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  CHEVROLET CAVALIER Owner Reviews and Ratings

Below are the car reviews and ratings from other owners of CHEVROLET CAVALIER cars.
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 Reviews found: 133  Average Owner Car Rating: 2.88
Make Model Year Owner Name City State Date Added Car Rating Reviews and Complaints
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chevrolet  cavalier   2005  Robert B. WEST CHICAGO, IL  12/03/12  4.00 Bought this car used with 30K miles. Now has 70K and we have no repairs other than Brakes and tires. 
chevrolet  cavalier   2005  Stella K. EMPORIA, KS  07/24/12  3.00 too small for my needs, fun to drive 
chevrolet  cavalier   2005  Betty J. GWYNN OAK, MD  01/03/12  3.00 Some electrical problems. 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2005  Steven M. FLAGSTAFF, AZ  03/10/11  4.00 Issue with paint fading.  
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2005  Nancy S. NOBLESVILLE, IN  08/31/10  3.00 power windows won't roll up on both sides.  
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2005  Mike  B. KOKOMO, IN  11/07/09  2.00 Many small problems; bought used 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2005  Mary B. ROCKY FACE, GA  10/03/09  3.00 clutch went at 28000 miles 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2005  Stefan S. LEESBURG, VA  08/30/09  1.00 There are issues with the gauge cluster. Speedometer and gas gauge had failed previously. Replaced the cluster. In replacement replacement the tachometer is failed, and the speedometer is intermittently either not responding or showing the incorrect speed. Also had to repair the ABS wires to the left front wheel (appears to be a common problem because dealer has a prepackaged repair kit for this particular issue). Already had to replace the driver's door window motor and the center window switch cluster has some bad switches in it. This car has only 60000 miles on it. Have another ABS system failure. Haven't investigated yet, but ABS warning light is on all the time. 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2005  Sandy W. ,   05/01/09  3.00 There is a clinking in the front  
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2005  Mary B. SACRAMENTO, CA  03/10/09  2.00 I've been having problems with my car when it hit 50k miles. My battery keep dying. The dealership couldn't find anything wrong so i took it to an electrical shop. they replaced my computer and it ran fine. then the battery died on me again, I took it back to the electrical shop, they ran tests and said the computer was working fine. so now, every few months i have to buy a new battery because jump starting it just doesn't work/ 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2005  David S. WARWICK, NY  01/24/09  4.00 Structure is strong, original owner. Has Greasable tie rod end bushings & easy changing of oil filter procedure, without getting underneath..Has wireless spark plug system which is superior.Accels well on Synthetic oil & regular 3000 mile oil & 50000 mile coolant changes.GET THE DEXCOOL OUT, it sludges! Have 90k now. No problems.Enjoys new air cleaner after winter. CRUSHES ALL IMPORTS, since it's made of iron ore, not scrap.Cynthia, balance your tires,Sandy, clinking I've had since day 1, nothing is loose, grease tie rods,Kurt, Lisa, Steve, my speedo from day 1 on long trips quits, odometer continues independently. Shut car, restart, functions again.Lisa, spray wd40 down your door on linkages with the window down, actuate, repeat until smooth, repeat periodically b4 stiffens again.James wax the top profile of your car. Chevy plasticoat(PPG) is mfr., is very durable if kept away from machine washes stays perfect.If clearcoat gets compromised if messes up, thats any car.Finally Autolite platimum plugs at $2.00 each can last w/o going to Chevy for iridium ones, and the car runs the same.Still no gas filter change at 108000 miles but i'm thinking about that and a 3rd plug change soon. s/b be easy d i y stuff. Recent door latch issue, now I get in like Batman, or through the passenger side. 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2005  Kurt W. SHERIDAN, CA  11/30/08  3.00 Everything's great so far as was our 1999 Cavalier EXCEPT water pump went out on this 2005 Cavalier at 52,000 miles. UPDATE Dec 2008, Temperature guage starting reading hot but read normal a few days later. It became erratic for about a week then started pointing to the right of Hot and kept moving further clockwise until it was in the 6 o'clock position and stayed that way for a couple months. Now (Mar 2009) it is in the 4 o'clock position and prevents the speedometer needle from moving past it. Within a few moments driving, the speedometer needle then drops back to 0 until the car slows below the speed where the temperature needle stopped it. Upon re-accelerating the speedometer needle attempts to operate somewhat normally until it is stopped again by the temperature needle. Then it drops back to 0 after a few moments. 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2005  Cynthia A. ALBA, TX  11/29/08  2.00 Car front end has shook since I got it.  
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2005  Stephen R. PELL CITY, AL  09/28/08  3.00 first odometer started going crazy, the the tack started moving alll over the place. One moment the speed would show 120 and the tack show1500rpms. this with only 55k miles.  
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2005  James E. DUFFIELD, VA  09/04/08  2.00 paint started coming off roof of car and around trunk after it was 3 years old and gm said it had to many miles to cover that. as everyone knows mileage has nothing to do with paint .if you are going to sell it stand behind the workmanship. 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2005  Lisa Z. PUYALLUP, WA  04/15/08  2.00 Spedomitor sticks and when I turn on heat or defrost it effects how the cars motor runs also motors in windows gave out and upon replacement of the motors I was informed that there were no springs in the window thus making the motor work harder to roll window up and down and burned out, just thought you would like to know. 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2005  Joe W. BALDWINSVILLE, NY  08/03/06  3.00 Some problems with ABS. Fixed once. Reoccurs when wet. Service ABS light comes on. 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2005  Keith W. RACINE, WI  02/23/06  5.00 We have owned the car for 2 1/2 years and have had no issues as of yet. 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2005  Martie C. WILKES BARRE, PA  11/03/05  2.00 mildew smell instead of new car smell, very disappointing and discouraging. 
chevrolet  cavalier   2004  Cayla S. SWEETWATER, TN  04/19/12  3.00 great gas milage my first car as a teen cant complain spedometer is broke though cant tell how fas im going!! 
chevrolet  cavalier   2004  Kimberly N. NEWPORT, MI  03/15/12  3.00 My 2004 Cavalier has been very reliable - always starting, never stalling, and reasonably priced repairs/maintenance. I have had and continue to have some issues - electrical (ABS, traction and theft system telltales light up intermittently but then go off), noises in dash, and rear axle seal leaking. It now has 152,000 miles and I'm going to drive it until repairs begin costing more than what I'm saving without a car payment.  
chevrolet  cavalier   2004  Craig F. CINCINNATI, OH  11/08/11  1.00 There is a reason why they stopped making these! 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2004  Valerie F. LINCOLN, CA  05/24/11  3.00 All of the gauges have went out one by one. Road noise that sounds like a flat tire 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2004  Stephen C. WEST LAFAYETTE, IN  05/25/10  2.00 Have maintained vehicle in appropriate manner, total engine failure without prior indications or warnings at 75000 miles. Dealer/Manufacturer is not offering any coverage, as GM only stands behind vehicles built after 2007. 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2004  George O. GREENSBURG, PA  04/28/10  3.00 rear brake noise. 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2004  D S. CROPWELL, AL  04/23/10  3.00 Can't adjust passenger rear window except manully. No room in back seat. No cruise control. Mechanic has to check transmission fluid levels, can't see HR/MIN on console to set time (needs highlighting) Like side panel fuse box, automatic hood & trunk opener, can see out of rear window, good mileage, can remove antenna when covering car 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2004  Nolan W. ,   03/08/10  3.00 got its good and its bad 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2004  Dale S. DIAMOND, OH  02/01/10  2.00 Light issues 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2004  Kim T. ANOKA, MN  08/05/09  5.00 I love my Cavalier! It gets awesome gas mileage, handles well in all conditions (even snow), and is very reliable. Only think is that it is currently in the shop for some sort of mechanical failure. That can happen to any car. For a five year old car, I feel I've been very fortunate in having now prior breakdowns. 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2004  Eric B. HOT SPRINGS, SD  07/01/09  4.00 been very happy 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2004  Ron  G. LAWRENCEVILLE, PA  05/08/09  3.00 Uncontrolled acceleration Have been having an occasional issue were the car begins to accelerate on its own. Engine speed can rev up to 5000 RPM. Engine is a 2.4 liter. Typically it goes into this cycle in traffic conditons when slowing down or local driving at between 10-40 MPH. Was able to put a diagnostic tool onto the computer system and captured and event. It does not appear the throttle plate is moving while the engine is accelerating ruling out an issue with the cruise control system. Anyone have any ideas. Seems like this is a serious safety issue that others may be having 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2004  Lisa H. YOUNGWOOD, PA  04/13/09  2.00 Speedometer and tachometer gauges screw up! 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2004  Barry K. COLUMBIA, PA  02/18/09  3.00 All gauges except Speedometer do not work. 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2004  Joe B. CEDAR HILL, MO  01/28/09  4.00 good let sit trough winter now wont start 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2004  Julie W. CHESAPEAKE, VA  09/08/08  2.00 Many problems with window and interior issues with lights and tachometer as well as speedometer. 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2004  Rick P. MYRTLE BEACH, SC  01/15/08  1.00 Window motors have been replaced sevreal times on drivers side and now it is broken again. Very poor quality. Car needs to be recalled to put in better quality window motors and regulators. 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2004  Sharon A. LEWISVILLE, TX  06/11/07  3.00 only problem I have had is with the electric windows and the switches for the heater- ac 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2004  Rob B. ,   09/29/05  3.00 Car is ok. brakes are terrible. Premature wear. instrument cluster was replaced. speedometer was replaced 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2004  Mary T. INDIANAPOLIS, IN  03/04/04  3.00 My 2004 Cavalier has been okay. The brakes have been sqeaking from day one. I currently have 20,000 miles on it. It has always wanted to take off rapidly when backing up. I've always been afraid of backing up. I've always been afraid the radio would melt because the system gets so hot. I'm afraid it will melt my CD'S. 
chevrolet  cavalier   2003  Daniel V. EL PASO, TX  09/07/12  4.00 Great car! 
chevrolet  cavalier   2003  Kristen A. VASHON, WA  01/26/12  2.00 I have owned 2 2003 chev cavaliers. The first had very little repairs. The second as per milage had considerably more repairs and left me stranded on the road a couple times. I bought one new and the second with only 5000km on it. 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2003  Wanda B. TAFT, TN  07/20/09  1.00 I am verry dissapointed with my 2003 Chevey Cavalier because I had purchased a 93 model and had good results. I went back to the same brand because the 93 was a really good car, it had over 200,000 miles and the only part to go bad was a water pump,and that was after 100,000 miles. Well I now own a 2003 yard ornament. I stopped at a store to fill up like I usually do every Sunday and when I got in to start it and leave, it wouldn't stay running for more than maybe 10sec. I had to call my mother to come and get me. I took the car to the garage the next day and the fuel pump had went out. It was going to cost me over $600.00 to have it repaired.. It has only got 65,321.5miles!!! NO WONDER CHEVEY IS BANKRUPT!!!!! 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2003  Marie P. MESA, AZ  03/28/09  1.00 Ridiculous that @ 34000 miles I'm having to replace a fuel pump; Windows drive shafts replaced withing 2 years of buying NEW car. *****update**** It took nearly 6 months, but I finally got GM to pay for part of the $900+ fuel pump expense. Now I have a knocking noise when I try and turn on the return air. AC works fine and cools, but the knocking from under the dash is maddening. The right windshield wiper no longer blows fluid unto the windshield. From day one the visors have never worked properly, falling forward and not staying in place. I'm not willing to pay any add'l on this lemon of a car. May never buy another GM again.  
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2003  Walter D. ,   03/19/09  2.00 Not enough head room 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2003  John H. FAIRBANKS, AK  03/11/09  2.00 crappy starting in cold weather 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2003  John H. BUFFALO, NY  01/07/09  4.00 We had some rear turn signal lamp/socket problems initially (car belongs to my son). The original tires seemed to wear down to soon. Other than maintenance, (brakes, oil, etc) the car has worked out well for him (college student).  
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2003  Stan D. NORTH TONAWANDA, NY  11/17/08  3.00 I have been having problems with three thing so far. One is that my rear window defroster stop working (light works on dash), two passenger window opens and closes when it wants to, three there is a strange sound when I start the engine. My wife loved her last Cavalier 1997 and had over 250,000 miles on it... Great little car... 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2003  WILLIAM H. VIRGINIA BEACH, VA  11/15/08  3.00 front defrost is not working 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2003  Kris N. WASHINGTON, IL  09/21/08  2.00 Fuel pump went bad at 82,000 miles 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2003  Jan F. FRANKLINVILLE, NC  05/28/08  0.00 Just bought my 2003 cavalier with 66,251 miles 6 days ago and the AC is on the fritz. Sometimes it will work, sometimes not. Reported the problem to dealership 1 day after purchase. My husband suspects some sort of electrical problem or connection because when it does work it will freeze you out. Right noe, still waiting on dealership to return call about scheduling an appointment to check it out. (it's been 2 days since last correspondence) 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2003  Charles B. STRASBURG, VA  11/26/07  n/a The instrument clusters on this year car tends to go bad (all electronic) had mine replaced for same problems that were reported. can find replacement cluster at [email protected]  
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2003  B S. THOMPSONS STATION, TN  10/14/07  1.00 This car is a lemon! Worse vehicle on the road! Spent more on repairs than it's worth! 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2003  Mike E. PITCAIRN, PA  05/20/07  3.00 Fuel Pump, lights, suspension, lighting problems for this model year cavalier.  
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2003  Tasha S. ,   12/03/04  1.00 This car has been a tremendous headache. Approx. $11,000 CDN in warranty work was done, including a new engine. well maintained, very low mileage car. lemon! 
chevrolet  cavalier   2002  patsy Y. LONDON, KY  08/19/11  1.00 My dashboard has cracks. My husband takes excellent care of our vehicles and it still has cracks in the dash board. 
Chevrolet  cavalier   2002  Crystal S. PIKEVILLE, NC  07/31/11  2.00 Car has been excellent - until the trac light came on, check engine light, car cuts off whenever trac light is on...not a fan right now. 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2002  Ivan A. ,   02/21/11  3.00 poor seats otherwise good 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2002  LaVonne S. GWINN, MI  07/03/10  3.00 i have a 2002 cheverolet cavalier i like the car but it does have problems at the moment it idles fast and launches forward it also has the abs trac off and a wrench light on at all times and the car shakes when going down the road 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2002  Christina L. GRANTSVILLE, MD  09/29/09  3.00 My car has been ok until this year. Today my car's accelerator was stuck and I was flying down the highway like someone was holding the pedal down. I was horrified with two babies in the car! 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2002  Howard S. EDISON, NJ  09/26/09  4.00 Very good and reliable transportation for its size and price class. 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2002  Chris S. EDGEWATER, MD  03/25/09  3.00 Z24. It is loaded and has all the options, handles and runs great. I have had it to the dealership six times in the past month because of a clunk or pop coming from the front. Sometimes it's on the right side, and sometimes it's on the left. On one side the spring seat, upper strut mount and strut bearing was replaced. The problem still persists. 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2002  Judy Z. LAS VEGAS, NV  12/04/08  4.00 it has been a very good car to us.Only a few exceptions on the expense of oil changes&up keep,fluid changes ect,but Bill Heard Chevrolet service department is to blame for that. 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2002  Miranda S. SPRING, TX  04/20/08  2.00 I would never purchase a chevy after having a cavalier 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2002  Chase  H. DRAPER, UT  03/26/07  4.00 We bought this car used for my wife because it was inexpensive and got got fuel economy. Despite its low price it still has cruise control, auto trans, tilt wheel etc. so it is comfortably adjustable to my wife who is quite short. We have had it for about five years now and it has been a great car. It has 85,000 miles on it and it has been nothing but oil changes and smooth sailing; no major repairs or problems. I have been very pleased with this car, and my wife loves it. Good economy buy. 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2002  David R. CAYEY, PR  12/15/06  4.00 Z24, well balanced car and great option for the money. 
chevrolet  cavalier   2001  Mike H. MADISON HEIGHTS, MI  09/25/13  3.00 your comments here  
chevrolet  cavalier   2001  Anton K. ATLANTA, GA  02/22/13  1.00 your comments here  
chevrolet  cavalier   2001  Sam M. GILBERT, AZ  05/02/12  2.00 Over heats when not moving. 
chevrolet  cavalier   2001  Rachel H. ,   12/06/11  n/a New purchase - narrowing down cause of P0440 EVAP error. Just changed engine air filter and fuel filter, so may fix the problem. Otherwise, noticed that EVAP vent harness wires are disconnected. 
chevrolet  cavalier   2001  Debbie  G. PUYALLUP, WA  10/02/11  n/a 2002 chevy cavalier.....overheating problems, cant seem to resolve 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2001  Robbie J. ,   03/16/11  4.00 I am the second owner of this car. Purchased with only 42,000 miles in 2005. The only issue I have ever had with this vehicle is the dash board cracking. Other than that, absolutely no issues! 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2001  Deidre  M. OLDSMAR, FL  04/08/09  1.00 I have always bought American- and that meant Chevy- we are replacing a timing chain at less than 90k which to me is ridiculous and Chevy is going to hear about it. They are crying the blues and begging for help- their shotty craftsmanship has placed them as shit on a shoe in this market. 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2001  Adolfo R. WEST MILFORD, NJ  03/04/09  3.00 Overall I like the performance of this smal vehicle. The antiskating has definitely saved me from some accidents. It is also good on gas and very pepy 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2001  Katie B. ,   01/22/09  3.00 I am having some trouble with the belt tensioner knocking even though I have replaced the belt, and the ABS brakes are making a sort of whirrring noise with the brakes not acting as they should. Otherwise, my Cavalier is a great little car and great on gas. 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2001  Shaun H. POTTSVILLE, PA  10/27/08  3.00 clicking around turns already replaced cv axles on both sides and it still clicks turning in both directions 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2001  Roger  G. ,   10/20/08  3.00 good performance After my 7 years of used it is now rattling. Loosing power when you speed up from second gear to third gear or changing gear. The problem is not yet known to me. Found the problem and it take long enough to see this one. High tension wire which looks in perfect condition is the one giving an headache. I change all the High Tension wire and my engine works perfectly just like a brand new one.l 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2001  Wayne B. LA MESA, CA  10/19/08  4.00 Vehicle is already above 127K and still runs fine. Had to replace Radiator Fan, Altenator, front Driver Side brake hose. Considering I figurtively beat her with a stick, by not keeping up with fluid changes I would have expected her to run alot more rough, and require alot more repairs. 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2001  Shirley J. DALLAS, TX  10/14/08  3.00 something is draining battery down , no one seems to know why 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2001  Charlene D. RIVERVIEW, FL  05/08/08  3.00 auto trac light off trouble... 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2001  PD  R. MARION, IL  05/05/08  4.00 elecrical 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2001  Brent H. COLUMBUS, OH  04/30/08  4.00 had problems with steering and the blower motor resistor. 
chevrolet  cavalier   2000  Kim S. TERRE HAUTE, IN  06/18/12  3.00 Speedometer doesn't work right. 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2000  Radabaugh M. OAK HILL, OH  01/03/11  3.00 front rear brake,grabbing(feel in pedal) 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2000  Trina S. CLYDE, TX  11/18/09  0.00 my car keeps over heating dont know why 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2000  Todd B. AMARILLO, TX  03/15/09  3.00 Oil leak at oil pan. Had to replace the oil pan gasket. Chevrolet paid the repair bill with no hesitation. This car has been great for the city driving I do.  
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2000  Ed E. ,   02/11/09  5.00 just clunking noise from back brakes , other then this think the car is excellent 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2000  Michael R. ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS, NJ  02/08/09  2.00 Have had a number of minor issues with this car. Current problem is fuel gauge not properly reading actual fuel level 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2000  Sandy P. NEWTON, NH  12/03/08  4.00 I love my car. It has run well for over 9 years now with the exception of replacing the struts after 3 years. Since it is old, I'm expecting problems of parts replacement. Today, my car won't start after all these years. 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2000  Bruce M. SEATTLE, WA  12/01/08  2.00 Engine is very difficult to work on.  
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2000  Myron S. GRAND FORKS, ND  11/18/08  2.00 The car had control arm bushings that failed at 25,000 miles,early battery failure and a heater motor switch that did not allow the fan to run in low 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2000  Carl A. ROVER, AR  10/05/08  1.00 I am a mechanic and i am triing to find some info about the electrical system for the bcm. 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2000  Wy H. EAST MEADOW, NY  08/16/08  3.00
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2000  Brian O. TAYLOR, MI  07/02/08  3.00 Car runs great but everything inside is JUNK! 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   2000  William G. LANSING, MI  10/27/02  4.00 none 
chevrolet  cavalier   1999  Kyle B. CHESHIRE, CT  08/10/11  2.00 way to many problems only 47000 miles 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   1999  Howard D. BERKELEY SPRINGS, WV  06/28/11  3.00 Cant find a back curtain with glass window for convertable top. 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   1999  Brian F. ,   03/24/09  4.00 I bought the car used, 2 1/2yrs old with 56000km on it. This was my first car and it still has been for the past 7 yrs. After 6 i had to change the alternator and i pulled my shift link cable...  
Chevrolet  Cavalier   1999  Frank K. SAN DIEGO, CA  04/20/08  0.00 had problem with ignition system (electrical) 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   1999  Mike H. ENGLEWOOD, CO  09/24/06  4.00 Re. ODI case#10323331, maybe I can help. We have two Cavaliers, a '99 and an '01. Regarding the steering wheel noises, we experienced that on the '99. It was the universal joint in the steering column that allows for tilt-wheel steering. It was a simple and inexpensive matter of having it lubricated at our local machanic's shop. It could also be the CV joints which when defective also make noises during turning. We haven't had that problem. We have had gas guage problems which were fixed by having the fuel pumps relaced. Neither odometer readout works very well, so it's imperative that the gas guages do! We experienced the taillight bulb burnout problem on the '01 Cavalier. It turned out not to be the bulbs, but the bulb socket, which can be changed relatively inexpensively at your local mechanic. I hope this helps!--Mike. 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   1999  Steve M. ,   03/05/06  4.00 although I really didn't like tis car from about 50k to 100k (thats when all the squeeks came out) I now have 220 000km and have had no issues. I have replaced the brakes tires and batery. That's it. It still has alot of power. It does squeek and show it;s age a little but all in all it's been an awsome car. They greatest thing about it is the fact the fuel economy is getting better!! I get about 36mpg best ever. Great reliable car 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   1998  Keith B. PARK HALL, MD  11/15/10  4.00 13 year old car runs great. 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   1998  Angel E. HONEY BROOK, PA  10/21/10  1.00 i will not buy another gmc. 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   1998  Bobby W. RAHWAY, NJ  03/07/10  3.00 This car stalls at lights. Sometimes the low trac light comes on which makes the acceleration hesitate. Also back breaks bine or lock up wheel. Iwonder about recalls on these systems. 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   1998  Jamie J. NEW BALTIMORE, MI  07/27/09  1.00 I purchased the car new in 2006. Since then I've replaced the breaks 3 times, and I'm now having an issue with my low-beams not working, but the high-beams work great! 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   1998  Lora G. SALEM, OR  08/01/08  3.00 DIGITAL ODOMETER NOT WORKING, HORN WORKS WHEN IT WANTS,  
Chevrolet  Cavalier   1998  Colleen F. WOODBRIDGE, VA  06/05/08  0.00 no 
chevrolet  cavalier   1997  Marian M. ROSEVILLE, CA  12/06/12  2.00 It's a good basic car which I have low miles on. I'm the original owner and kept the car all this time because there was not a lot wrong in the beginning . However, the repairs are starting to become costly and I'm not happy about that because I'm not in a position to buy a new car right now. I think it's a shame that half the recall notices don't even make it to the consumers so they can get corrections done.  
Chevrolet  Cavalier   1997  Mark F. ELLWOOD CITY, PA  09/14/10  4.00 owned 5 of these cars no major problems except they all rusted out in the same place 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   1997  David R. ELGIN, OR  07/01/10  2.00 I'm working on a no-start issue on this car for a friend. 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   1997  Jaime M. BROWNSVILLE, TX  05/09/09  2.00 rough idle,ignition gets stuck 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   1997  Andrew L. KATHLEEN, GA  04/15/09  4.00 I have 178000 miles on it and the only major problem I have had is the clutch slave cylinder right now. 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   1997  Gary S. LOCKPORT, NY  03/30/09  3.00 I've had reoccuring issues with the ignition system. other than that the car is fine 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   1997  Elizabeth  G. SEVEN VALLEYS, PA  02/04/09  2.00 Seems to fall apart quickly and need repaired often.... 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   1997  Julie C. HYDE PARK, VT  12/15/08  1.00 Frame Rotted 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   1997  Ray  M. METAIRIE, LA  10/21/08  3.00 Hard to find Dealership willing to work on older models. 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   1997  M W. BERWYN, IL  05/09/08  3.00 great car to own, good gas miles. 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   1997  Ben J. SAINT CLOUD, MN  05/01/08  0.00
chevrolet  cavalier   1996  MARISSA F. NEW BEDFORD, MA  09/11/12  1.00 Never get one 
chevrolet  cavalier   1996  Harvey F. SANTA ROSA, CA  10/05/11  4.00 Z24. This has been a 4. Very Good car purchase; however, now I am having trouble with a low rpm engine miss and after researching this it is a very common problem. I hope others here can shed some light on this subject. Thanks 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   1996  Gigi H. LAS VEGAS, NV  05/17/11  4.00 overall a very good reliable car, just a few reoccurring unending issues that seem minor in comparison to the good points. 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   1996  Millie M. ,   04/03/11  n/a car idling rough when started and gass fumes 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   1996  Angie S. CANTON, OH  03/08/11  3.00 Love the car- hate the electrical issue.... 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   1996  Cody S. MUSKOGEE, OK  12/06/10  2.00 The car seems to be built fairly well, but its weak spots are very weak. 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   1996  Arnaldo R. CIDRA, PR  08/05/10  4.00 I have a 96 cavalier, 2.2L engine, manual 5 speed transmission, with an intermitant problem, i start the car any time of day weather its cold or hot outside and the car after like 5 minuts on, the engine starts to shake back and forth, the muffler then smells a little like gas, I press the gas pedal and it stalls kinda like when the spark plugs are bad, and I have to stop driving because the car looses power and can move at all, i park the car and wait 10 min and the problem goes away and the car can drive great distances without problems. if I turn the car off while the problem has already strted when I turn it back on the problem still persists for another 10 minutes, so im better of turning the car on wait for the problem to start, wait trought the problematic shaking and when it mistiriously goes off after 10 minutes or so I can drive it again with no problems, the problem rarely happens twice a day, if it happens once it wont happen again all day until next day. even if the car is hot or cold the problem happens it a kinda ramdome problem.any help would be apreciated. 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   1996  Rob S. CLAYTON, OH  07/01/10  0.00 dont have this car trying to read reports and filling out form 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   1996  Thomas A. CLEVELAND, OH  06/12/08  2.00 well my car just had 400.00 dollars put in it 4 day ago and now it dont want to start.we took this car two shops and the one said it sounds like the computer in the car is gone or the fuel pump.we just dont have a clue. 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   1996  Eric W. GREEN BAY, WI  05/13/08  3.00 over heating! 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   1996  Kylee S. BAY CITY, MI  05/07/08  n/a
Chevrolet  Cavalier   1995  Javier G. HOMEDALE, ID  10/27/08  0.00 Paint 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   1995  Eugene M. FAYETTEVILLE, NC  03/18/05  4.00 Boutght this car in 1997 - proven to be very reliable and easy to maintain 
Chevrolet  Cavalier   1994  Joe C. NORTH AUGUSTA, SC  04/20/08  2.00 Tranmission Vibration so bad that the dash shakes and at stop sign Engine stalls 

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