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Below are the car reviews and ratings from other owners of BUICK RENDEZVOUS cars.
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Reviews found: 170 Average Owner Car Rating: 2.79
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buick  rendezvous   2007 Jennifer M. WASHINGTON, MI 12/19/11  2.00 has problems starting  
buick  rendezvous   2007 Perry S. ESCONDIDO, CA  09/08/11  3.00 2007 buick rendezvous stalls while driving... starts up ok after almost getting killed on the freeway... 
buick  rendezvous   2007 Carey S. LOCKPORT, NY  09/01/11  2.00 We have put significant amount of money to constantly replace wheel barring and the bushings in each wheel and teh control arm of suspension. It is costly! there should be a recall based on poor design. 
Buick  Rendezvous   2007 Debbie L. TAHLEQUAH, OK  05/30/11  3.00 We have had problems with: overhead holder, handle on hatch & glove compartment "door" breaking.  
Buick  Rendezvous   2007 Juoi M. GOODRICH, MI 05/02/09  1.00 shudder at 40mph, creak comming from back 
Buick  Rendezvous   2007 Donna G. LIMA, NY 07/26/07  3.00 fuel gauge changes very quickly when less than 100 miles left to empty 
buick  rendezvous   2006 Larry B. SEAMAN, OH 07/23/12  n/a none
buick  rendezvous   2006 Wane K. ,   03/20/12  3.00 3.6 awd droning noise at 2100 rpms 
buick  rendezvous   2006 Marcie I. MARYSVILLE, OH  01/21/12  4.00 Having problem starting 
buick  rendezvous   2006 Mike J. TALLASSEE, AL  01/05/12  1.00 When you attempt to crank the car (only sometimes) the starter stays engaged and sounds like a piece of junk. 
buick  rendezvous   2006 Phil O. WELLINGTON, OH  01/05/12  2.00 Seering went bad, both wheel berings, fuel line rotted when nothing else was bad, body moldings fell off and no warrenty on that part??? 
buick  rendezvous   2006 Monica B. DOLGEVILLE, NY  12/03/11  3.00 Like alot 
Buick  Rendezvous   2006 Joan M. CARSON CITY, NV 05/25/11  2.00 starting problems,glove compartment fell apart. overhead compartment latch broke, window defroster not working very good. windshield wiper component broke  
Buick  Rendezvous   2006 Richard P. VAN WERT, OH 05/20/11  3.00 paint chips both internalkly and externally. 
Buick  Rendezvous   2006 Shad W. EAST BERNSTADT, KY  04/11/11  2.00 The buick does not want to start right. I had someone look at it and they said the relay that starts the starter and fuel injector is not a good set up for the ignition process or system.  
Buick  Rendezvous   2006 Robert D. CANTON, OH 03/02/11  3.00 For no reason whatsoever, the plastic screen covering the odometer is cracked and broken. 
Buick  Rendezvous   2006 Margaret H. SCRANTON, KS  01/29/11  3.00 This will be the 5th hub assembly to be changed on this car in 4 years 
Buick  Rendezvous   2006 Bonnie A. EGG HARBOR TOWNSHIP, NJ  11/11/10  3.00 Have had a continuing problem with acceleration after deceleration from a higher speed, feels like transmission problem had car in for service 5 times the past year, dealership says no problem, yet even passengers feel problem with shifting and car bucking ! 
Buick  Rendezvous   2006 Ken S. POTTSTOWN, PA  08/03/10  2.00 awd problems, engine shuts off when hot, brakes poor 
Buick  Rendezvous   2006 Robert G. MASSILLON, OH  07/07/10  3.00 sounds like the driveshalf is going to come up. clunks when your @ 30mph, shift between gears clunks. dealer says its ok gald i got a warranty.over all nice car good drive GREAT in snow... 
Buick  Rendezvous   2006 Michael A. ,   06/30/10  3.00 Good, poor brake life 
Buick  Rendezvous   2006 Al E. ROCKFORD, IL 01/13/10  2.00 trans wen't out @ 40000-starting problem 
Buick  Rendezvous   2006 Jennifer T. COLTON, NY 01/06/10  1.00 I have owned it for 1 1/2 and put 16,000 miles on mine and the rear end is gone and come to find out it is the second one sincce july 2008. I complained during warranty and nothing was done and now out I have to pay to have it fixed . I would never get another one of these again because you always figure you spend 19,000 dollars on a vechicle and have something that big go on it twice and then get stuck with a bill. So my advice I would think twice. 
Buick  Rendezvous   2006 Angelia J. PINE LEVEL, NC 11/18/09  3.00 The comfort on this SUV is excellent. Now i am having a problem with the engine. When i go to turn the vehicle on it acts like the ignition is hung up & it makes a loud noise then it chokes off. It was sporadic but in the past month is has become a consistent problem. What is so odd about it is my daughter in law has a 2005 that is doing the same thing. So it has to be a manufacturing issue. Of course with it being out of warranty i know i will not get any help from Buick. 
Buick  Rendezvous   2006 Luedtke D. LADY LAKE, FL 10/27/09  4.00 Seat belts not very comfortable. Decent car 
Buick  Rendezvous   2006 Steven F. CALDWELL, ID 10/17/09  4.00 The handle on the rear hatch keeps breaking.
Buick  Rendezvous   2006 Mike Q. TRAVERSE CITY, MI 05/21/09  3.00 wheel bearings are an issue. 
Buick  Rendezvous   2006 Jeff  H. SYKESVILLE, MD  03/03/09  4.00 Bought a month ago with 22k miles. So far so good. Very comfortable and good value. 
Buick  Rendezvous   2006 Henry M. METAIRIE, LA 11/28/08  4.00 Love to hate this car. We love our Buick Rendezvous, but we do have issues with it. Thanks for a wonderful extended warranty! 
Buick  Rendezvous   2006 Thomas D. MERRICK, NY 08/16/08  3.00 good reliable vehicle  
Buick  Rendezvous   2006 Larry M. FORT WALTON BEACH, FL 02/13/06  2.00 Lousy gas mileage. Lousy gas mileage. Lousy gas mileage.  
buick  rendezvous   2005 Laura V. BROWNSVILLE, TX  08/27/12  3.00 I was really happy about this car until last month when I started having problems with it 
buick  rendezvous   2005 Teresa C. PINETOPS, NC 02/02/12  3.00 it keeps overheating and no problems could be found 
buick  rendezvous   2005 David B. COLUMBIA STATION, OH 11/06/11  3.00 repair bills have become excessive lately 
buick  rendezvous   2005 Kevin G. KANSAS CITY, MO 10/21/11  2.00 Quirky GM electronics, Transmission went out at 90,000mi. 
buick  rendezvous   2005 Dana-lynn L. ,   09/28/11  2.00 fuel gauge problem. 
buick  rendezvous   2005 Rosemeri R. ,   09/15/11  n/a 110,000km and replaced 3 of 4 wheel bearings already, long before the 110k miles were on the car. Is this normal?? 
Buick  Rendezvous   2005 James K. EAU CLAIRE, WI 07/01/11  2.00 front hubs replaced too soon bad gas mileage 
Buick  Rendezvous   2005 Dennis R. BERWYN, IL 03/09/11  3.00 Ride is not as smooth as thought to be for a GM vehicle of this type Buick Rendezvous 
Buick  Rendezvous   2005 Jeff  O. CLEARFIELD, UT  07/02/10  2.00 I have had to replace the HVAC control twice in one year. 
Buick  Rendezvous   2005 Rick L. ROBINS, IA 06/18/10  3.00 Normally runs well but I have had a lot of problems with the wheels, from the harness to the hub bearings.
Buick  Rendezvous   2005 Julie M. WINCHESTER, IL 05/21/10  1.00 With 76000 miles my car is leaking antifreeze like a sieve. My dealership tells me they have never seen anything like it. It will cost approx. $1900 to repair the piece of junk. Gaskets need replaced and water pump needs replaced in addition to seals and labor etc. I am in the process of talking to Buick to see if they will kick in on repairing their worse nightmare. 
Buick  Rendezvous   2005 Richard C. CHARLESTOWN, RI  12/03/09  1.00 water leaks from under dash,had to replace both front hubs(for bad bearings)passenger side @ 72k,driverside and ty-rod@35k 
Buick  Rendezvous   2005 Paul G. VERONA, NJ 06/16/09  3.00 Just bgt. this car used w/ 25,000 miles. After requesting repairs car continues to misread the gas in tank, often alert me to LOW GAS when there is 1/4 tank or more. Also, continues to squeak in rear end after i was told this was corrected.  
Buick  Rendezvous   2005 J P. TROY, OH 06/10/09  1.00 Loud groaning noise while driving and extreme loud groaning while making slow turns. Had all hub assemblies/wheel bearings replaced. All rotors and breaks replaced. Power steering pump replaced. Still the same issue!!! 
Buick  Rendezvous   2005 Lori M. DENVER, CO 05/16/09  3.00 Wheel Bearing issues  
Buick  Rendezvous   2005 Monica D. LINESVILLE, PA 05/15/09  1.00 My 2005 Buick Rondezvous is a POS. I have only had the car for 2.5 years and have had to call a flat bed truck at least times. I had it in the shop 3 times in the first 4 months of owning the vehicle. I have replaced the hub berring assembly on the passenger rear 3 times, the driver front 1 time and the driver rear 1 time. This car has cost me so much money! I would trade it in, but the value depreciated so much I would have to add $8,000.00 at least onto a new vehicle. This car is a big pile of junk. The only think I like about it is it goes good in the winter and it is a comfortable ride. Well it goes good in the winter until a hub assembly goes bad and then you have no all wheel drive or anti lock brakes. I know 3 other people who have the same 2005 as me and they have all the same problems as I do. Are you sure there isn't a recall for hub assembly's because I sure change mine enough!! This car is AWFUL.. I have always owned american cars but after this POS is payed off, I'm really thinking about a Toyota. As soon as my warranty ran out... Then the problems BEGUN!!! I have paid for all of these fixes out of pocket! I'm telling you. If you are thinking about buying one... DO NOT DO IT!!! I wish someone would have told me the same!!!!!! 
Buick  Rendezvous   2005 David S. HOMEDALE, ID 04/18/09  1.00 rearend noise 2 times in 66000 mile not happy at all and windshield cracked on inside upper right corner this will be my last buick to many problems with them for a car that was bought new 
Buick  Rendezvous   2005 Christy D. STURGIS, MS 02/17/09  2.00 my gas cap light came on, so I bought a new one. Then my check engine light came on. The new gas cap didn't fix the problem and now my speedometer works when it wants to.  
Buick  Rendezvous   2005 Carlette D. INDIANAPOLIS, IN 01/24/09  2.00 Liftgate failure 
Buick  Rendezvous   2005 SHAWN H. CINCINNATI, OH 01/19/09  3.00 electrical  
Buick  Rendezvous   2005 Julie S. EAU CLAIRE, WI 12/09/08  2.00 I like my Rendezvous. It is the first new car I've ever owned. It went off warranty on July 1st. Naturally, my problems started afterward. When it was under warranty I had the "shocks" on the hatch replaced twice. The hatch used to raise up by itself once I unlatched the hatch -- no more. I could replace them again, but will live with it for now. While under warranty had the "auto leveling mechanism" fixed, and the rear windshield wiper assembly replaced. Now my high beam lights won't stay on, I have to hold the lever. I have to have the rear wiper looked at as it is not clearing the snow off my rear window adequately. Grrrr. This car has given me more trouble than any used car I've owned in the past. 
Buick  Rendezvous   2005 Linda k J. ,   10/22/08  1.00 from 3 months on, I have had nothing but issues, nickel and dime issues, 3 months after purchasing, there was a bubble on my tire, and warranty would not cover my tire, said bubble was my fault. Took in in oct 2008, Cruise Control module needs replaced, wiper washer reservoir keeps leaking all fluids out, needs replaced, guages work intermittently, gas tank and speedometer, something in there needs replaced, now dealer is telling me that the warranty company is sending inspector out. I will be filing a complaint and possible suit if I have any issues with these things that are "supposedly" covered under warranty, bought 7 year extended warranty upon purchase of car, and its only 3 years old 
Buick  Rendezvous   2005 Dot S. MEMPHIS, TN 09/04/08  2.00 rear driving gears are bad and will cost $600.00 to fix and the gas hand floats. The vehicle is only 3 years old. It has been needing repairs for almost 2 years and is not covered by the warranty.
Buick  Rendezvous   2005 Aaron G. MAUMEE, OH 07/13/08  1.00 Interior chinsey- does not handle regular wear and tear inside interior falling apart, plastic pieces falling off hard visual less than 4 years old and transmission is acting up already! poor vehicle especially for families with kids 
Buick  Rendezvous   2005 Robert L. LE ROY, KS 06/01/08  4.00 nosiy rear end Diff 
Buick  Rendezvous   2005 K A. NEW KENSINGTON, PA  05/24/08  4.00 leaks antifreeze 
Buick  Rendezvous   2005 Greg F. DAYTON, OH 05/07/08  4.00 Overall been a good vehicle. Have not had any major problems within the first 60000 miles. Been most reliable vehicle I have owned to date. 
Buick  Rendezvous   2005 Nellie B. ,   04/28/08  2.00 I have ongoing roblems withfuel used system -It varies too much. Ex I drove 2.9 milses ,the difference begin beginning and ending showed 11 gallons. 
Buick  Rendezvous   2005 Steven S. REYNOLDSBURG, OH  04/20/08  4.00 rear door strap broke at 5000 miles  
Buick  Rendezvous   2005 Dorla  H. POPLAR BLUFF, MO 07/26/07  3.00 Rear differential had to be replaced once, almost ready to be replaced again. 
Buick  Rendezvous   2005 Jeff H. VANCOUVER, WA  03/09/06  4.00 The performance has been lackluster, but the mpg has been near 21 on my daily driving--24mpg on a highway trip. The ride is comfortable, the handling is good, and the car is doing what I had hoped for! 
buick  rendezvous   2004 Carmen B. ZANESVILLE, OH  11/09/12  n/a Just bought it toda...stay tuned! your comments here 
buick  rendezvous   2004 Christine B. SCOTTSDALE, AZ  01/31/12  2.00 Air Condition poor circulation 
buick  rendezvous   2004 Sheila F. EVELETH, MN 09/20/11  4.00 143000 miles and i'm having electrical problems with the windows, starting controls, and O2 sensors 
buick  rendezvous   2004 Debra W. URBANDALE, IA  08/21/11  3.00 AWD light on - mechanic can't figure out why 
Buick  Rendezvous   2004 Shannon C. PLEASANT HILL, CA 07/17/11  1.00 Purchased the car a little over a year ago with 72k miles & added an extended warranty plan. Paid just around $13k out the door. Buyer's remorse?? Most definitely!! I did love the car at first, then recently one thing after another started going wrong. A lot of problems, in a very short amount of time! 1. Side impact airbag on the front passenger seat deployed when frnt pass door was slammed.. By a child! I was in the driver's seat when it happened & it was so loud, when my ears popped I couldn't hear anything for a min.. My baby was in a rear-facing car seat in the back pass seat, so it went off next to his head.. 2. The speedometer.. It's either way off, or doesn't move at all. (heads up display still seems to show correct speed) 3. Fuel gauge.. Super sensitive?? Would show one level then go down significantly for no apparent reason. (without any up/down hills or sudden stop/go) 4. Brake pedal/lights.. I first noticed the brake lights were stuck on with the car off/key out (have to disconnect battery to turn off) then the pedal wouldn't release completely when I'd take my foot off of the brake. 5. Started idling high in park, back to normal when shifted into in gear. Happened a few times within the past week. Then yesterday I tried to drive it after being parked for two days, shifted into drive & moved not even ten feet when it felt like the car ran out of gas (no gas pedal/difficult brake) came to complete stop & realized the car was still running (& check engine light came on).. Shifted to park & back to drive, nothing.. Turned engine off, restarted, & it was fine. Parked it & going to the dealership in the morning. Can't wait to hear the excuses & loop holes about why probably none of these issues will be covered by the handy dandy $2500 extended warranty plan.  
Buick  Rendezvous   2004 Mary P. FREDERICK, MD  06/08/11  2.00 MANYELECTRICAL PROBLEMS 
Buick  Rendezvous   2004 Rick M. LAS VEGAS, NV 09/15/10  2.00 lot of small problems, windows,hatch,gauges 
Buick  Rendezvous   2004 Deneen B. STEUBENVILLE, OH  08/04/10  4.00 speedometer and fuel gauge stopped working, rapid inside tire wear front 
Buick  Rendezvous   2004 Lina K. ,   03/23/10  3.00 radio has been replaced 3 times for loosing signal erasing memory and switching stations and functions at random with no improvement. 
Buick  Rendezvous   2004 Matthew D. PLYMOUTH, UT  11/23/09  2.00 biggest problem is AWD light can not be figured out and no repair books are out for this car still 
Buick  Rendezvous   2004 Chuck J. TUCSON, AZ 09/13/09  4.00 If GM produced nothing but Rendezvous, they would need no bailout. 
Buick  Rendezvous   2004 Joe M. FRENCHTOWN, MT  08/11/09  1.00 58,000 miles and getting its 3rd set of front wheel bearings! All highway and good road condition driving. 
Buick  Rendezvous   2004 Norman H. HUNTLEY, IL 06/26/09  4.00 Just started getting a whine/growl while driving. Various speeds make no difference in sound/volume of sound.  
Buick  Rendezvous   2004 Bob  K. LEESBURG, FL  04/15/09  5.00 Am 73 & have had boodles of cars and have never had one I like better than this one. About 61K miles and just beginning a little noise at highway speed - could be a tire, could be a bearing. 
Buick  Rendezvous   2004 Terry T. DANBURY, CT 03/12/09  1.00 Everything about this car stinks! 
Buick  Rendezvous   2004 Shirley D. COLUMBUS, IN 03/04/09  3.00 Car appears to have an intermittent problem that turns on the "check engine soon and track off" lights. 
Buick  Rendezvous   2004 Ed K. LEANDER, TX 02/17/09  2.00 AWD DISABLE light stays on. Grinding/whining noise when turning. 
Buick  Rendezvous   2004 Alfred  B. BROWNS MILLS, NJ 02/15/09  3.00 Ran great for 81,000 miles. Now having over-heating problems when car is sitting still. OK when driving. Dealer recently replaced head gasket 
Buick  Rendezvous   2004 Kelly D. HICKORY CORNERS, MI 12/31/08  1.00 1 This car sucks. 
Buick  Rendezvous   2004 Harvey P. ,   08/29/08  3.00 Leaking tail lights, failed back hatch closing 
Buick  Rendezvous   2004 Darlene B. BATAVIA, NY 07/30/08  3.00 has problems starting and has been looked at by a auto mechanic twice and they cant seem to pinpoint the problem. it starts most of the time but acts up every few weeks. 
Buick  Rendezvous   2004 Darnell C. COLUMBIA, SC 07/14/08  5.00 Has been almost perfect. in 4 and a half years and 105,000 miles i have only had to replace two window motors 
Buick  Rendezvous   2004 Patricia M. CLINTON, IA 07/13/08  4.00 speedometer goes crazy 
Buick  Rendezvous   2004 Anna P. PLEASANT PRAIRIE, WI 05/05/08  2.00 pretty good car 
Buick  Rendezvous   2004 Brandon H. ROCHESTER, NY  05/01/08  4.00 I have had problems with the ABS Hub, wheel Hubs, and Brakes. All seem to be factory problems.
Buick  Rendezvous   2004 Peter  M. BEMIDJI, MN 05/01/08  4.00 great car 
Buick  Rendezvous   2004 Dave E. HAMILTON, OH 04/18/08  4.00 I have 50000 trouble free miles on this car. 
Buick  Rendezvous   2004 Lori S. PITTSBURGH, PA  04/11/08  2.00 Brakes and rotors wear very quickly Power window motors go bad Side windows pop out of track Front Wheel bearings went bad quickly After emergency brake is applied the vehicle rolls forward 
Buick  Rendezvous   2004 Sheryl J. CHELMSFORD, MA  11/13/07  1.00 This vehicle eats brakes for breakfast. Both front wheel bearings crapped out just after warranty. Won't buy Buick again. 
Buick  Rendezvous   2004 Amanda L. REMER, MN  10/16/07  4.00 so far so good but only had a few months and it has 56.000 miles and only thing wrong is really pulles to the left and the right 
buick  rendezvous   2003 Barbara H. COLUMBUS, OH  03/20/12  4.00 I love it! just tired of the little things that are wrong. 
buick  rendezvous   2003 Mary F. HARRISON TOWNSHIP, MI 03/07/12  2.00 nice car but many flaws 
buick  rendezvous   2003 David S. GOODYEAR, AZ  09/14/11  4.00 Had leaky fuel tank replaced under Warrantity. 
buick  rendezvous   2003 Chad P. HILLIARD, OH 08/17/11  3.00 brake lines on firewall are above manifold and shielded.which the shielding holds moisture and causes corrosion to line which then leak and can and has caused fires in engine. This is so far the only negative thing about the rendezvous I have found and had  
buick  rendezvous   2003 Richard L. HIXTON, WI 08/04/11  2.00 The oil in thr transfer case is to costly $40.00 per pint. and it is not check when you have your oil changed 
Buick  Rendezvous   2003 Marc H. WILBRAHAM, MA  06/21/11  3.00 Coolant system has repeated problems 
Buick  Rendezvous   2003 Nick R. BALLSTON LAKE, NY 06/13/11  2.00 Reliable until something goes wrong - which seems to happen all at once with these cars. 
Buick  Rendezvous   2003 Mark B. ,   05/24/11  n/a Considering a used 2003. 
Buick  Rendezvous   2003 Lekenya A. BERWYN, IL 03/27/11  4.00 My kids love the space and it rides nice  
Buick  Rendezvous   2003 Joyce Y. WEST PALM BEACH, FL 03/03/11  2.00 Many problems to include, transmission, electrical ABS Brakes 
Buick  Rendezvous   2003 MIA T. BRADDOCK, PA  01/23/11  2.00 so many big things go wrong its a good thing for warranties. 
Buick  Rendezvous   2003 Diane T. DEARBORN, MI 09/30/09  3.00 Bought used in 2005. So far have had to replace wheel bearings, head gasket. Now may have another head gasket issue and window is off track. I really do like this vehicle, just not happy that my mechanic has advised that is appears that cheaper products have been used in these vehicles.
Buick  Rendezvous   2003 Carri  P. PULASKI, PA 09/20/09  3.00 I'm on here checking out the rendezvous because mine seems to make a few noises i'm not comfortable with,such as, if u turn the steering wheel too sharp it makes a kind of crunching or grinding noise...and everytime u start in morning (or anytime of day) when u go to put in reverse u can feel like a stutter or vibration under the brake peddle for a few feet...and for it having the engine size that it has it really sucks on gas!...it seems like i'm forever putting gas in it.I do alot of running around with kids, errands,sales, so alot of around town local stuff and although i love the layout of the vehicle(reason i got it), very roomy,seats flip down & up easily,very comfortable...the other is really making me consider trying to trade it back to dealer for something else (& i've only had it a month & a half)...thought i'd let others know. 
Buick  Rendezvous   2003 Shelly D. ARLINGTON, OH  06/06/09  2.00 hub assembly sensor replaced several times for berrings, and sensor inside. 
Buick  Rendezvous   2003 Michael F. CAMBY, IN 04/14/09  3.00 I've had to replace the rear end in my 2003 Buick Rendezvous and replaced both wheel bearings on front. 
Buick  Rendezvous   2003 Tony S. BERLIN, CT 03/10/09  1.00 Its a lemon. Wheel bearings, intake manifold gasket, problems with door locks. Nothing but trouble  
Buick  Rendezvous   2003 Dan N. SPANISH FORK, UT 03/06/09  1.00 lots of problems with this car 
Buick  Rendezvous   2003 Rosemary W. ALBANY, GA 02/10/09  4.00 Engine problems
Buick  Rendezvous   2003 Cheryl C. GREENWICH, CT  01/25/09  3.00 my anti freeze leaks into my oil 
Buick  Rendezvous   2003 Frank Z. WEST CHESTER, PA  01/06/09  2.00 2003 CXL with 27,300 miles, original owner, my problems include: failed water pump, fuel system problems, power steering problems, electric seat motor problems, motor water inlet gasket problems, rear center tail light missing a gasket; dashboard humming/ buzzing. Would not buy or recommend one of these to anyone --- including my worst enemy! 
Buick  Rendezvous   2003 Lynn  D. ,   01/01/09  4.00 rear wheel knuckles had to be replace after 100,00 klm very expencive. I believe this is a weakness. 
Buick  Rendezvous   2003 Rebecca S. AUSTIN, TX 12/17/08  2.00 Bad traction control system 
Buick  Rendezvous   2003 K K. MOORHEAD, MN  10/17/08  2.00 Door hinges do not work properly/bent/misaligned Intake manifold gasket leak Power steering leaks Rear hatch too heavy for strut 
Buick  Rendezvous   2003 Naomi H. GARDENDALE, AL  10/16/08  1.00 i have had more problems with this car, from little things to major things 
Buick  Rendezvous   2003 Krista F. PHILADELPHIA, PA  09/26/08  3.00 Drivers electric seat no longer working, letters of rendevous is now only us from a simple car wash. Loud banging noise from engine.  
Buick  Rendezvous   2003 Brandiss P. SYRACUSE, NY  08/15/08  3.00 I love my car except the traction is wacky. My traction control comes on ALL the time for absolutely no reason. I have no clue what this means and how serious it is, but I intend to find out. 
Buick  Rendezvous   2003 Paul A. MARQUETTE, MI  05/14/08  2.00 Have had the vehicle for about three months. Local driving only. Gas mileage seems low but haven't been able to really get a consistent reading...between 13 and 15 mpg. Rear window visability poor, but large mirrors mitigate the problem. Speedometer is impossible to see in bright sunlight. Vehicle rides very nicely and handles well on dry, wet, or slippery roads.I had a Jeep Cherokee sport previously and that vehicle doesn't even compare to this one in handling and ride especially in severe weather conditions. Addendum:11/18/2009:Have now had the vehicle since spring of 2008 and have consistent yet intermittent issues with the ABS system. Had the original reseller address issue and they indicated that right rear wheel bearing with sensor needed replacement. Problem went away for about three weeks then re-appeared. Reseller then replaced right rear wiring harness. Problem went away for about two months then returned. I finally went to Buick dealer and they gave me same original diagnosis ie right rear wheel bearing. A maintenance search indicated the bearing had been replaced at least once before I owned the vehicle. It appears that the ABS light comes on after about 20 to 40 miles of driving but usually more likely when the weather is slightly damp or else really wet. The buick dealer tried troubleshooting the problem with no success. Based upon my experiences the problem must have something to do with wiring harnesses but The Buick diagnostics do not have a bona fide method of really troubleshooting these issues and I believe that customers are being forced to unnecessarily replace rather expensive parts because of engineering failures in the diagnostics and troubleshooting methods. A search of the internet will show that many Buick owners are having similar problems and the solutions run the gamut up and into the almost mystical. Examples such as 1.making sure tire inflation for each tire is the same. 2.If replacing a tire, make sure the replacement is identi 
Buick  Rendezvous   2003 Howard T. WILLIAMSTOWN, NJ  05/07/08  1.00 Signifant repairs - head gasket air conditioner - brake harness - generally worse repair record of any car i have owned in the past 40 years 
Buick  Rendezvous   2003 Terry S. HILLSBORO, WI 05/01/08  0.00 none
Buick  Rendezvous   2003 John C. GARNER, NC 03/28/08  4.00 Bought the car used with 101k miles. Dealer replaced sepentine belt. Rusn good, MPG - 25.5 hwy(good) No rear hatch keyhole. But Traction Control/ABS turns off periodically. Dont know why yet? 
Buick  Rendezvous   2003 Peter H. PLAINVILLE, MA 07/27/07  1.00 I HATE this Car is is the biggest piece of garbage ever made. And Buick customer care is horrendous. I have complained to them in regards to the fuel leak everyone is having problems with and they keep turning me down saying that me car does not fit the recall. 
buick  rendezvous   2002 Darrell O. ,   11/03/12  4.00 Just bought a CX AWD that has around 55k on it. Intended to buy a Ford Escape until we looked at and drove thisBuick. 
buick  rendezvous   2002 Tom H. CHAMPLAIN, NY  07/21/12  2.00 trhthrjru 
buick  rendezvous   2002 Angela W. WHITMORE LAKE, MI 12/20/11  2.00 I like the car and the features but it has too many technical issues. 
buick  rendezvous   2002 John B. AVON, OH  10/08/11  5.00 your comments here We love this car, but the repairs have been over the top. 
buick  rendezvous   2002 Pam T. MONTICELLO, IN 08/02/11  1.00 if you had a brain you would never purchase this car! 
Buick  Rendezvous   2002 Patricia J. BENSALEM, PA  06/01/11  1.00 trans just failed with kids in car no signs before hand 
Buick  Rendezvous   2002 Billy L. HONOLULU, HI 08/10/10  1.00 Bought the car about a year ago. It is a very unsafe vehicle. The alarm panels goes crazy, my locks, windows, lights dont work. Security alarm is always on and my radio shows locked on it. When it first happened I was driving at night when it first happened on the highway and everytime my alarm panel started going crazy my lights would flicker on and off. I contacted the Buick dealership and stated there were no recalls for this safety issue and wants to charge me like 300 just to tell me whats wrong with it. 
Buick  Rendezvous   2002 Jeanne P. SKOKIE, IL 07/13/10  3.00 Its been a GOOD vehicle for my needs. 
Buick  Rendezvous   2002 Sharon O. DENVER, CO 06/17/10  3.00 Braking system is defaulting. When driving slow, as in parking lot, there is a grinding noise/vibration & brakes fail. 
Buick  Rendezvous   2002 Adrian G. MIAMI, FL 07/08/09  4.00 My Rendesvouz is great, only the last week (5 years after buy it) i have a complaint with the gas tank 
Buick  Rendezvous   2002 James S. WEST NEWTON, MA 06/04/09  2.00 my manifold gasket is defective after 55,000 miles 
Buick  Rendezvous   2002 Tyler D. BETTENDORF, IA  06/04/09  1.00 Have had many problems, replaced front wheel bearings twice. Head gaskets replaced twice. Body Control Module replaced. During tight turna there is a groaning coming from the gear box, 2500 to fix this. Ac condenser has a hole in it, 950 to fix. Brakes and tires went at 35000 miles. Had I not had an extended warranty that covered most of this I would have junked this car long ago. 
Buick  Rendezvous   2002 Jeff O. AUBURN, WA 03/07/09  1.00 Buick did not want to stand behind this vehicle, it used smaller rims and tires for the size of vehicle which caused the Bearings to go out. Mine went out quit a few times and I had to replace tires as I was advised by Buick that it would not honor its warranty on this as it would be normal wear and tear, but tires are supposed to last more than a 7 months, right? I am glad Buick is no longer making this vehicle as mine was a lemon and I had to trade this vehicle in at over a $10,000 loss to me. I will never by a Buick ever again. 
Buick  Rendezvous   2002 Brian M. CLEAR LAKE, MN 02/27/09  1.00 lots of problems with these Rendezvous. Does not give Buick a good name. 
Buick  Rendezvous   2002 John F. EVANSVILLE, IN 02/14/09  3.00 summer of 2008, air conditioner went out. found out that the condenser doesn't work and needs a new one, cost? $1600, has anyone else had this problem and is there someplace that is cheaper to replace this, like the dealership?! 
Buick  Rendezvous   2002 Roger L. CHICAGO, IL 12/06/08  1.00 too many recalls , wheel bearings shot at 38k kilometers, power windows scratching glass, traction control intermittent on off due to premature corrosion , all of these known to GM, INTAKE GASKET LEAKS ECT NEVER AGAIN WILL I BUY GM 
Buick  Rendezvous   2002 Shelley N. HUDSON, NY 10/06/08  1.00 I just bought my car and it has a toatly rusted roof on it it needs 2,000 dollars worth of work, I cant believe this it does not seem right, that the dealer sold me this car in this condition. 
Buick  Rendezvous   2002 Merlinda D. PHOENIX, AZ 10/06/08  2.00 Something breaks once a month for me, I sevice vehicle when im suppose to. 
Buick  Rendezvous   2002 Matt P. HENRYVILLE, IN 09/13/08  1.00 We have had nothing but problems. One after another.  
Buick  Rendezvous   2002 Rebecca T. SEATTLE, WA 08/26/08  1.00 Too many problems to list... Apparently since this was the first year this car was made, there are all kinds of problems and GM is only taking a couple to recall. I have spend thousands on repairs, and if you're over 60,000 miles, the recalls they issues do not apply to you. Out of pocket is how you will have to pay. 
Buick  Rendezvous   2002 Kate  I. BRISTOL, CT 08/14/08  2.00 Car won't restart after driving for a while. Gas guage fluctuates 
Buick  Rendezvous   2002 Jessica A. PECK, MI 08/03/08  1.00 My electrical wires in the middle (by fuses) all melted together. There was literally smoke coming out ffrom my cd player and heating / ac vents. Traction controll light has been on since I bought the vehicle and does not work. Service light comes on frequently. I know longer have heat or air that has "forced air" . At times my vehicle will not start.  
Buick  Rendezvous   2002 Dana P. NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR 07/18/08  1.00 LEMON 
Buick  Rendezvous   2002 Dick N. MIDLAND, MI 07/12/08  3.00 How in the World do you change the battery in an 02 Rendezvous? 
Buick  Rendezvous   2002 Kook B. AVON, OH  07/11/08  1.00 Poor. 
Buick  Rendezvous   2002 Susan R. HOLTON, MI 06/28/08  2.00 Wheel bearings failed with only 86K and air conditioning compressor leaks! 
Buick  Rendezvous   2002 Hongli L. ,   06/06/08  2.00 noise from the underneath of the car when driving. 
Buick  Rendezvous   2002 Rose M. SAGINAW, MI 06/05/08  1.00 Purchased in Nov 05 with 50000 miles, I currently have 76000 and it is in the shop with a blown transmission, non functioning gas tank, leak at the intake manifold and squeal when turning in tight area. Help! For the transmission alone the prices is over $2000 and the maifold issue if over 500. I purchased this vehicle for over $18,000 and also purchased a extended warranty which expired at the end of 2 years. Per the mechanic not covered for anything. Where do I go to file a complant.  
Buick  Rendezvous   2002 Doug M. CORAOPOLIS, PA  05/29/08  2.00 too many service problems. of all vehicles i've owned this has had the most problems in the shortest period of time 
Buick  Rendezvous   2002 Bill O. HOLDEN, MA 05/05/08  2.00 vapor lock 
Buick  Rendezvous   2002 R H. ,   05/05/08  1.00 lemon
Buick  Rendezvous   2002 Donald S. LANDING, NJ 05/01/08  n/a 2002 Buick Rendezvous 
Buick  Rendezvous   2002 Rebecca S. WHEELING, WV 04/19/08  1.00 I bought this car 1yr out of a previous owner's lease. Test drove it twice, it seemed fine. THEN, on day #3 of owning this I began to have what would end up being transmission troubles to ultimately have reverse go out at 30K mi. The transmission ALWAYS shifted hard, it sounded like junk from the beginning. The dlrship. said it just the Rendezvous. BS!! I have had BOTH hubs/wheel censors repl-and the right side twice, rear-view mirror malfunctioned-had it repl to end up having the windshield repl because the dealership cracked the windshield getting the old one off and the new one installed. THE MOST EXPENSIVE WINDSHIELD YOU CAN BUY IS IN YOUR VEHICLE.- FYI, head gaskets TWICE and the eng. got so hot that the 2nd time around the heads were so warped they needed machined, spark plugs misfire at 60K mi. and causes the eng to overheat.....NO CLUE and I think the dlrship doesn't either...Oil leaked out of the AC cendensor-had it repl, both side mirrors quit adjusting at diff. times but had to be repl., .......and the kicker, I ended up having the transmission repl a second time. This time the dlrship ended up not tightening one of the TWO motor mount bolts-fell out of the car when going back to work (I had been looking to trade this pc. of junk in on something definitely more reliable-I have missed so much work bcuz of the repairs, I even think I lost one due in part of being late repeatedly.) Every 30K mi. the transmission just can't take it anymore. This is when I learned from the dealership that Rendezvous is just too heavy of a vehicle for the eng/trans to handle it..."which is why the 'Ultra" came out." A lot of good that does me now. The best decision I ever made was to take out the best after market ext. warr. My file at the dlrship is the thickness of a phone book and now it's 2008 and the repairs have exceeded the value of this car. Every day I wait for something to go wrong. It's been a couple of months now, and I had brake pads replaced.. 
Buick  Rendezvous   2002 Rena  W. INDIANAPOLIS, IN 02/29/08  1.00 I hate this car. It is a money pit and I have the receipts to prove it.. Paying for a car can't drive... 
Buick  Rendezvous   2002 ERNEST W. BANGOR, ME 07/14/07  1.00 Rear break pads had to be replaced in 2003 with very low milage. wheel bearings replaced twice, air conditioner faild 2004, window glass droped down inside door, fuel pump faild 2008, rear axel seal seeping fluid current milage 47000 miles this should never happen all at very low milage, wheel bearings replaced twice, drive side seat lumbar knob broke when panel collapsed up exit with weight from driver. many other repairs required before they should have been due 
Buick  Rendezvous   2002 KATHY M. ,   03/31/07  5.00 I Love my car. When this one goes, I'm getting a nother Rendezvous. 
Buick  Rendezvous   2002 Felesia C. INDIANOLA, MS 08/27/06  1.00 December 10, 2008 car overheated without any warning. I took it to a trusted mechanic who checked, replaced, themostat, radiator, water pump, flushed the system. Several pressure tests were conducted and everything tested fine. It continued to overheat almost instantly. Called Buick was told to get it to a Buick service center. I had to have the car towed 30 miles. The Buick Repair people gave me a price quote of $5131.00!!!!!! I have to get a new engine, even though it's a head gasket that's blown. Repairman stated that because it has some sort of hollow (cam?) it is going to be better to replace the engine. 
Buick  Rendezvous   2002 Renate B. MENOMONEE FALLS, WI 05/06/06  1.00 nothing but troubles lately. 
Buick  Rendezvous   2002 Donald B. OSWEGO, NY 10/22/05  1.00 I would not recommend this car .Problems from day one and continue,had to fight GM to replace AC trans. problems ,brake ABS system Rear window wipper ect.ect.We are just waiting for the next think to go wrong. 
Buick  Rendezvous   2002 Brian E. FORT WAYNE, IN 08/08/05  3.00 after wheel hubs and oil consumption problems were fixed it now gets 20mpg in the city! 
Buick  Rendezvous   2002 Lory M. SPOKANE, WA 04/11/05  4.00 have 50,000 miles with no problems. Love my rondy 
Buick  Rendezvous   2002 Sheila M. FLINT, MI 03/25/05  3.00 Have had left front wheel bearing changed out and head gaskets replaced due to a leak before I had 45,000 miles on the odometer. Road noise is very noticeable and heater/air conditioner takes a long time to heat/cool. Otherwise, this vehicle has been good. 
Buick  Rendezvous   2002 Mary T. FRESNO, CA 11/17/04  2.00 No big expensive problem after another. It's been a useful vehicle, but an expensive one for repairs. 
Buick  Rendezvous   2002 Norma R. CRANSTON, RI 03/29/04  1.00 On 6/15/04 ihad a tire blowout on a fast highway which could of resulted in my death.Ichanged all of my Firestone tires to Good Year.The low tire warning never appeared .the manual states it should have a indicator.I have just reviewed your reports and found out the manual is incorrect.The latest thing is my electrical system my car wouldnt start and horn keeps blowing every ten min. I also have had three ball barrens go on the car which cost 900$.Iwrote to GMC and they said to bad they will register my complaint.I hate this car it is unsafe and I hope someone steals it and totals it for the worlds safety as well.This was my dream car and I could just cry because I still owe on it. 
buick  rendezvous   2001 John C. ELK FALLS, KS 11/26/12  2.00 heater/gauge/something problem, no fix from Buick but common problem? 

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