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  CADILLAC ESCALADE Owner Reviews and Ratings

Below are the car reviews and ratings from other owners of CADILLAC ESCALADE cars.
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 Reviews found: 70  Average Owner Car Rating: 3.56
Make Model Year Owner Name City State Date Added Car Rating Reviews and Complaints
Made by Car Owners1
cadillac  escalade   2011  Audi C. TUCSON, AZ  09/24/11  3.00 good car 
cadillac  escalade   2010  Audi C. TUCSON, AZ  09/24/11  n/a goos value - enjoy driving 
Cadillac  Escalade   2010  Ray M. GILLETTE, WY  08/06/11  4.00 Overall I like the Escalade although I feel through the years GM has been decontenting options previously included into options you have to pay extra for. Options that are included in lower models or other manufacturers you have to pay for in GM's flagship luxury, seems odd! If this practice continues I will stop buying Cadillac or GM for that matter and moving to a manufacture that gives me the most options and reliability for the money. On another note the brakes are spongy not great I would expect that at this level trim. The seat cover is lifting off of the body of the seat, also not expected at this level trim and cost. I feel Cadillac quality is not only slipping but greed is devaluing it's brand by decontenting options and making you pay $30k more for the top version to get these options. In my recommendation seek a different model, GM needs to get back to Quality and leading the pack instead of trailing and greed. 
cadillac  escalade   2009  JIM P. NAPLES, FL  02/10/12  2.00 wait until you heve to have your engine replaced at about 64,000 miles. also trnsmission had work done to it before 64,000 miles rear door accuator had to be replaced at $400,00 plus 
Cadillac  Escalade   2009  David B. ,   03/09/10  2.00 Many small issues. Door rattle, gas guage malfunction, fuel sensor malfunction, fan motor replacement. 
Cadillac  Escalade   2009  Red B. ,   07/06/09  0.00 I do not own one yet, but am looking 
Cadillac  Escalade   2009  Adele M. HENDERSON, NV  03/02/09  2.00 Too many bells & whistles! 
cadillac  escalade   2008  Clark M. SHAWANO, WI  03/29/12  2.00 rims flaking off and dealers not helping me. 
Cadillac  Escalade   2008  David C. SANFORD, FL  04/08/11  1.00 intermittenly won't start. Unreliable electrical problems. Don't buy this car. 
Cadillac  Escalade   2008  Ron K. ANAHEIM, CA  12/29/10  2.00 many issues with various matters all of which are covered but continous meetings with the dealer are unacceptable 
Cadillac  Escalade   2008  Ron H. ONTARIO, CA  05/27/10  3.00 Front wheel well coming loose, not securely fastened during production.  
Cadillac  Escalade   2008  Becca W. TULSA, OK  01/31/10  3.00 goes back to dealer to fix a bunch of eletrict isues 
Cadillac  Escalade   2008  John G. GLEN ALLEN, VA  12/14/08  3.00 Wind noise around drive door 
Cadillac  Escalade   2008  Dominic V. ,   11/03/08  4.00 Hi I have a concern with my fuel gauge reading inacurate, and fluctuates.. also seems like the fuel consumption is poor... 
cadillac  escalade   2007  Jack F. HOLLAND, MI  01/19/13  3.00 your comments here  
Cadillac  Escalade   2007  John N. SATELLITE BEACH, FL  03/30/11  2.00 harsh shifting from 2nd to third from 15 to 20 miles per hour 
Cadillac  Escalade   2007  Nicole B. HONOLULU, HI  01/25/11  5.00 The truck is nice and elegant, lots of extras. But also I have alot of electrical problems and dealing with the warranty issues. 
Cadillac  Escalade   2007  Keisuke S. WYNNE, AR  08/16/10  3.00 Aux. heater line rubbed by dip stick and coolant leak, transmission shift hesitation with low speed, rattle noise at engine start 
Cadillac  Escalade   2007  Al E. TAMPA, FL  07/12/10  3.00 A/C unit puts out a moldy smell upon starting the vehicle each day. 
Cadillac  Escalade   2007  Michael  C. LOS LUNAS, NM  07/08/10  2.00 electrical problems with numerous tows . ex. at fuel stop automobile won't start completely dead. Driving down the road all the bells and whistles suddennly go on ( radio turns on and off ,locks retrect and lock transmissions down shifts,no acceleration, engine back fires) all this simultaneously for numerous minutes and if one turns the ignition off it won't restart, thus the tow. dealer unable to diagnose. this has occurred several times and is occuringg more frequently. vehicle has over 100,000 miles. otherwise between mishaps, a great running vehicle. 
Cadillac  Escalade   2007  C S. BRUNSWICK, GA  10/12/09  3.00 Transmission issues 
Cadillac  Escalade   2007  Ronnie K. Tucson, AZ  09/11/09  3.00 car is ok. rrk 
Cadillac  Escalade   2007  Dave B. WOODBRIDGE, VA  05/30/09  4.00 Watch out for the Chrome de-laminating from the interior door handles; this leaves sharp edges which has cut a number of family members. Otherwise, this is a great vehicle. 
Cadillac  Escalade   2007  Chris B. EUREKA, MO  12/30/08  5.00 Factory 18 are flaking. This does not seem realistic for a 2 year old car. 
Cadillac  Escalade   2007  Luigi G. READING, PA  10/12/08  5.00 I have had 3, 2007 escalade's and never had a single problem with any of them. it surprises me that there are this many TSB's for this vehicle 
Cadillac  Escalade   2007  Erin H. FOX ISLAND, WA  04/30/08  n/a ys 
Cadillac  Escalade   2007  Brian B. WATERTOWN, CT  04/08/08  5.00 much better than 2003 escalade 
Cadillac  Escalade   2007  Joe C. NAPERVILLE, IL  03/17/08  4.00 Wind noise at highway speeds from the rear driver side door. This is a known defect and Cadillac has a service bulletin, The dealer will fix this for free under the warranty. The door gasket needs to be replaced. 
Cadillac  Escalade   2006  Archie H. CORPUS CHRISTI, TX  07/23/11  4.00 problem w/ seat heater coming on by them selves 
Cadillac  Escalade   2006  James B. PIEDMONT, SC  04/14/10  3.00 transmission issues 
Cadillac  Escalade   2006  Arthur C. ORCHARD PARK, NY  02/22/10  4.00 ok 
Cadillac  Escalade   2006  TODD E. ,   06/26/09  0.00 JUST LOOKING TO BUY ONE LOOKING FOR ANY POSABLE PROBLEMS 
Cadillac  Escalade   2006  Joanna S. BELMONT, LA  06/15/09  3.00 Interior paint peeling on dash front, buttons and console are terrible! My 10-year-old pontiac still doesn't look as bad as this! 
Cadillac  Escalade   2006  Viju M. BETHPAGE, NY  04/21/09  5.00 i love this ride and when everyone sees me coming, they know its always in an escalade king of bling  
cadillac  escalade   2005  Rob A. MONTCLAIR, NJ  01/27/12  5.00 great truck love it!!!! GAS another story!! 
Cadillac  Escalade   2005  Samantha H. ,   07/19/11  n/a We originally purchased our 2005 Cadillac Escalade from my father-in-law. We have had the vehicle now for about 6 months and haven't had any problems with it up until about 3 weeks ago. While on a road trip to southern California, the Oil Pressure Low light came on as well as a loud beeping noise (same as the buckle seat belt noise). I pulled over and read in the user guide that it is dangerous to continue driving. So I called OnStar and had them tow the vehicle 20 miles to a local Cadillac dealer in central California. After nearly 7 hours of waiting to find out what the problem was, all they could tell me was that the oil pump needed to be replaced and that the oil sending unit needed to be replaced as well. Unfortunately I could only afford to replace the oil sending unit at that time. After it was replaced, the Low Oil Pressure light still continuously came on. The following day I had the vehicle towed to a different dealership in Merced, CA. There they told me that the Oil Pump needed to be replaced. So I called my husband and he wired the money to me to pay for such a labor intensive job. After nearly $1,300.00 later, the problem is still not fixed. I've also had all the oil lines cleaned and the light and noise still continue to come on when the vehicle comes to a stop or is at an idle. I am very frustrated that no one can tell me exactly what is going on with the car nor shed any light on how to attempt to fix this problem. Help!? 
Cadillac  Escalade   2005  Christopher N. GERMANTOWN, MD  03/06/11  3.00 Great looking truck. Lot of little issues that people tend to say is normal. I had a 2000 Lexus GS 300 that had 145k miles with no issues but a lot of little issues with this my Escalade. 
Cadillac  Escalade   2005  Tameka T. LAUREL, MD  01/11/11  3.00 Too many electrical problems 
Cadillac  Escalade   2005  David B. MOUNT HOPE, WV  09/12/10  5.00 Lots of fun to drive as it sits high and is so comfortable.  
Cadillac  Escalade   2005  Duane C. LA VERNIA, TX  06/29/09  4.00 Few Rattles 
Cadillac  Escalade   2005  Henry P. HINESVILLE, GA  03/16/09  3.00 The sppeddometer is inop at this time. The guage reads incorrect 
Cadillac  Escalade   2005  Ulysses H. CHELTENHAM, MD  06/13/08  4.00 My truck is pretty good but I hear knocking noise in the streering system. I took it to the dealer and they said it was commond in GM's big truck. But they want to charge me 400.00 to replace the system. I think it should be a recall. So is it a recall in place. 
Cadillac  Escalade   2005  Nancy D. MORRISVILLE, PA  12/04/07  4.00 Beautiful - but way too many problems for the amount of money it cost. 
cadillac  escalade   2004  Sue Clinton N. CLEVELAND, MS  09/21/11  4.00 making a noise underneath car on driver side as if need grease or oil on or around the wheel. 
Cadillac  Escalade   2004  D S. BARBOURSVILLE, WV  07/29/09  0.00 kjkjkj 
Cadillac  Escalade   2004  Steve L. SAN JOSE, CA  03/18/09  0.00 Speedometer quit. 
Cadillac  Escalade   2004  Kimberley B. DURHAM, NC  03/17/09  3.00 Lots of issues with the tire monitors. Also, some issues with electrical system. 
Cadillac  Escalade   2004  Douglas D. SUFFOLK, VA  02/25/09  4.00 My rpm indicator is peging out to 6ooo rpm. 
Cadillac  Escalade   2004  CHRIS H. BREMEN, IN  12/16/08  4.00 front differential, power window, front driving lights, head light and button wear all have failed before 100k. noise, drive, power, style and soundsystem are great. 
Cadillac  Escalade   2004  Joseph M. OLD BRIDGE, NJ  11/17/08  5.00 i luv me lade 
Cadillac  Escalade   2004  Drew C. STATE COLLEGE, PA  10/08/08  3.00 Transmission "slipping" between 3 and 4 with less than 50,000 miles 
Cadillac  Escalade   2004  Ray H. LOVELAND, CO  05/07/08  4.00 rear heat not working and making wierd vibrating sound on acceleration 
Cadillac  Escalade   2004  S B. COUNCIL BLUFFS, IA  03/31/08  5.00 Spedometer went crazy at 69,000 miles. Took it in with just over 70K for repair and they covered the part but not labor. ront diff. went out with about 62K 
Cadillac  Escalade   2004  John B. WARWICK, RI  01/17/08  2.00 dash fire totalled it 
Cadillac  Escalade   2004  Benjamin W. RUTHERFORD, NJ  08/11/04  5.00 Would like to have a lockable storage area. Brake release lever is not easy to reach. 
cadillac  escalade   2003  Pam W. JACKSONVILLE, FL  08/20/11  3.00 The day running lights keep going out. I have had my day running lights replaced twice and it needs it again. 
Cadillac  Escalade   2003  Thomas S. MOORESVILLE, IN  04/01/11  4.00 speedometer reading incorrectly 
Cadillac  Escalade   2003  Gary C. BEVERLY HILLS, CA  04/15/10  3.00 HUGE depreciation, many costly repairs after 100,000 KM 
Cadillac  Escalade   2003  Carl C. CLEVELAND, TX  09/07/09  4.00 Cannot find technical data such as fluid quantity for differentials/transmission/transfer case/etc. 
Cadillac  Escalade   2003  Doug  H. BAY CITY, MI  06/19/09  2.00 rear air stabilizer quit,driver power seat quit,clicking noise fronf end,chrome wheels pitted,speed sensor bad 
Cadillac  Escalade   2003  Calvin Y. SAINT LOUIS, MO  01/14/09  2.00 Speedometer failure. This is a manufacture defect but is not covered after 70,000 even if the SUV is less than 7 years old. Could potentially cause problems with the law. 
Cadillac  Escalade   2003  Arthur W. ,   11/06/08  5.00 speedometer glich,not i n sync with tach. 70,000 miies 
Cadillac  Escalade   2003  Lisa J. RENO, NV  10/06/05  1.00 Many steering and brake problems. In the shop ALL the time. Bad year 
cadillac  escalade   2002  Merlo M. MOUNT VERNON, NY  06/21/12  3.00 Just had an issue with my stability system 
Cadillac  Escalade   2002  Joe J. LAWRENCEVILLE, GA  02/17/10  2.00 instrument lights are going one by one 
Cadillac  Escalade   2002  Everal C. BLADENSBURG, MD  05/12/09  4.00 I have a 2002 escalade ext . my oil pump went out, without any kind of warning resulting in a blown engine. I only have 120,000 miles on a engine that can hold about 300,000 miles. why is there not a warning mechanism for the oil pump. now I have to spend over 8,ooo dollars for a new engine. I love cadillac, but I am very disappointed with this manufacture era. I would be very grateful for any assistance in this matter. please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected] 
Cadillac  Escalade   2002  John  V. GLEN HAVEN, CO  05/10/09  2.00 112K and failing rear end, seals, axles, etc 
Cadillac  Escalade   2002  D W. CLEVELAND, OH  02/12/09  3.00 yes 
Cadillac  Escalade   2002  Stanley K. TORRANCE, CA  09/21/08  4.00 I love my car, it's one of the best i've owned. 

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