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dodge avenger   2012 Tracy P. TITUSVILLE, FL  11/19/12  3.00 I bought this car brand new, and 5 days ago it caught on fire. I had it to a dodge dealer last Tuesday morning for stalling, and the smell of burning, and was told it just needed a computer update. On my way home that night, it caught on fire. 
dodge avenger   2012 Kimberly L. YUKON, OK 08/01/12  2.00 starting to have performance problems 
dodge avenger   2012 Tiffany W. BALDWINSVILLE, NY  07/23/12  4.00 Besides losing my breaks once I have had really no issues with the car 
dodge avenger   2012 Kristy F. RUSHVILLE, OH  06/18/12  1.00 Thus far I have a very low rating for the 2012 Dodge Avenger. We bought the car on Friday, June 8, 2012 with 40 miles on it. On Monday, June 11, 2012 we began having problems with the transmission downshifting properly. We took it back to dealership on Tuesday, June 12 and supposedly the problem was fixed. I drove the car to work on Wendesday, June 13 and we began having the same problems with transmission. My husband was at dealership ALL day Thursday, June 14. The problem is still not fixed. We are awaiting Chrysler to send part to dealership so we can get this problem fixed. The car now has over 600 miles on it - approx 57 was put on by dealership trying to "get the car to do the problem for them" We have no qualms with Tri-County dealership. They have been awesome to work with regarding this problem. The problem we have is with Chrsyler not supplying the part as promised so we can actually drive our car. 
dodge avenger   2012 Tawana J. WALDORF, MD 04/02/12  1.00 i purchased an avenger and 11 days later it needed a hydraulic control unit can you believe it 2012 
dodge avenger   2011 Richard C. ALVIN, TX 12/14/12  1.00 Transmission jerks, i have taken it to the dealership 5 times, they cannot find anything "wrong". Now the car is stalling and shutting off. It only has 33,000 miles on it. 
dodge avenger   2010 Sarah B. PHOENIX, AZ 11/17/12  n/a Keep having problems with the brakes squeeking!
dodge avenger   2010 Felicia D. SUISUN CITY, CA  09/09/12  3.00 I love my Dodge Avenger, I am having a Problem with Cooling system though 
dodge avenger   2010 Della M. ,   07/29/12  3.00 So far seems to be a good car 
dodge avenger   2010 Chuck A. SOMERDALE, OH  03/09/12  3.00 having problems with brakes always 
dodge avenger   2010 Larry H. ,   02/06/12  5.00 2.4l engine. 16.9 us gal tank gets 900km(540miles) to a tank of fuel. AMAZING! All I can say. 
Dodge Avenger   2010 Karole B. SPRINGFIELD, IL  06/27/11  2.00 i have had the car for 6 months my brake light keeps coming on will stay on for a couple of minutes then go off what should i d0 
Dodge Avenger   2010 Kathleen C. BEAUFORT, SC  04/07/11  3.00 I bought this car Feb 6, 2011. It was a used 2010 Avenger with 36,000 miles on it. It had been a rental car. In the past couple of days when I crank it, it stalls out. Takes about 3 trys to get it started. 
Dodge Avenger   2010 Keith G. SAINT CLOUD, FL 03/22/11  n/a The availability of a wire harness to repair due to front end collission is just impossible. Its going into 3 months of no car after everything else has been fixed. 
dodge avenger   2009 Brandi S. LAMAR, OK 10/12/11  3.00 My trunk holds water in the top of truck lid. Therefore, when trunk is opened it pours into the inside of the trunk. Recently the engine will not start. I dont know whats causing this. I have to continue trying to start it before it actually does. No malfunction lights or messages come on to indicate a problem. 
dodge avenger   2009 W G. ,   08/21/11  5.00 Great car, good power for its size, good passing power, I have over 58K miles on it with no issues. 
Dodge Avenger   2009 Lisa H. LAKESIDE, CA  07/17/11  1.00 I have a 2009 Dodge Avenger that is operating unsafely. It continues to maintain its speed when I take my foot off of the accelerator, for up to 1/4 to 1/2 a mile, or until I press on the brakes! It also to lurches forward when automatically downshifting, causing me to brake even harder with near misses in all of these situations. I initially worked with La Mesa Dodge dealership, where I purchased the car, but after several months, poor cust svc and no resolution, I took the vehicle to Hine Dodge in Mission Valley, CA. The Service Mgr and Svc advisors have driven the vehicle. All verbally admitted that they experienced the situations I described above. The vehicle operation was recorded and sent to a Chrysler service Rep, who replied the "vehicle operates as designed." Although the Svc advisors/mgr has verbally described their experience to me, they have not documented anything on the service sheet. I have verbally stated many times that this vehicle "is unsafe to drive" and the serviceman have also verbally told me they agree "it is unsafe to drive" yet I am expected to pick it up without resolution. I am dropping the car off tomorrow, and will not pick it up from the dealer until the issue is resolve. Enough is enough!! I am tired of driving an unsafe vehicle, and putting myself and my loved ones in harms way. What are my rights as a consumer to get the accurate documentation on service sheets? I am hoping that the last "recordings" taken last week will actually provide some evidence of the "unsafe operation" of the vehicle, but my ongoing negative experience leaves me worried, and leery that the Chrysler corporation will acknowledge this serious problem. The transmission was completely replaced in 2010, and the problem became worse, and more frequent. I am constantly having near miss accidents when taking my foot off the accelerator, and the car does not slow down, and then when braking, it accelerates when downshifting. Please help. I am exhausted and need advi 
Dodge Avenger   2009 Mark R. Clear Lake, IA  03/16/11  5.00 I bought the car on 7/3/09, and I have had no problems with it. Currently, 14,500 miles on it. I love the size of it, trunk and all!  
Dodge Avenger   2009 Shaaron J. LOS ANGELES, CA 02/11/09  4.00 Engine cuts out in traffic...other than that i love the car. 
dodge avenger   2008 Tracy H. CLEVELAND, OH  09/14/12  3.00 Problems with air bag light coming on and also clucking sound in rear end and they claim is normal 
dodge avenger   2008 Elaine  B. SPARTANBURG, SC  06/09/12  n/a your comments here clicking sound bad no lights come on saying anything wrong,whinning noise at times.  
dodge avenger   2008 David O. SAN ANTONIO, TX 05/11/12  3.00 air bag light always on and symbol for tires under the drive (!) comes on alot also even if tires are in good shape and balanced 
dodge avenger   2008 Roeshon R. SOMERVILLE, TX  05/04/12  2.00 i have had a lot of brake and alternator and electric problem 
dodge avenger   2008 Lisa M. BENTON CITY, WA 04/12/12  3.00 have owned for about 9 months, frequently vehicle smells hot, hear a whirring noise-possibly transmission related. hate the fact that the trans fluid level is not accessible to owner. 
dodge avenger   2008 Sue K. MERIDEN, CT 02/09/12  2.00 If I did not have an extended warranty I would be madder. My main computer blew. The starter went because the computer. My alternator blew. Now I'm getting a burning smell from the heater. If I could sell it I would. Transmission is a piece of crap again. All computerized bull. I will never buy a Dodge again Never. I had a Dodge Daytona for years and never had problems that cost so much. Don't buy this car. I don't even want to drive it. My family fixes our own cars and we take care of our cars.  
dodge avenger   2008 Danna B. OKLAHOMA CITY, OK  02/01/12  1.00 Only ran 2 months
dodge avenger   2008 Lory R. PENITAS, TX 12/17/11  1.00 I hate it that this car has made me spend so much money and yet it keeps on being unreliable. I hate it first time I can say something like this happens to me. 
dodge avenger   2008 Anne C. STUART, FL 09/14/11  4.00 problem with stalling and wipers coming on when making a right turn. Hate the YES fabric its a definite NO. 
Dodge Avenger   2008 Joyce S. FORT WORTH, TX 08/21/11  1.00 Have a knocking in front end after driving for about half hour or so, it sounds like the struts or brakes, dealer didnt hear or find problem. Its still there. 
Dodge Avenger   2008 Bob S. ,   06/09/11  2.00 Many recurring electrical issues (fuses, wipers). Persistent ticking sound in engine compartment--not fixable by dealer 
Dodge Avenger   2008 Casandra W. DES MOINES, IA 12/19/10  1.00 The rear bumper on my daughter's 2008 Dodge Avenger flew off while driving on the interstate. Dodge will not take responsibility! 
Dodge Avenger   2008 Je D. WATERVILLE, NY  08/25/10  3.00 Complaints $3,000 car bill @37,000 no relief on warrenty. Engine Light on & car overheats. car becoming unreliable and ver expensive. 
Dodge Avenger   2008 Eva J. HOUSTON, TX 08/23/10  1.00 i have been problems with this car from day one.dash stay lit up ,fuel,injectors,vacuum hoses ect. 
Dodge Avenger   2008 Donna B. PONTIAC, MI 06/16/10  1.00 this is the only car I have ever had SO MANY PROBLEMS WITH. In a 2 week period it was at the dearlership 3 times costing me not on money out of pocket but also TIME and afterwards I get the recall notie and yet to be reinbursed. 
Dodge Avenger   2008 Jennifer B. INGLESIDE, IL  03/15/10  1.00 One problem after another back hump break light does not work due to water pouring into the trunk. (Thru the trunk latch; smalls like a cat used as a litter box)! No light goes on to let me know that the break light no longer works. Carpet in trunk is ruined from the water. Leaves keep showing up into a closed trunk? How are they getting in? Can not use the trunk for anything! Called Dodge and filed a complaint with then; they told me I was the only report at this time. On the road my husband and I noticed that almost all 2008 Dodge avengers on the road must have the same problem. CHECK YOUR MIDDLE BACK BREAK LIGHT; it's burnt out trust me we saw many on the road. Then check for water in the trunk it will be there. Call Dodge please 
Dodge Avenger   2008 Diana L. PUNTA GORDA, FL 02/27/10  4.00 car will not go into reverse. no problem before drove to work no problems . started car to go home unable to shift. 
Dodge Avenger   2008 B J. CORRALES, NM  02/19/10  1.00 When slowing down at around 10 to 12 miles per hour the vehicle will accelerate forward for a split second. Your foot is not on the accelerator (gas pedal) or the brake during this time. This is an intermittent problem. I have taken this in to the dealer numerous times and they said there is nothing wrong. Has anyone else had this similar problem? 
Dodge Avenger   2008 Chris D. OKLAHOMA CITY, OK  12/04/09  1.00 very poor quality and reliability 
Dodge Avenger   2008 Patti L. NEW MIDDLETOWN, OH  11/24/09  3.00 I have 11500 miles on my car and the radio stopped working 
Dodge Avenger   2008 Paul S. ,   11/09/09  2.00 Poor seats cheap interior 
Dodge Avenger   2008 Brenda B. ,   10/29/09  3.00 I've had my car to the dealership 6 times for a noise that's comiing from the brake area. They can't seem to duplicate the problem but it still exists. 
Dodge Avenger   2008 Ronald B. ,   10/19/09  5.00 2008 Avenger R/T, 3.5 V6 HO. AWD, Full load, drives excellent, lots of power and great braking and traction control.great accessory package. good mileage for the power avaliable (11 liters per hundred kilometers) no problems and great service at the dealership.  
Dodge Avenger   2008 Suzy B. ,   06/25/09  1.00 the transmission shifts hard when needed to pick up speed, also stalls and jumps forward all on its own when stopped and foot applied to brake Dodge has done nothing to correct the problem. Plus when extended warrenty was purchased was told it was bumper to bumper and these issues are not covered under the warrenty?? These are safety issues! 
Dodge Avenger   2008 Keith M. FLUSHING, NY  06/22/09  2.00 I have a 2008 Dodge Avenger R/T . I wanted to post my problems with this car since i had it now 2 years 22,000 miles. The brakes are having major problems in the front... The rotors were cut by the dealer at 12,000 miles for shaking and loud vibration/grind. My pads were checked and ok'd, The rotors were worped and need to be cut, they covered it luckly with a arguement. abouit 16-17,000 miles i got the shake back and luod noise again, went to the dealer and they said i need pads and rotors cut, They wanted $300+ to do this and they even billed me $99 to look at the brakes, i was pissed after being there for brake light sensor on, and also tire pressure light on, also other recalls. The problem is now i had another shop do replace the pads and cut the rotors for way less, problem is after 2 weeks they started to make clicking noise and weird clanks at slow stops. I brought it back and he put different pads and cut rotors again, didnt help becouse the noise came back. I couldnt deal with it anymore and today brought it to the dealer. The dealer said i need front and back rotors and pads. The price is $1250! I aslo had a airbag light on which is covered under warranty. I cant believe after having the pads replace and rotors cut they said i need all the brake rotors and pads. The back thsy said were fin and now they need it? Sounds like a good salesman trying to make commision of me. Well i said do the front for $625 and thats it, also i got some funny rubberband click in the steering wheel which is annoying and its there being checked at the dealer as we speak. I am sooo mad as this is a lease and all ive had was problems and spending money for nothing! The only reason i brought it back to the dealer is to get the brake warranty for one year. Its $625 for the front brakes but 1 year my lease is up and im giving the car in. This is my 3rd lease through chrysler and last. Ive had jeeps and problems with brakes and engines as well. I love my avenger and sucks to feel th 
Dodge Avenger   2008 Tiffany B. WALDORF, MD 05/31/09  1.00 I own a 2008 Dodge Avenger and I have had my car in the shop 3 times 4 months apart from each other for front brakes. The first time they replaced the pads and machined the rotors. The second time they replaced the brake line hose and gaskets, calipers, pads, rotors and master cylinder still having the same issue of pads wearing out and grinding. The third time they replaced the pads and machined the rotors. Again I have to take my car back in on Monday June 1, 2009 to the dealership for the front brakes again. I have grown tired of this car and feel it is a lemon or that the dealership has screwed my car up permanently and no matter what is done to the car it will never be fixed. I have gone to the Service Manager and complained several times. I have sent Chrysler the owners of Dodge several letters address this issue, I have sent letters to the Service Manager and the General Manager of that particular dealership and no one has gotten back to me other than when I filed an email complaint with Chrysler and they simply said, "you need to deal with the specific dealership there is nothing we can do." I want to scream because as the owners of Dodge there is nothing they can do is ridiculous. There is nothing that the dealership has done that has fixed my car. No one at the dealership can tell me why my brakes go out so fast but the techs have recommended that I get cross cut rotors because what is currently on the car is encased rotors which are the manufactures rotors. They said it would keep from my brakes heating up and then bricking up which is causing the grinding and pads wearing out so fast but when I asked them why is only my Avenger having this issue and why would if this was a problem then why has the manufacture not issued a recall and why does the manufacture not make cross cut rotors for the Avenger. They could not answer me other than to say that my car is moody and that it could just be my vehicle.  
Dodge Avenger   2008 Nancy C. CANANDAIGUA, NY  04/28/09  4.00 very good..engine light goes on..hadit checked. Emission this under warrentee.  
Dodge Avenger   2008 Tom W. HOT SPRINGS NATIONAL PARK, AR 04/08/09  3.00 stalls at stoplight acceleration hesitation 
Dodge Avenger   2008 Greg R. FAYETTEVILLE, PA  02/20/09  2.00 Transmission Troubles from 150 miles on. Noise coming from rear shock area on both sides. 
Dodge Avenger   2008 Anita C. VIRGINIA CITY, NV  12/25/08  1.00 power issues, 3000 miles already towed to dealership for a new battery, now on xmas eve, it has done it again.... 
Dodge Avenger   2008 David G. ,   12/16/08  1.00 biggest complaint is that after only 4500 miles clutch and brake pedals are vibrating..dealership are trying to tell me its the servo assist 
Dodge Avenger   2008 Jim L. INVER GROVE HEIGHTS, MN 12/15/08  5.00 Love the car so far have 12k on it now 
Dodge Avenger   2008 Pamela S. PEQUEA, PA 12/11/08  2.00 My Avenger is at the dealer for the 5th time related to issues with the gas tank/fuel pump.  
Dodge Avenger   2008 Y S. MERIDEN, CT 11/24/08  3.00 08 Avenger R/T 3.5HO V-6. Cold Starting problem. Purchased in Feb 08 with 9,ooo miles. Car started with remote starter button and stalls out. It flooded out once. Problem happened multiple times and was at Dealer for service three times. They told us that they couldn't do anything until a code occurred in the computer. One day after the complaint and service for the problem, the computer finally stored a code. It was a Cold Start problem. I'm so glad it took the computer 9 months to figure that out. The fix recommended was to reprogram the computer per TSB18-010-08. Along with the reprogram the service writer said we needed a Fuel Injection service to complete the repair. I said to do whatever it takes, this is the 3rd time we are trying to get this fixed. He said that the Injection service was extra and that Dodge wouldn't pay for it. My answer was "absolutely not!" We drove this car for 11,ooo miles and I'm not paying for a Fuel Injection Service. He stated that we might have additional problems with cold starting then. I told him that if we do the car will be back for them to cover the repair as this has been happening since Feb 08. We bought the car in Feb 08. In essence they sold me the car with the problem and now want me to pay for the repair. Not happening. One way or another they are covering the repair. Willingly or by litigation, they are covering the repair if this Reprogramming doesn't work. The official cause is "P050D Cold Start Rough Idle"  
Dodge Avenger   2008 Ruby-Jo J. WYANDOTTE, MI  11/19/08  5.00 I have owned this car for 6 months now and still love it. I have not had any probs with mine and I enjoy the smooth ride. I bought it at 17,000 miles and it is going on 31,000 miles. If anything changes I will update this. 
Dodge Avenger   2008 Jennifer H. CAPE CORAL, FL 10/02/08  1.00 This is a horrible car. I have had nothing but problems. Mine is a 2008 I have already had a new short block engine put in and then a whole new engine. There is a popping noise in the rear that they cannot fix. It has had 8 repair attempts. Chrysler has sent down a rep 2 times and they can't fix and are playing games with trying to lemon law it. 
Dodge Avenger   2008 Tammy W. CHARLOTTE HALL, MD  08/13/08  1.00 less then a year old and back to the shop for 8th time!!!!!!!!!! and the list continues 
Dodge Avenger   2008 Cindy R. GREENEVILLE, TN  06/23/08  3.00 popping in steering, at 3000 miles had to have torque converter changed 
Dodge Avenger   2008 Cristine L. LAS VEGAS, NV 06/10/08  1.00 This car has had 3 recalls in less than a year and I was recently in an accident because my anti lock brakes didn't work. 
Dodge Avenger   2008 Pauline B. EASLEY, SC 05/07/08  4.00 Radio clock is very fast - in one month it has gained 40 more minutes - has been reset several times - computer in car was reset too - they are supposed to replace the radio all together this time..YAY, finally!!!
Dodge Avenger   2008 Craig O. CORTARO, AZ 05/01/08  n/a not sure yet. 
Dodge Avenger   2008 Richard R. GRESHAM, OR 04/30/08  1.00 Poor design causes lots of squeaks rattles and noises. Too much road noise and just general low quality. 
Dodge Avenger   2008 Karen B. AMELIA COURT HOUSE, VA 04/10/08  5.00 I Love My 2008 Avenger :-) The ride, the handling, the look and especially the feeling I get when I see someone checking MY car out. I ordered my Dodge in Nov.07 and recieved it in Jan.08. It has been everything I excpeted and more!!! 
Dodge Avenger   2008 Frank B. FAIRBORN, OH  04/10/08  3.00 not enough leg room, to much plastic, brakes grind, 
Dodge Avenger   2008 Robert S. TAYLOR, MI 04/08/08  3.00 RT all wheel drive. Transmission has hard shifting at times and bangs when leaving warm 
Dodge Avenger   2008 Joyce D. SOAP LAKE, WA 03/14/08  n/a I have a 2008 Avenger that I purchased 2 years ago. I also had a problem with water in the trunk. When taking it to the Dodge dealer they found a crack in the side seam that required they re-seal it. They kept my car over night so that it would dry. The 2nd problem with the trunk is after it rained I opened the trunk and water poured in from the deck lid. Dodge has since corrected this problem by installing rubber gromit in the 2 holes closed to the inside of the deck lid as well as 2 holes on the bottom side where it latches to the lock. Look at the 2010 Avenger trunks and you will see what needs to be done. 
Dodge Avenger   2008 Virginia R. ,   08/07/07  2.00 2008 Avenger, August 18/08, less than 98,000 km. this car has stalled twice with in the past week. This happened when I had to brake quickly. The weather has been very hot. Not reported to dealer yet. 
Dodge Avenger   2008 Ivan T. ARLINGTON, VA  08/04/07  4.00 Though I havn't had it long, I love it in comparison to my 2007 Toyata Camry. I feel much more in control in the Dodge Avenger.  
Dodge Avenger   2008 Ivan T. ARLINGTON, VA  04/17/07  4.00 Got rid of a 2007 Camry V6 for the Anenger R/T. I'm completely satisfied with my decision. 
Dodge Avenger   2000 Mike V. MEYERSDALE, PA  07/14/11  3.00 trouble with it shutting off or stalling out while driving. 
Dodge Avenger   1999 Graeme M. ,   07/18/10  2.00 upon both driver and passenger airbags deployed at time of accident impact with car in front, the side passenger compartment lid hit the windshield and cracked it. 
Dodge Avenger   1998 Esther H. CHARLOTTE, NC  09/22/10  1.00 Less than 2 week after buyimg it used car broke down something w/fuel line system and per dealership even though I purchased an extended warranty did not cover it paid about $300, about 1 year later transmission sealoid went out, paid over $2000 at the dodge dealership, then less than 1 year later transmission went out again car only goes in 1st and reverse, and per the dodge dealership that fixed, this was something different in the transmission. Now I ask you how is that possible, my car is now sitting. this has cause me to not want to look at another DODGE.  
Dodge Avenger   1998 Melissa E. LONDONDERRY, OH  07/01/09  3.00 Just bought car - has valve train issues & possible cam issues 
Dodge Avenger   1998 JAMES P. SNEADS, FL 04/05/08  3.00 NICE LITTLE CAR WITH A FEW QUIRKS
Dodge Avenger   1997 Sarah H. BUCYRUS, OH 10/13/08  5.00 My car has almost 150,000 miles and the only complaint that I have is that my radio got a short in it and had to be unplugged because it kept draining my battery. 
Dodge Avenger   1997 Cynthia J. CONCORD, NC 04/12/08  3.00 Too hard to get to parts in motor for repair due to motor design and layout.  
Dodge Avenger   1996 Deborah H. NORMAN, OK 01/16/11  2.00 I have had more problems with this vehicle than any other that i've ever owned. The parts are always difficult to find and going to the mechanic is a nightmare! I have sunk more money into this vehichle than it is worth... 
Dodge Avenger   1995 Tim B. BEMIDJI, MN 08/21/10  2.00 bad upper and lower ball joint's and uses some oil, just keep an eye on it and it will be fine. 
Dodge Avenger   1995 Jerry W. BELOIT, WI 03/03/09  2.00 generally a rust bucket 

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