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  HYUNDAI ACCENT HATCHBACK Owner Reviews and Ratings

Below are the car reviews and ratings from other owners of HYUNDAI ACCENT HATCHBACK cars.
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Make Model Year Owner Name City State Date Added Car Rating Reviews and Complaints
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hyundai  accent hatchback   2012  Lou V. NEW BEDFORD, MA  11/07/11  4.00 Nice economical inexpensive little car, fun to drive, roomy interior, seats 4 adults very comfortably, decent cargo room with seats up more with seats down, good fuel mileage with 6 speed automatic, it's peppy and has manual shift option, very good warranty, overall good bang for the buck. 
Hyundai  Accent Hatchback   2009  Lawrence S. GREENSBURG, PA  06/15/10  5.00 I could not find a better alternative to the Hyundai Accent when it came to price versus quality. The warranty is exceptional. It may not have all the bells and whistles, but that was my choice. No buyer's remorse on my part!! 

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