word driving. V6 3.5L . Transmission sometimes shifts rough. The 18 inch tires make for a great highway ride but are a bit stiff in the City. 
hyundai  santa fe   2010 Pat B. MAPLETON, IL  08/12/11  3.00 Gas mileage is terrible and it rides rather rough. Since this is my first SUV I have nothing to compare it to. Having issues with the transmission or the AWD and it is in the dealer at this time. 
hyundai  santa fe   2010 Janna P. ,   08/09/11  4.00 sometimes makes a clunking noise when drive gear is activated... they dealer claims the transmission has a "memory" so they "reset" the transmission for me during my last service....  
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2010 Alex C. CRANBERRY TWP, PA  05/21/11  3.00 Poor Gas Mileage I don't drive fast, no jack rabbit starts lr fast stops. 2010 Santa Fe 6 CYL AWD Highway mileage is good but city is much less than expected. 15 MPG I got 16 on my 1998 12 year old explorer 6 cyl  
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2010 Iannelli R. ,   05/20/11  3.00 shifting problem in low gear 
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2010 Dan D. GLENVIEW NAS, IL  05/05/11  n/a Transmission lurches between low gears, slips in upper gears. ECM updated twice by dealer - although they claim to have never heard of this problem on any other 2010 Santa Fe - which did not correct the problem. Took it in for third time; service mgr is supposedly calling the regional service mgr to see how to proceed. Will update with news. 
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2010 Samantha S. ,   05/02/11  2.00 we bought 2010 santa fe. Have had nothing but issues. Mostly random parts falling off the under carage that result in, no steering, no braking, surging. i don't want to drive this car any more 
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2010 Penny K. WAGONER, OK 04/28/11  n/a something wrong with my transmission  
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2010 Anita R. BARRACKVILLE, WV  04/12/11  2.00 2010 Santa Fe has major transmission issues. Have had it in the shop three times and is not repaired. Goes into a neutral state, jerks, and slips between 20-28 MPH.  
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2010 Jamie H. CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO  02/25/11  1.00 transmissions should last around 200,000 miles, not 2,000.  
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2010 Di B. ,   10/24/10  5.00 Really good value for the price. We paid 25000 $ taxes included. The car has a manual transmission. No recall... 
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2010 Jim U. ABILENE, TX 10/15/10  5.00 Once I learned to drive with one foot, my problems with this SUV "lurching" were resolved. The "fly by wire" accelerator cant respond quickly enough to drivers using 2 feet, one on the brake, the other on the gas pedal 
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2010 Jim M. DEL RIO, TX 07/13/10  4.00 2010 Hyuundai Santa Fe Vehicle tries to go into reverse at times when started. Engine misses at slow speed-second or third gear. 
hyundai  santa fe   2009 Ruth W. LAKE CHARLES, LA 10/02/12  2.00 Passenger airbags is off. Somethings wrong with suspension in back or wheel Feel vibration in steering wheel as if something was loose. 
hyundai  santa fe   2009 Rock B. ,   06/02/12  4.00 My rear breaks have stay engage in winter 2011-2012 who oblige me to pay for new disk and rear job brake. Just before the winter season 2011-2012 they have lubrificate and clean all rear brake parts on a schedule service. 
hyundai  santa fe   2009 Rita B. PANAMA CITY, FL  05/15/12  4.00 2nd Santa fe I've owned. But have started having a transmission problem and only have 36K miles. Gathering info to go to dealer. 
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2009 Melanie F. ,   05/02/11  2.00 front tires wore out on the inside, rear brakes had to be replaced at 33,000 km, transmission replaced at 40,000 
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2009 Martin R. NASHUA, NH 05/02/11  5.00 The car is excellent in most ways. Fuel economy is a bit disappointing. To get reasonable gas-mileage, you either have to be cruising at highway speeds or manually control the transmission. The default shift points are too low which causes the engine to lug a bit at low speeds. Forcing a downshift (usually from 5 to 4) generally keeps the RPMs closer to 2000 and that is where the car gets reasonable gas-mileage. 
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2009 Roland B. MADISON HEIGHTS, VA 03/31/11  5.00 Best vehicle I've ever had - But then again I'm easy to please. The only issue is a mysterious crack in the windshield that "suddenly" appeared. 
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2009 David K. HASTINGS, MN  10/13/10  4.00 The car seems well built and is extremely comfortable. 
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2009 Del C. NEW ORLEANS, LA 04/16/10  4.00 I've had the car a month and already experience squeaking noise of which I can't pinpoint the cause. It sounds like its from the left rear portion of the car. Also, the automatic lights turn off & on during the day despite bright sunlight, not a cloud around. Accerleration is a concern. At times it seems to hesitate and other times it accelerates too fast. I hope its just my needing to adjust to the new Santa Fe as opposed to my 2005 Santa Fe. 
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2009 Hi J. MESA, AZ 02/07/10  4.00 I have had no problems with the Santa Fe that was purchased last year. The gas mileage is the same for SUV of its size. Will post in future any problems that may arise.  
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2009 Remon Z. EDISON, NJ 11/21/09  n/a After only 30K miles, my Santa Fe's check engine light turned on while I was driving down the highway and all of a sudden, my accelerator didn't function. Luckily, I was able to bread and pull over to the side, but had to turn the car off and back on just get it going again. Car is currently at the dealership for analysis. 
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2009 J P. CHICAGO, IL 09/13/09  5.00 Sun visor requires finger grips to open, very minor but an annoyance
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2009 Patricia K. TUSCALOOSA, AL  08/17/09  4.00 Comment made 2/19/12: Generally LOVE the Santa Fe. 2 - issues: battery had to be replaced at 2 years, 3 months. Uneven wear on front tires at 2 1/2 years, with regular rotation, balance and alignment. May have to replace at 37,000 miles. 
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2009 Walt M. SEATTLE, WA 08/05/09  0.00 No commnets at this time. 
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2009 John A. LITTLETON, CO  06/15/09  5.00 gas mileage is a litter better than posed. Hesitates when getting on the high way radio speakers very poor windshield wipers and spray work perfectly, better then car competitors. excellent fit and finish inside and out  
hyundai  santa fe   2008 Brian M. HARRISON, AR  08/05/12  5.00 I love my Santa Fe 
hyundai  santa fe   2008 Ted M. OAK ISLAND, NC 06/18/12  4.00 tires worn out at 25000 miles 
hyundai  santa fe   2008 Cecilia N. BINGHAMTON, NY  12/09/11  2.00 Multiple problems requiring service since purchase(new). Rear fixed window was leaking-damaging to interior. Acceleration is poor. Dealer said it replaced a component but I notice no change. Interior dash lights reflect too much against side windows. One good point is stability control. A quick evasive maneuver on the highway corrected itself miraculously well. 
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2008 Danielle  C. COLUMBUS, OH  07/15/11  4.00 acceleration switch broke and car would cruze to a stop 
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2008 Kenneth R. LA CROSSE, WI 06/24/11  3.00 suspension noisie,engine loud when first started for couple minutes 
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2008 Jim S. PHOENIX, AZ 01/16/10  4.00 a worthy vehicle, little harder ride but very stable in an emergency
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2008 Tom L. DAYTON, OH 11/17/09  3.00 Overall, we are pleased with our Santa Fe. However, at about 35,000 miles we began experiencing an issue with a clicking noise in the engine. After some research I determined this to be a fairly common problem with the 2.7 liter engines. Unfortunately, the dealer says he has no idea what is causing the noise. They first said it was the oil filter I was using, but when I switched to a Hyundai filter the noise went from intermittent to constant. All I know is that my 3 year old car sounds like an old 1950's car with clicking lifters. With that I'm not pleased at all and I wonder what kind of unusual wear is taking place that will need fixed before its time. 
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2008 John L. PITTSBURGH, PA  10/20/09  4.00 bad radio & nav system 
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2008 Patrick L. , AE  06/15/09  3.00 Cheap noisy(excessive road noise) tires. Rated gas mileage overstated! 
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2008 Edward F. ,   05/06/09  4.00 2009 Hundai Santa Fe 
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2008 Barb R. FAIRFIELD, OH  05/02/09  4.00 just checking for a recall 
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2008 T S. OMAHA, NE  04/25/09  0.00 utyut 
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2008 Don L. WAVERLY, TN 04/14/09  3.00 Coil pack went out on 2008 at about 14000 miles then the fuel flow sencer went out around 31000 miles. This happened about 20 or 30 times before dealer could fix it. The car would idle down to about 15 miles per hour . Had to stop and restart to reset the sencer. Ordered part and first one was broken.took 4 days to get another part in. Used dealer car, dealer did good job fixing the problems. 
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2008 Mark B. CARY, IL  04/03/09  3.00 Rough idle trouble. 
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2008 Buzz C. ROSEMOUNT, MN  03/24/09  5.00 Have read in different Hyundai Santa Fe forums that there is a serious problem with the passenger airbag system being armed when passengers are evidently too light to cause it to arm. However, I have seen, in the forums, weights up to 140 lbs. mentioned as not enough to arm the system. Numerous complaints filed with Hyundai, the U.S. Government and the Better Business Bureau, but it seems Hyundai isn't willing to address the problem, even though it also existed in their Sonatas...and they did address in them, finally. Could be a HUGE safety problem, and aside from Hyundai's liability in the event of an accident, a lot of owners in the forums fear t hat the owners could also be liable for injuries sustained by passengers if they (the owners) knew the system wasn't working correctly...even if they had tried to get it corrected through Hyundai. This passenger airbag arming system is a very, very serious issue, and all owners should be advised immediately!!! Hyundai needs to address it ASAP!!! 
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2008 L. J. Ft Myers, FL 01/28/09  2.00 I own a base model 2008 Santa Fe and have had it in the shop several times since buying it. The quality of the craftmanship so far seems to be poor. The underneath of the bottom of the rear seat came undone twice. The dealership ended up having to replace the seat bottom. I have had it in the shop twice for the inside door rubber linings falling down on two different doors. So far two have been replaced, with one of them now failing a second time. I have questioned my local dealership and had my car looked at several times for the transmission to. When slowing down between short distances it makes a hard noticeable clunk that can be felt and heard through the floor when it's down shifting. I was told that there's nothing wrong with it though, and that it's perfectly normal to do that. When you have to accelerate fast it sounds and feels like the transmission can't keep up with the engine. The quality of the CD player isn't the greatest either. It makes a lot of noise (at least mine does) when in use that you can hear over the CD being played. 
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2008 Bill S. ALBUQUERQUE, NM  01/08/09  2.00 At about 1500 miles car couldn't put the car in reverse without it suddenly lurching backward. Ended up that Hyundai had to install a new transmission. With only 1500 miles! 
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2008 Bryan B. NORTH OLMSTED, OH 11/14/08  5.00 Excellent handling, fun to drive. Great quality in fit and finish. 
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2008 Eugene S. AMAGANSETT, NY  11/12/08  4.00 TPMS light keeps coming on pressure is ok whats up? 
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2008 Rafael  F. FORT LAUDERDALE, FL  10/05/08  3.00 sdgfsf 
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2008 Ilann D. ,   10/01/08  4.00 creaking noise bottom left corner of windshield
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2008 Jim B. CLARKSBURG, NJ  07/16/08  5.00 FWD 2.7 V-6 very dependable/excellant road handling/improved turning radius over previous model 
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2008 J. P. NEW CASTLE, DE 07/14/08  3.00 June 2013 current issue is with the gas gauge. During the past few months I have noticed the gas gauge sticking either below 'E' or near empty when I know I have plenty of fuel. Of course it is now out of warranty for this problem. I will keep track of my fuel usage on paper in hopes that there is a recall for this.  
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2008 Raymond  L. ,   05/24/08  1.00 4 return trips for service of the air bag lite dealer unable to fix problem lit keeps reoccurring.  
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2008 James B. LANGHORNE, PA  05/12/08  5.00 Very quiet and very smooth acceleration. Limited model is very well equipped without any options. 
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2008 Melinda  P. NORFOLK, VA 03/31/08  0.00 Loved my new Santa Fe until it spontaneously caught fire while parked over night. Fire inspector says no arson - but likely an electrical problem. Now I find out that there is a recall on the wiring harness to the optional tow kit and that it "may catch fire". 
hyundai  santa fe   2007 Robert M. SANFORD, FL 07/26/12  3.00 Paint issues. had to have it repainted no dealer help 
hyundai  santa fe   2007 Perry F. ,   06/28/12  3.00 your comments here I have experienced multiple electronic problems with my car; each one has taken many visits to the dealer o resolve; faulty gas indicator fuel gauge, air bag light, and security alarm going off at Radom times. 
hyundai  santa fe   2007 Jason D. ABSECON, NJ 03/03/12  3.00 It's an overall pretty good car. Could use a little more head room especially the Santa Fe with the sunroof. Only a few problems, the big one so far is the fuel sending unit and the airbag light on the dashboard in on. 
hyundai  santa fe   2007 Jennifer B. EXTON, PA 01/17/12  2.00 Transmission went at 72,000 miles and Hyundai would not cover the costs. They do not stand behind there 100,000 mile power train warranty. 
hyundai  santa fe   2007 John R. PITTSBURGH, PA  12/01/11  2.00 My 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe operates very sluggishly and has always had bad gas mileage. No matter what I do to try to improve, resuklts are always temporary and minimal. 
hyundai  santa fe   2007 Robert  C. MONTICELLO, MN  10/23/11  3.00 Satisfied in all parameters except for mileage on the 2.7 V6. Not good. 
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2007 Tom W. WESTERNVILLE, NY  09/21/10  3.00 airbag problems dealer not able to repair 
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2007 Mildred S. COTTONWOOD, AL  09/20/10  3.00 I bought this car new. in the first year I had to have the rotors turned. later I had to have new rotors. Now, the car has 45,ooo miles and I have to have new calipers, rotors machined and brake pads. I do not ride my brakes. Have never had brake problems with any other car. I believe it must be a mfg. defect. 
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2007 Francis D. EUREKA, CA 08/21/10  0.00 if i had any expertice ,would be on this site? no opinon works for me 
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2007 Ray J. ,   10/28/09  4.00 check engine light will come on and go off for no reason. fault code is P2154 (this time) Dealer unable to find solution. 
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2007 Barbi C. GREENWOOD, DE  09/25/09  3.00 A-Pillars restrict visability, interior lighting is poor and is not directed to where user needs it (not user friendly). Also, Hyundai factory-installed tires are "cupping" prematurly and vibrate. 
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2007 MARY M. PHILADELPHIA, PA  09/18/09  4.00 they should install a rain activated switch to close roof if it startys to rain 
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2007 Bruce K. MERRIMACK, NH  09/02/09  2.00 Ive had numerus front ent problems the swaybar bushings have been replaced and the tires I'M ON MY 3RD SET THEY KEEP GETTING UNBALACED AND MAKE TERRIBLE NOISE 
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2007 Bill F. BERKLEY, MI 08/18/09  4.00 This car has a suspension issue that makes the tires cup and become noisey by 24,000 miles. Tires are Firestone Dueler brand. 
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2007 Stacy H. SAINT CHARLES, IL 08/01/09  2.00 Having excessive problems with headlights dimming upon braking and interior temperature screen flickering, as well as headlights flickering when driving. This car is a safety concern. 
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2007 Dennis D. NAPERVILLE, IL  07/14/09  4.00 At 23k miles dealer stated rust on rotor causing small squeak and said could fix for $460. At 28k miles left rear brake very loud (steel on steel). Dealer said needed both rotors and pads for $519. Refused and took car to CarX, who quoted $370. On inspection by CarX, only the left outboard pad had locked up on slider with no pad at all. There was 15-20k left on rest of pads. CarX ground rotors to spec and replaced pads for $180. Went back to dealer and got refund for $27.50 brake inspection after they insisted on measuring tolereances. THEY LOST!  
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2007 Rob G. CEDAR CREST, NM 06/22/09  5.00 excellent 
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2007 Heather L. STERLING, MA  06/18/09  4.00 Don't like the fact that when you open a door, the light above the console does not turn on, only the middle and back lights do. In one winter, I had to replace the windshield 2x, due to rocks hitting the glass and cracking it. Never had that problem before. Maybe its the angle of the glass on this particular vehicle? I have 56,000 miles on it, and so far no real complaints as far as performance goes. I am very happy with it, overall. 
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2007 ANGELA  F. QUEENS VILLAGE, NY 06/03/09  4.00 NONE SO FAR.
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2007 Michael K. LITTLE NECK, NY 05/27/09  4.00 The car is fine. Has some software glitches I guess. Would not start a couple of times and then after about a half hour it started. The dealers are sleazy, at least around this area (Long Island) 
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2007 Stacy V. DERBY, KS 04/22/09  2.00 I purchased this SUV in January of 2007 and have had cosmetic issues from month one. I've had the carpet replaced twice, bumper repainted because of chips and drips from the manufacturer and now the leather and dash is slowly peeling away.  
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2007 G A. PITTSBURGH, PA  04/21/09  2.00 Rear brake issues 
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2007 Kathy B. PARK RIDGE, IL  12/19/08  4.00 Just bought it used. So far it's very good. 
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2007 Larry S. WASHINGTON, PA  12/03/08  4.00 No fog light availiable if not on vehicle at time of purchase 
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2007 Dd D. LAKE WORTH, FL 10/29/08  1.00 ssss 
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2007 Carl S. ,   07/25/08  2.00 problems wiht my air bag system 
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2007 Zach R. WEST HENRIETTA, NY  06/12/08  4.00 Good car. The air compressor is pretty loud though and makes clunking noises sometimes. The car also Idles roughly when the air conditioner is on, more than it should. Also, the breaks are sometimes a bit too hard to press. 
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2007 Mark B. LOUISVILLE, KY  05/25/08  4.00 very happy with this suv 
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2007 Ed L. NORTH OLMSTED, OH 05/14/08  4.00 Windshield gasket starting to come off, was told it would be covered under warranty. I have an on going problem with the radio, sound quality fades up and down speratically. 
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2007 Rick M. BLACKLICK, OH  04/24/08  3.00 Sante Fe is getting a lot of road noise / vibration in the body 
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2007 Douglas G. LANSDALE, PA  04/15/08  1.00 DEFECTIVE FRONT PASSENGER AIRBAG SYSTEM. My wife weighs approximately 135 lbs. Her weight is NOT sufficient to activate the front passenger air bag or the front passenger side impact air bag which are both controlled by a sensor in the seat. The dealer says the airbag system is working as designed and the solution to our problem is to have my wife ride in the rear seat.  
Hyundai  Santa Fe   2007 Michelle G. , AE  02/05/08