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 2005 TOYOTA CAMRY Owner Reviews and Ratings

Below are the car reviews and ratings from other owners of 2005 TOYOTA CAMRY cars.
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 Reviews found: 68  Average Owner Car Rating: 3.51
Make Model Year Owner Name City State Date Added Car Rating Reviews and Complaints
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toyota  camry   2005  Jan E. ,   10/19/12  4.00 Drivers seat a bit uncomfortable at first. Hope it improves. 
toyota  camry   2005  Janis B. ,   10/10/12  4.00 With only 17,500 miles on my 2005 Camry, the master brake cylinder is not functioning properly resulting in spongy brakes. 
toyota  camry   2005  Jane P. OCEANSIDE, CA  10/10/12  2.00 Steering and rack and Pinion needed replaced at 33,000 miles. Is a 2005 Camry. Had to pay out of pocket yet see many complaints online 
toyota  camry   2005  Dave W. ,   09/16/11  4.00 engine light keeps coming on. seems to be gas cap gasket seal problem 
toyota  camry   2005  Howard B. CROMWELL, CT  09/16/11  2.00 My wife loves the car, BUT: - At 20,000 miles Toyota REPLACED the engine under warranty. - Now, at 94,000 miles they say that the engine has to be REPLACED again. This time I'm supposed to pay $5-$6k for a used or rebuilt engine. - 2-3 years ago I had one instance of a runaway engine. Fortunately this occurred in a parking lot at low speed and I was able to stand on the break and turn off the engine. - A couple of times, under very slippery conditions and with brake pads very low, experienced EXTREME brake oscillations with ineffective braking,  
Toyota  Camry   2005  Josie K. BUFFALO, NY  06/29/11  3.00 no comment Replaced left control arm in 2009 and right control arm in 2010 
Toyota  Camry   2005  David D. ,   04/28/11  5.00 overly sensitive to crosswinds 
Toyota  Camry   2005  David C. VILLANOVA, PA  03/13/11  1.00 Water pump failed requiring engine replacement 
Toyota  Camry   2005  Rob H. ANDERSON, SC  09/03/10  0.00 Have only had this car for about 1000 miles. Bought it used with around 50,000 miles on it. 
Toyota  Camry   2005  Alison W. CHESAPEAKE, VA  03/10/10  3.00 My catalytic converter went in less than three years.  
Toyota  Camry   2005  Kenneth M. JOPLIN, MO  02/18/10  3.00 Dependable car. Not as solid as our '96 Camry.  
Toyota  Camry   2005  Jose B. ,   02/17/10  2.00 Have had front end probles with my 2005 camry since new. Shaking, steering, loose front. Dealer says cannot reproduce problem. Untilyesterday when everything I've complained about for 5 years was suddenly noted by one of their mechanics 
Toyota  Camry   2005  Carol W. WARWICK, RI  02/04/10  4.00 We like nearly everything about it. It doesn't hold the road quite as well as our old Oldsmobile Ciera in snow. The only odd thing is that sometimes the radio turns itself on. 
Toyota  Camry   2005  Sallie  W. MOBILE, AL  02/01/10  3.00 2005 Camry. My rear speakers disintegrated. I have never had this to happen with other cars. Good news... Springhill Toyota replaced my Rear Speaker Covers as a courtesy.  
Toyota  Camry   2005  Linda H. TUSTIN, CA  01/27/10  4.00 Rear speaker covers are of very poor quality and actually disintegrated. Requires replacement of entire back panel at a cost of approximately $350.  
Toyota  Camry   2005  JW S. WEST JORDAN, UT  01/21/10  4.00 I hate the computer driven accelerator. I had an '94 and loved the way it pulled from a stop. The computer accelerator is a mess. 
Toyota  Camry   2005  Tiffany L. DENIO, NV  12/01/09  1.00 my camerytook off when I took my foot off the gas pedal when I was approaching an intersection. the breaks would not stop it and I tboned a dodge neon injuring two people 
Toyota  Camry   2005  Ken M. RIVERSIDE, CA  11/28/09  2.00 transmission shifting is not smooth rear speaker covers have deteriorated Transmission needed replacment at 120,000 miles 
Toyota  Camry   2005  Jon P. SPRING VALLEY, NY  11/25/09  2.00 4cyl cannot compare to 97 and 98 camry. 2005 is smaller, tinnier and much noisier than the earlier models. 
Toyota  Camry   2005  David C. BROOKLYN, NY  11/21/09  3.00 Vehicle front dashboard area started to squeek. Current mileage is 12,145. 
Toyota  Camry   2005  Richard R. COMMERCE, TX  11/14/09  2.00 The car has developed a lot of rattles and some steering system noises with only 27,000 miles. 
Toyota  Camry   2005  Robert T. GOLDEN, CO  10/25/09  5.00
Toyota  Camry   2005  C R. OMAHA, NE  09/29/09  5.00 This is my 3rd Camry and it drives and runs like a dream! I have owned it 1 1/2 yrs after buying it used and experienced no problems . . . which is why I continue to buy them. My car gets 32-34 mpg on the highway and 24-26 mpg in the city which I believe is higher than Toyota lists. I have a 4 cylinder LE automatic and HIGHLY recommend Camry's to all my friends . . . my sister even bought one!  
Toyota  Camry   2005  Rick R. HURON, OH  08/26/09  3.00 Trouble with steering shaft and water pump. Dishonest dealer and very poor Customer satisfaction from Toyota Motor Corp. Was pretty much told to go to H. 
Toyota  Camry   2005  Rebecca G. DOTHAN, AL  07/22/09  3.00 Unhappy with the disintegration of my rear speakers. 
Toyota  Camry   2005  Mark S. PRIOR LAKE, MN  07/10/09  4.00 Cup holders and console door are poorly designed 
Toyota  Camry   2005  Douglas A. Kent, WA  06/08/09  5.00 This car is very comfortable and quiet. 
Toyota  Camry   2005  Darrel H. BATH, MI  05/27/09  4.00 I am having problems with the sunroof. It will not close properly, had it fix during warranty but problem came back. Out of warranty now.  
Toyota  Camry   2005  Jason G. BRIDGEPORT, CT  05/26/09  4.00 I love it. Very reliable. Have an apparently rare problem with the lower steering shaft. Hopefully Toyota will work with me to fix it as there was a service bulletin. 
Toyota  Camry   2005  Michael B. TORRANCE, CA  04/29/09  4.00 My rear panel/speaker started to crack right after the warranty period was up. I have seen many other Camrys 2005 with the same conditon. Toyota would not honor my claim. 
Toyota  Camry   2005  James B. MANCHESTER, MA  04/28/09  1.00 30K Miles - whole control arm needs to be replaced and my power steering is leaking, told they have to take the engine out to do the work, 7 hours of labor, $3,000!!! 
Toyota  Camry   2005  Asdhfjask F. POMONA, CA  04/16/09  3.00 Automatic Transmission could use improvement on the way it changes gears.  
Toyota  Camry   2005  Crystal C. HOLLIS CENTER, ME  04/15/09  5.00 I love my car. Just recently have a noise in the rear suspension. Have 92k miles. Noone can seem to figure out what it is 
Toyota  Camry   2005  Donald C. HAYMARKET, VA  04/08/09  4.00 So far so good, no major problems. Have had recurring issues with steering and turns. Two years ago when turning there is an occasional screeching sound, which was fixed by extensive lubrication. Recently started hearing a low frequency thud or thumping sound when turning. Understand there is a TSB on this issue and I'm trying to get a copy. 
Toyota  Camry   2005  Ed S. PITTSFIELD, MA  03/26/09  4.00 Good car. Second Camry we've owned. I have 32000 miles on the car, but it's out of warranty and the steering is giving me a problem. At slower speeds the wheel shakes back and forth like the wheels are out of balance. There's also a faint click in the column when I accelerate into a turn.  
Toyota  Camry   2005  Daniel A. JOHNSTON, IA  03/09/09  4.00 Camry Hybred 
Toyota  Camry   2005  Bruce  S. TALLADEGA, AL  02/26/09  3.00 Clockspring in steering column went bad at 50k miles. That makes my driver side airbag and horn and cruise inoperable.  
Toyota  Camry   2005  Betty K. OZARK, MO  02/10/09  3.00 We have been very pleased with our Toyota Camery. However we had been experiencing a noise in the steering. When we would go over rough surfaces or turn the wheels it was like something was loose in the steering. This summer is was bad but when the cold weather hit is seemed to go away. We are now facing a $420 bill to have the Steering Shaft replaced. Per our Dealer we were told Toyota notified them that the grease used at the Manufacturing Plant was not suffiicent and would need to be replaced but they would not help with the correction. We as consumers were not notified therefore we are now replacing the part. I complainted to Toyota and they really didn't acknowledge any problems and therefore would not help us! 
Toyota  Camry   2005  Mike W. GLENDORA, NJ  01/24/09  4.00 at certain times the steering shaft shimmies while on the highway...slight vibrations 
Toyota  Camry   2005  Rob P. PERRYSBURG, OH  01/20/09  5.00 Air bags 
Toyota  Camry   2005  Terry D. OCEAN SPRINGS, MS  01/09/09  2.00 speakes covers turned to dust 
Toyota  Camry   2005  Norris G. CANTON, GA  12/27/08  3.00 When transmission goes through downshift cycle [deaccelerating] & you come to 1st gear at about 5-10 MPH & then accelerate there are intermittant harsh upshifts from 1st to 2nd gear. 
Toyota  Camry   2005  Anne G. TARPON SPRINGS, FL  11/22/08  3.00 camry rear speaker covers crumbling. 
Toyota  Camry   2005  Dennis D. KINGSPORT, TN  09/30/08  3.00 So far been O.K. The clunking in the steering is a bad steering shaft there's a TSB on it. Clunking in front end is sway link kits. Do not buy Toyota replacements. Buy Moog brand you can grease them much superior product.54k 
Toyota  Camry   2005  Jonathan O. ,   09/27/08  2.00 Replaced clutch at 60,000 and trim fell off windshield stancions 
Toyota  Camry   2005  Josiah D. STATE COLLEGE, PA  09/11/08  3.00 In the process of parking car, suddenly it surged forward and into a wooded section. Car was difficult to stop. Considerable damage to front and side view mirror. Body paint severely scratched. Over $6,ooo in damages. 
Toyota  Camry   2005  VInu A. WEST NYACK, NY  09/06/08  3.00 problem with intermediate shaft. never received/ informed by company or dealer. 
Toyota  Camry   2005  Barbara C. MILFORD, MA  08/19/08  2.00 I bought a used 2005 Certified Camry,within 45 days they have had to replace both back shocks and struts, and now I am getting the struts and shocks replaced on the front. Who authorized this to be considered a CERTIFIED USED TOYOTA...nothing but trouble! 
Toyota  Camry   2005  Janet Q. LONG BEACH, CA  08/11/08  4.00
Toyota  Camry   2005  Sareenna R. NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA  08/01/08  2.00 transmission delay at low speeds, kick in trani when coasting at slow speeds. Delay when changing lanes, won't pick up right away.  
Toyota  Camry   2005  Jim B. ROARING SPRING, PA  07/30/08  3.00 Transmission 
Toyota  Camry   2005  Joanne M. ,   07/22/08  5.00 lower control arms worn 
Toyota  Camry   2005  Frank  G. HIALEAH, FL  05/18/08  3.00 Dealer claimed steering shaft worn . Vehicle had less than 30,000 miles. Was never involved in any accident or collision that would have caused this to happen. 
Toyota  Camry   2005  Jon S. HERNDON, VA  05/09/08  4.00 Very reliable 
Toyota  Camry   2005  Sarah B. SUMTER, SC  05/01/08  4.00 I LOVE MY CAR 
Toyota  Camry   2005  B P. WOOD RIVER, IL  05/01/08  4.00 Pleased. 
Toyota  Camry   2005  C B. HILLSBORO, OR  04/29/08  2.00 Transmission had to be replaced with ~40k miles. Not indicative of typical Toyota quality. 
Toyota  Camry   2005  Robert S. WILLIAMSBURG, VA  04/09/08  3.00 Nice Car, trouble with transmission shifting, and dealer put-off fixing problem when they knew about a "SB" on this car. 
Toyota  Camry   2005  M N. MERRICK, NY  01/21/08  3.00 Ride is comfortable and acceleration with 4 cylinder engine is adequate. However, transmission is is erratic as it hesitates upon initial acceleration and sometimes speeds up more than it should when the gas pedal is depressed. Has 57K miles and had to replace alternator at about 45K. 
Toyota  Camry   2005  Arthur L. SALINAS, CA  06/25/07  1.00 2005-06 50%Toyota Camry 4cylinder models!!!!! POWER TRAIN Complaint (Your Chance to Speak UP!!) Annoying Hydraulic Valve Train Tapping, Knock Ticking noise at 900 RPM or Idle Speed when Hood up all lights Radio AC off. Dealer refuses to Recall this defective motor due to not enough complaints reported. Same vehicle seems to produce a Transaxle Thump or Clunking Noise when backing up in a turn and proceeding forward at 2-5 mile MPH! Both front door rubber seals seem to shrink after being in the Hot sun 2-3 months causing air noise. Jamming a dollar bill between Seal & door or closed door all the way around can define the Air leak area, By pulling the dollar bill through easily indicates the seal flaw! I am fighting The dealer in court by my self 5 weeks from now! Am asking toyota Owners to here my call for your help! Video tape your car if you have this most Likely problem, if you can transfer it to DVD as I have done that would be Great. Mail your video's before the 1st of September,2008 to C/O Noelle Visintainer Case ID: Luna vs. Toyota Motor 55 Public Square, Suite 650 Cleveland, OH 44113 I was an auto technician for a good part of my life so I Know right from wrong the dealer will kill me in court with out Your help! The Dealers favorite Responses= (Cannot duplicate customers complaints) and ignore you hoping you will Go away, and many of you have. Join me! not much time left. I suspect low oil pressure or flaw in engine design and Transmission Internal flawed bearings caused by bad quality metal composition neglect. These are not acceptable new car noises and surely NOT normal! Thank You! Art USARMY VET-72-75  
Toyota  Camry   2005  Mark L. ALPHARETTA, GA  04/06/07  5.00 I put Michelin tires on this car and the road noised died. Tires made a huge difference in the ride and noise. 
Toyota  Camry   2005  Jordan Z. PHOENIX, AZ  11/24/05  1.00 brake and acceleration problems 
Toyota  Camry   2005  Mindy S. EVANSTON, IL  09/13/05  5.00 love it 
Toyota  Camry   2005  Peter M. ,   07/31/05  5.00 Nice car to drive. Just what we wanted. Decent gas mileage, and a good comfortable ride. 
Toyota  Camry   2005  EDWARD F. KANSAS CITY, MO  06/03/05  5.00 No problems at 10,000 miles. 
Toyota  Camry   2005  Howard P. Bartlett, TN  05/29/05  4.00 This is excellent machinery 
Toyota  Camry   2005  Herb F. woodhaven, NY  05/18/05  1.00 THe suspension is horrible, Toyota refuses to do anything about it. They left the car with 55 lbs of air in the tires when they gave it to me, every bump was like hitting a wall! Drove the car 300 miles that way until I discovered this, they didn't find it when I complained. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! 
Toyota  Camry   2005  Willie G. BRONX, NY  04/19/05  3.00 cars tranny behaving oddly during first 500 miles?brakes not the greatest,dont buy first model of any new camry too many flaws.. 

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