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 2007 CHEVROLET TAHOE Owner Reviews and Ratings

Below are the car reviews and ratings from other owners of 2007 CHEVROLET TAHOE cars.
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 Reviews found: 63  Average Owner Car Rating: 3.64
Make Model Year Owner Name City State Date Added Car Rating Reviews and Complaints
Made by Car Owners1
chevrolet  tahoe   2007  Jason S. GREENFIELD, OH  11/01/12  2.00 i have had several issues with this vehicle. All fixed under warranty until issue with starting. My vehicle is now at body shop parking lot and will not start. Has been checked before warranty ended and no problems were found, but still will not start. 
chevrolet  tahoe   2007  MATT N. LEAVENWORTH, KS  06/10/12  4.00 GREAT TRUCK 
chevrolet  tahoe   2007  Carrie A. LAKE CITY, FL  05/22/12  4.00 The a/c smell awful when turned on in the summer. The plate on the steering wheel that houses the controls is peeling. 
chevrolet  tahoe   2007  Mike N. LYNDHURST, NJ  03/15/12  4.00 i have a problem with the windows rattling when there half way open. all 4 windows 
chevrolet  tahoe   2007  George S. GREAT NECK, NY  02/13/12  5.00 Very few problems. Just keep on top of maintance needs. Only problem was cruise control does not work. 
chevrolet  tahoe   2007  Rosalba M. ANAHEIM, CA  01/24/12  4.00 the dasboard runboard lights went off and not even switching the fuses got back to lite again. 
chevrolet  tahoe   2007  David  N. SPRINGFIELD, PA  12/30/11  5.00 The best car I ever owned. 12500 running fantastic 
chevrolet  tahoe   2007  Matthew R. CUMMING, GA  11/17/11  4.00 only had minor problems with the vehicle 
chevrolet  tahoe   2007  William M. WARREN, MI  10/08/11  n/a the 2007 Tahoe i own has 80,000 miles on it the rear window defogger stayed on and would not shut off. The back window got so hot the glass exploded. It is in the dealership right now to see if G.M. is going to pay for the repairs. They had to fix the wire leads on the defogger because one of them broke off. Now this what next? 
chevrolet  tahoe   2007  Karen S. AUSTIN, TX  10/08/11  2.00 I have replaced my battery 2 times, front brakes once, the quality is horrible. I only have 37,000 miles on it! 
Chevrolet  Tahoe   2007  Lisa R. BROOKINGS, OR  05/30/11  4.00 I really enjoy my tahoe, I've just recently had an issue with the door handle slicing my hand though. I see that there are several complaints of this, wanting to know where to go from here.  
Chevrolet  Tahoe   2007  Randy P. PALMETTO, FL  05/18/11  1.00 Dash board cracked after 3 yrs, also have a checvy truck over 12 yrs old no cracks Make yo wonder about quality work 
Chevrolet  Tahoe   2007  Mike P. LOS GATOS, CA  02/04/11  2.00 side mirrors vibrate, burns oil,  
Chevrolet  Tahoe   2007  Greg C. SIMPSONVILLE, SC  11/27/10  2.00 electrical issues transmission issues 2007 tahoe 
Chevrolet  Tahoe   2007  Kristie A. EL PASO, TX  10/30/10  2.00 cracked dashboard problems with transmission 
Chevrolet  Tahoe   2007  Tom T. GRANDIN, ND  09/20/10  4.00 Only thing i have had go wrong is just the other day the Service Tire Monitor System light came on and the key fob no longer works. Other than that its been a great truck. 
Chevrolet  Tahoe   2007  Robert C. CHARLOTTE, NC  09/09/10  4.00 I am satisfied other than I started electrical problems at 40K miles. 
Chevrolet  Tahoe   2007  Danyale W. COLUMBUS, MS  08/23/10  3.00 Brake squeal has been a nagging problem 
Chevrolet  Tahoe   2007  Mike J. BROOKFIELD, WI  05/12/10  1.00 Battery keeps dying 
Chevrolet  Tahoe   2007  Guy G. ARDEN, NC  04/15/10  2.00 Wind noise - thru doors - been in shop 3 times not repaired !! 
Chevrolet  Tahoe   2007  Gilles F. , AE  03/29/10  3.00 Three years now since I bought that car (54000 km). Few problems since, battery and chuck has been changed under warranty. Otherwise it OK 
Chevrolet  Tahoe   2007  Bill M. LEESVILLE, LA  03/03/10  3.00 Wheel sensors are poor. Multiple electrical malfunctions. Poor towing power. 
Chevrolet  Tahoe   2007  Jay L. CHERRY HILL, NJ  02/24/10  3.00 Just Purchased 
Chevrolet  Tahoe   2007  Raymond R. BREA, CA  02/03/10  4.00 4 batteries in 3 yrs...only complaint, otherwise very very well made 
Chevrolet  Tahoe   2007  Scott K. BELLEVUE, NE  01/09/10  3.00 problems with frost on inside of all the windows in the truck 
Chevrolet  Tahoe   2007  Jo M. BEAUFORT, NC  12/02/09  5.00 Love this truck! 
Chevrolet  Tahoe   2007  Frank S. STAFFORD SPRINGS, CT  11/10/09  3.00 Vehicle has a vibration most prominent on hills 
Chevrolet  Tahoe   2007  Andrew T. SIMPSONVILLE, SC  09/04/09  2.00 Loved it until trans went at 30K. Fixed under Warantee, but not sure how long it will last 
Chevrolet  Tahoe   2007  K M. SAINT PAUL, MN  08/26/09  4.00 Great vehicle! Poor FM reception. I have Bose radio system w/dvd player and a $5 cheapy radio picks up and holds better reception than this unit. I have tried another antenna(windshield mount amplified antenna ) and no help, not worse nor better. The dealer says thats just the way it is. Then how come all my other vehicles w/stock radios pick up and lock into stations better than this. C'mon GM and Bose, just admit a bad product , replace it and keep a long time customer happy. I would just buy a new radio but at almost $1000 and only 2.5 years old why should I. Other than that i have no problems with the vehicle, i'm actually quite satisfied. 
Chevrolet  Tahoe   2007  Red O. HARWOOD, ND  07/16/09  4.00 Momentum on road is excellent 
Chevrolet  Tahoe   2007  Brenda M. PUNXSUTAWNEY, PA  06/06/09  3.00 my battery keeps going dead. I have everything off but after it sits for a few days the battery is dead the shop has even put in a brand new battery 6 months ago and today it is dead 6/6/09 
Chevrolet  Tahoe   2007  Holly  V. LUFKIN, TX  05/12/09  1.00 My air conditioner on my 2007 Tahoe started having a foul smell like mildew shorting after purchasing it. The dealership has done everything they say they can do, but the problem has not been fixed. Also everytime you turn the steering wheel to turn a corner it makes a whizzing sound. At first it was only doing it ocassionally but now it does it everytime you make a turn. The dealership has also tried to find the problem and fix it, but has been unsuccessful with this issue as well. 
Chevrolet  Tahoe   2007  Suzanne L. BRANDON, MS  05/10/09  3.00 Can't play radio with truck off because battery dies. Withing 15 minutes. 
Chevrolet  Tahoe   2007  Brady E. COLUMBUS, OH  03/15/09  4.00 Intermittent battery drain. Unknown origin. 
Chevrolet  Tahoe   2007  James H. WASHINGTON, DC  03/10/09  3.00 Rides nice and quit, the alarm system sucks. My tires were stolen and the alarm never sounded! 
Chevrolet  Tahoe   2007  M W. FAIRBANKS, AK  03/09/09  2.00 There are of course "little" problems with my Tahoe, sometimes one of the door locks won't work (either locking or unlocking at will), sometimes the back door won't open (I live in Alaska and that has to do with the cold), sometimes the internal air circulator won't work etc... each of these little problems will usually return to normal the next time I start the car. Then there was the "engine over heating" warning I got. I could handle these little inconveniences, it's the "car not starting" that I hate. I'm not exaggerating AT ALL when I say that my there are over 1/2 dozen instances of my car not starting. One time it was just the battery -dealer replaced, another time it was the "windshield wiper fuse recall" deal apparently draining my battery-fuse replaced. Then it was the thermostat (or something technical) located in the wrong place causing false signals to be sent to the cars computer telling it the engine was overheating a (in Alaska at -20!) and not to start the car. Now I'm sitting here typing this complaint waiting for the tow truck guy to come haul my car away again. Can't wait to find out why it won't start this time.  
Chevrolet  Tahoe   2007  Rene G. SAN BENITO, TX  02/27/09  3.00 my Sprag Clutch/ transmission recently left me stranded on Houston Expressway. But I love this truck. 
Chevrolet  Tahoe   2007  Rhonda C. BRITTON, MI  01/21/09  4.00 Cloth interior is HORRIBLE. collects lint badly so it appears more worn than it should 
Chevrolet  Tahoe   2007  Kris P. BOCA RATON, FL  01/06/09  3.00 Interior and exterior body parts are low quality,engine(5.3) is strong but it only gives 13-14MPG. 
Chevrolet  Tahoe   2007  Mac S. UNION CITY, CA  12/31/08  0.00 battery 
Chevrolet  Tahoe   2007  John S. GRAND ISLAND, NE  12/15/08  4.00 inital quality seems t be very good. Some intermittant minor issues with computer operated systems. 
Chevrolet  Tahoe   2007  Jane R. CORNING, IA  12/12/08  2.00 my engine light has been on for 6months. plus eveytime I put fuel in it it gets to 3gallons and stops & gas spits out. I have had it looked at twice by a warranty dealer. The very next day the problem happens again.  
Chevrolet  Tahoe   2007  Justin B. ALEDO, IL  11/15/08  4.00 This is my wife's vehicle and she works from home so it does not get driven daily. We noticed that the front tires were wearing unevenly and they would squeal when making a low speed, tight turn into parking spots or drivethrus. The dealer rotated the tires and aligned it. According to their equipment it was out of alignment but it only lasted a week and the front tires started squealing again. This occurs with all 4 tires at a consistent 35lbs. of air. Going to take it back and have them recheck it's alignment. 
Chevrolet  Tahoe   2007  Michelle P. RED BLUFF, CA  11/11/08  1.00 We have had nothing but trouble with our 2007 tahoe since we bought it. every few weeks for no apprearant reason it just wont start. usually we call our roadside service for a jump. it has been in the shop and they say the battery is fine but that they could not duplicate the problem so i would just take it home and then it would happen again and again. yesterday it would not start in the middle of the day, even the tow truck when they jumped it could not get it to start so they towed it to the dealership who is telling me it's my battery even though when just sitting in the car not even doing anything all of the electrical components were just going nuts. door locks going up and down, lights on and off and cracking and popping noises coming from my dashboard and door handles. the most alarming thing was the smell of an electrical short. I have had to argue with gm customer assistance, because they insist that even though i've taked my car in numerous times over the past two years, that i must first pay the dealer 140.00 for a new battery, and then a 270.00 fee for the diagnostics and plus pay for them towing it to the dealership which they offered to do because they said this had been an on going problem. I plan to file a grievance as well as go to arbitration if i have to. i don't think it is right that we pay so much for these vehicles and then they are not willing to stand behind the product. 
Chevrolet  Tahoe   2007  Carolyn P. WYTHEVILLE, VA  10/14/08  4.00 We bought a 2007 Tahoe SS a few months ago and I've noticed a chirping sound coming from the navigation screen. Sounds like I have a CD in or something when there isn't, but it's definitely coming from that area. It makes the sound whether the engine is running or not. When I open the door and get in, I hear it, so it's probably making the sound all the time. It drives me crazy and I can even hear it when the radio is on.  
Chevrolet  Tahoe   2007  Paul A. ANCHORAGE, AK  08/27/08  2.00 Creaky body, numerous little glitches and defects, quality feels poor, major engine defect at 37,000 miles (fixed under warranty, then broke again, then fixed again under warranty) 
Chevrolet  Tahoe   2007  Melinda H. CRAWFORD, TX  08/05/08  4.00 I love my Tahoe. I really don't have any complaints 
Chevrolet  Tahoe   2007  Cheri H. EVERETT, WA  06/06/08  1.00 2007- car has problems starting. We filed a lemon law for replacement 
Chevrolet  Tahoe   2007  Jennifer R. NESBIT, MS  05/25/08  5.00 none 
Chevrolet  Tahoe   2007  Chris H. HENDERSON, NV  05/22/08  3.00 i own an 07 flex fuel tahoe. i have only used the alternative fuel 3 times because of poor fuel mileage.i had around 31,000 miles and had engine problems. chevy first thought it was a lifter spring, but eventually found a piston with a hole in it, i was told it was about the size of a nickel ,dead center on top of piston. they were going to replace the piston only and did so but when it was all put back together it still made a bad knocking noise. They took apart the other side and found a badly scored cylender. Finally they decided to replace the engine. I guess I can't complain about a new engine but would have rather just ended up without any problems. truck was in the shop for a month. also told my warranty would continue on with the miles of the vehicle and not start over with a new engine. 
Chevrolet  Tahoe   2007  Cecil C. HEIDRICK, KY  05/17/08  2.00
Chevrolet  Tahoe   2007  Robert S. KENNER, LA  05/05/08  n/a Transmission clunks, suspension creaks, steering wheel peeling,  
Chevrolet  Tahoe   2007  Dennis P. RALEIGH, NC  05/04/08  4.00 I really enjoy my 2000 chevy tahoe 
Chevrolet  Tahoe   2007  Ray W. GRANDY, NC  04/30/08  4.00 lint problem with cloth seasts 
Chevrolet  Tahoe   2007  Doug W. MARSHALL, TX  04/26/08  4.00 great car---but finding wiper blades is a nightmare ! 
Chevrolet  Tahoe   2007  Linnie D. CHUNCHULA, AL  02/28/08  2.00 The cloth seats lint excessively. Was told by delaership that this was a major issue with 2 bulletins already released. I was told by ge customer service that it had to do with the clothes I wore. How can my clothes lint the sides and back side of seats? Give me a break. I have purchased 5 GE vehicles in the past 10 yrs. but there won't ever be another one. 
Chevrolet  Tahoe   2007  Shonie B. ROOSEVELT, UT  02/07/08  1.00 The electrical system does a total shut down. The battery still shows a charge but there is no power to anything...panel, power running boards, windows, etc. We have to charge the battery and then it sits for 2 hours and slowly build power to everything and then it will start. We were stranded 14 hours from home and had to wait 2 hours not knowing what was going on. Calling several dealers and mechanics with no help.  
Chevrolet  Tahoe   2007  Tony J. NEWTON, IA  01/14/08  4.00 Great so far. 
Chevrolet  Tahoe   2007  Jamie G. SHALLOTTE, NC  10/18/07  n/a mine are doing the same thing  
Chevrolet  Tahoe   2007  Billye P. JASPER, TX  10/09/07  n/a FUEL MILEAGE IS TERRIBLE.  
Chevrolet  Tahoe   2007  Matthew H. LARIMORE, ND  01/14/07  2.00 Has been taken back to dealership multiple times for multiple problems. NOT worth the price tag we paid for it!!! 
Chevrolet  Tahoe   2007  Rod S. VALLEJO, CA  11/28/06  4.00 excellent 
Chevrolet  Tahoe   2007  Christopher R. JUPITER, FL  07/30/06  1.00 The worse vehicle I ever purchased in my life. After a year manufacturer bought back at my expense of $10,000.  

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